Black and White Dessert Party

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Black and White Dessert Party

I think having friends over for a dessert party is a sweet and elegant idea. It allows you to make everything well ahead of time, so it is perfect for coming home to after a show or a dinner out. Plus, within the realm of “dessert”, the options are so vast you are bound to find something for everyone. After all, who doesn’t have a sweet tooth!?

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  1. vittoria says:

    your web page is inspiring your photos are incredible….do you do the compositions cooking and photography all by yourself??

    • yes! you are so nice, as I always think my photography is sorta tragic!

  2. Barbara Leis says:

    We held a black and white themed lunch at the weekend. With your ideas it made the dining room and table look fabulous and I kept thinking of you the whole time.
    Thank you so much for all the awe inspiring ideas.

    • Barabara! That makes me so happy!! thank you so much!!