I am so excited to introduce you to my upcoming new book: Pure Delicious: 150 delectable recipes free from gluten, dairy, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish and cane sugar. For anyone who has followed my blog over the years, you will know that as a family we went through some very serious lifestyle changes over the last few years. After both of my young daughters and myself were diagnosed with a laundry list of food allergies and intolerances close to two years ago, we found that we were able to heal our bodies and minds through a change of diet. But however happy and healthy my family is now, this journey has not been without its challenges. Lots of challenges. But challenges are there to overcome.

Which is why I had to write this book. I wanted to put all of the pieces of hard won knowledge in one place. All of the facts and tips that I picked up along the way that helped us in dealing with allergies and intolerances needed to be easy for other people and families to find. What is the path? How do we figure out what we should eat and what we should avoid? What’s an elimination diet and how do we execute it? How do I help myself or my children through this process? I’m here to hold your hand through it all and then guide you right into the kitchen where 150 delectable, mouthwatering, PURE DELICIOUS recipes are waiting for you. From healthy fare like soups and salads to beer braised brisket, spaghetti and meatballs and chocolate cake and caramel sauce for dessert. This book has every recipe you need to keep living without missing a beat- while still getting to have your health intact and your best life ahead of you.

Do you or one of your children have confirmed Food Allergies or sensitivities? Are you supposed to be on an anti-inflammatory diet? Or do you suspect that something you are eating could be the answer to some of your pesky health problems (or huge health problems)? I want to help and Pure Delicious is my tool to do that.


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Thank you so much for these amazing reviews.

Thank you for caring about my family

I can’t believe this book is real. My family has quite a few allergies spread out amongst myself and my children and this book has been a godsend. It is almost impossible to find resources that cover all of our allergies, and this one does. I love Heathers blog, but this book seems to take it a step further, so that I know my family can eat every single thing in it. I am very appreciative since staying on our diet is very difficult but very necessary. I have one child who is deathly allergic to nuts and eggs and another with a lot of sensitivities. My health and especially my arthritis is so much better since I eat without gluten, dairy and eggs- plus I am going to try cutting out soy and cane sugar and see if that helps further.

We have already made the spaghetti and meatballs which my family really loved and then I have made several salads for myself that were all delicious. My first big excitement came when I made the banana bread. It was so moist and good- I don’t even think I would have ever known that it was gluten free. I can’t wait to cook more from this book.

Thank you for creating this book and caring about my family.

CJH – Amazon.com

Book of the Year

This book has changed the game for us allergy ridden families!! Heather has done an amazing job of mixing simplicity along with class to make these recipes easy to make, yet flashy enough for any dinner or party! Thank you!!

Nuna – Amazon.com

I don’t even have allergies but love this book!

It’s just such a convenient book to have because so many people have special requests now! I can just plan an event from start to finish with these dishes and not have to worry about things tasting like cardboard, or deal with labels, or worry about cross-contamination for those who are super-allergic. The recipes I’ve tried so far have all been really tasty. Also colorful, which is great for serving to company.

And for those who do have allergies — wow, what hope. The turnaround in her and her kids’ health is an amazing story. I got rid of most of my cookbooks because I don’t usually follow recipes, but this one is among the four or five I’m hanging on to. Great pictures too –it’s so nice when just flipping through photos puts you in the mood to cook.

Ballpoint – Amazon.com