Heather Christo’s mission here is to change the way the world sees—and eats—the allergy-free life.

Her goal is to inspire and empower people and families through safe, wholesome and delicious food so they can live fully and give joy to those around them.

Food allergies are serious. But life, and food, should never be.  For Heather, an allergy-free world is a joyful one, where deprivation isn’t in the dictionary and fear doesn’t exist. It’s a beautiful, balanced, and sustainable way of living and eating that is equal parts nourishing and pleasurable. It’s a table piled high, with the vibrant dishes your loved ones can blissfully gather around and fearlessly gobble up. Lush and generous meals that, very simply, just make you very happy, from your tastebuds to your body to your soul.

In Heather’s kitchen, she’s not thinking about what her family can’t have, she is just so incredibly inspired by all that they can. There’s a whole lot of delicious out there, after all. And when we all make it into lovely food that loves us back, we’re truly free to savor the wonderfulness of life.

Heather has blown every perception of what allergy-free means to pieces through sharing a love of family and food that transcends any dietary restriction and is pure delicious.

She is a nationally-recognized authority on an allergy-free lifestyle with accomplishments that include the following:

  • a community of millions who read her blog
  • two published books, including her James Beard Award Nominated Pure Delicious.
  • Heathermade fresh baked products, including Chocolatey Chia Brownies, Classic Banana Bread, Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies and Pumpkin Pie Muffins, available at Costco
  • TV syndicated shows, including the TODAY show,  New Day Northwest, Food Network, Good Morning America Health, The Better Show, Access Hollywood Live, HGTV and DIY networks Rescue my Renovation and many regional news shows
  • Press from Better Homes and Gardens, InStyle, Shape, Oprah, Cosmopolitan, People, Go Gluten Free Magazine, PopSugar, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and more
  • She is a 2017 James Beard Award Nominee, 2016 Cutthroat Kitchen Champion, 2015 Better Homes and Garden Stylemaker

Heather Christo is a trained chef and graduate of Le cordon bleu. Heather and her husband Pete have been blessed with two beautiful young daughters, Pia and Coco, and in early 2014 Heather and both of her daughters were diagnosed with severe food allergies. Turning Lemons into Lemonade, Heather has totally rededicated her passions into creating delicious allergy free recipes that everyone can enjoy without missing a thing! When you don’t find Heather in the kitchen with her husband, girls and friends then she is puttering in the garden, writing and spending time on her other passion, her psychic-medium and reiki master work. You can find that over at Heather Christo Psychic. 

To contact send an email to HeatherChristo@gmail.com