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TOP TEN Tomato Recipes

TOP TEN: Summer Tomato Recipes

            August is just a few days away and for us that means tomato season is in full swing! I just couldn’t help but pay homage to the beautiful tomato today (Top Ten Tuesday!!) with my top ten favorite Summer Tomato recipes- hope you enjoy!   Heirloom Tomato Pizza. The […]

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Cutthroat Kitchen Recap…

First of all- I can’t thank you guys enough for all of your incredible support. The outpouring of liove from friends, family, readers, and total strangers was incredible! I could feel everyone rooting for me and it meant so much to hear from so many of you afterwards! XOXOXOXO   Ok. So now on to […]

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BBQ Turkey with Blackberry Jalapeno Sauce

BBQ Turkey with Blackberry Jalapeno Sauce

Ok- I am posting this as I wait eagerly for my Cutthroat Kitchen episode to air. I have to wait patiently as the East Coast has watched it, and now the Midwest and in a few more hours my daughters will get to see the show they have been waiting eagerly for the last 4 […]

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