Grilled New York Strip Steak with Blue Cheese Butter, (serves 12)

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Ok, this week I will start posting the recipe’s and pictures from Fathers Day. We surf and turfed it with grilled New York strip steak and lobster tails. This recipe GENEROUSLY feeds 12 huge eaters, or in the case of our family, the children.

Feel free to trim down the recipe, or slice the steaks to feed more people. A simple grilled steak is a beautiful thing on it’s own, but the blue Cheese Butter is an added bonus in the flavor department. The extra butter freezes really well and can be a great addition to pasta, potatoes or just served with a baguette.

P.S. If the photo’s start to suffer towards the end of the posts this week- it was the red wines fault…

12 New York Strips , (10-12oz each)
Salt and Pepper
Oil for the grill

Blue Cheese Butter

Preheat the Grill to medium-high.

Take the steaks out about 45-60 minutes before you plan to cook them. Pat the steaks dry and generously season on both sides with Kosher salt and black pepper.


Lightly oil the grill before cooking the steaks. Let each steak cook about 10 minutes on each side for medium rare.


When you pull the meat off of the grill, place the blue cheese butter on the meat, tent the meat with foil, and let the meat rest for about 10 minutes. (This way the steak won’t lose all of it’s juice, it can finish cooking and the butter will melt!)



(oh? Is that a huge chunk of bread in the way? sorry! just pass me that glass of wine!)

Blue Cheese Butter


This can be made up to a week or two in advance, and placed in the freezer.

2 sticks butter, room temperature
4oz blue cheese
1 shallot, chopped
¼ cup parsley, chopped
kosher salt

I put everything in a mini food processor and pulsed until everything was well combined. The parsley was fresh out of the garden, so it turned the butter and cheese a lovely pale green color, that was accented by the darker green and the lavender from the shallot. When the butter was done, I put it on a sheet of wax paper and formed into a “log”.



Place the butter log in the freezer for at least 15-30 minutes before using.

When you are ready to use the butter, unwrap the log, and slice the butter into rounds.