Iced Coffee

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Iced Coffee


Let me just be honest for a moment: my life revolves around caffeine. When you have two children under the age of three, you just need a lot of coffee. A lot.
Because it is summer, I am trying to mix it up a little bit, and have been drinking iced coffee!! Very exciting change up, huh!?

I have been brewing a full pot at night, and then transferring the coffee to a glass pitcher to chill in the refrigerator over night. Then you have strong, cold coffee in the morning that hasn’t been watered down with ice.

But here is where we get a little fancy!! With the “ice cubes.” I am always looking for ways to use up more of my fresh mint!




So using ice cube trays, I filled them with fresh mint, and then either half and half, or chocolate milk, (for a little mint chocolate mocha flavor!). I froze these for a few hours and that is what I added to my iced coffee to keep it cold, and to add flavor. Again, it achieves everything you look for in an iced coffee (keeping it cold, creamy and strong) without watering it down!

Feel free to look for different shaped ice cube trays too. I found these long, skinny cylinders years ago at a discount store for $2. I also have hearts, squares and an array of other shapes. It is an easy (and cheap) way to dress up any drink.

Try this VERY easy twist on your morning coffee! Also, the “fancy” ice cubes are exciting enough that you could serve this to friends at a brunch or breakfast!

1 Pot coffee, (10 cups), chilled

Ice Cubes
Fresh mint leaves
Half and half, (or milk if desired)
Chocolate milk

Freeze the ice cubes for at least 4 hours, or overnight.







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  1. Maria Christofilis says:

    YUMMY! I LOOOVE my coffee and that looks and sounds delicious! Trying that tonight :) thx for that Heather!

  2. Denise says:

    Thank you so much for the ice idea. Can you tell what store you bought the cylinder molds from? Were they called ice molds?

    Thank you,

    • Linens and things Danielle! But I would just search online!