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This is a classic sandwich that everyone loves. Because the sandwich is so simple, the stars of the show, (lettuce, bacon and tomato) should be really fresh and high in quality so that the sandwich tastes great!

What better time is there for tomatoes than August? I suggest using a good, sweet heirloom tomato. They are beautiful in color, texture and flavor.


I also suggest trying to find a good quality bacon. They sell lots of varieties now that are naturally raised and nitrate free. I feel like this is a good place to spend the extra dollar.


And finally lettuce! I used baby romaine for this sandwich, but the summer farmers markets and even your local grocery store is probably packed with unusual varieties that vary from sweet to spicy. Mix it up and try something new!

I used a wonderful sour ficelli (mini baguette) from Macrina, (a local Seattle bakery). But everyone should choose their own favorite sandwich bread.


And I may have disturbed a bunch of people by using a spicy, grainy mustard instead of mayo, but I just can’t do mayo!!


And one more way that I went less traditional is by adding creamy havarti cheese. I just think it adds so much to the sandwich, but you can always leave it out.

Anyways, enjoy, and I will post a grilled version with turkey in rapid succession!

BLT, serves 2
1 mini baquette, sliced horizontally, or 4 slices other sandwich bread
4-6 oz raw bacon
4 oz havarti cheese, slices cut in half
½ medium heirloom tomato, sliced
tender lettuce leaves
stone ground mustard

Cook the bacon in a large frying pan over medium heat. Turn the bacon, rendering the fat until the bacon is crispy and golden.


Drain the bacon on a napkin.


Take the tomato slices and cut them in half too (half moon shapes). Set aside.



Slather the mustard generously onto both sides of the bread.


Pile the havarti cheese, tomato slices. Add the bacon.



Then top with the lettuce.



Cut in half and serve!