Melted Crayon Hearts

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melted crayon hearts

Pia and I made these ADORABLE melted crayon hearts the other day.

I saw the idea while browsing through pinterest. If you didn’t already know this, I have a serious pinterest addiction. Follow me and see the depths of my addiction issues.

melted crayon hearts

Of course it’s all harmless fun when I go on binges filled with interior design lust, food porn and kids craft idea hoarding.

This was one of those kids crafts that I saw and frantically found the original idea on a site called messychef.com. She is awesomely creative.

melted crayon hearts

Pia and I promptly started the project in order to make these valentines for her whole class. (Great alternative to candy in my opinion!)

Here is how you do it:

Crayon Hearts
Preheat your oven to 230 degrees.

I got a mold- these silicone molds work great and just need to be washed before they go back to being cake molds. (But my mom used to make these crayons in muffin tins for us when we were little.)

I assume that anyone with kids also has a huge bin like this half full of stubby broken crayons?

melted crayon hearts

Peel a bunch of old crayons.

melted crayon hearts

Don’t be like us and spend 2 hours peeling your crayons. In the last 5 minutes of that 2 hours, we discovered that if you put the crayons in a dish of warm water, that the paper comes right off.

melted crayon hearts

Break the crayons into different sized chunks.

melted crayon hearts

Combine the chunks into each heart mold. Be creative or deliberate about your colors.

melted crayon hearts

Place the silicone mold on a sheet pan.

melted crayon hearts

Bake the crayons at 230 degrees for 15 minutes.

Pull the melted crayon hearts out and let them cool. When they have completely cooled, pop them out. Repeat with the mold if you need more hearts!

melted crayon hearts

melted crayon hearts

I glued them onto the envelope of her valentines and then we stuck them into a small cellophane bag and sealed it with a red sticker. SO CUTE!!

melted crayon hearts melted crayon hearts melted crayon hearts melted crayon hearts melted crayon hearts

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  1. Vicki B says:

    You’re the best Kool-Aide mom ever!

  2. Anny says:

    This is so cool Heather!

  3. I saw these on PInterest too and even though I don’t have kids – I still really want to make these!!
    Now following you on Pinterest – because my Pinning addiction hasn’t reached an all time high or anything…

  4. Linda says:

    I used to do this in muffin tins, too. GREAT way to use up all those broken crayons. Just watched your TV segment. You have so many things going on and handle it all so humbly and gracefully! Couldn’t happen to a nicer person!!

    • That is so sweet of you Linda. Thank you so much- truly.

  5. What a perfect idea! I am going to do this w my 3 little ones this weekend. I’m glad I didn’t toss all those crayons! 😉

    • Great Gwen! They will totally love it. It is awesome to create something out of nothing!

  6. Now I know what to do with that huge tub of half-used crayons in the kids art room. Thanks!

    • I swear every mom has a big tub like that somewhere!

  7. Kristin says:

    Love those hearts – so artistic looking, fun and unique!

  8. laura wilson says:

    Heather, so darling! Do these still color or are they only for decoration? I love the smell of crayons..I bet your house smelled good!

  9. susan says:

    totally fun project, Heather! Reminds me of my childhood when I would melt crayons to make candles! Thanks for reminding me of a time when life was less complicated, inventive, and filled with long days, friends, and endless games of kick-the-can!

  10. What an adorable idea, and a fun alternative to all the candy the kids probably received!

  11. marla says:

    This is like the best idea I have ever seen! I need to check out the messy chef blog too.

  12. Jennifer says:

    I made these as well – love pinterest – but how did you clean your silicone molds? Mine had some crayon residue and I’m not sure how to clean them.

    • I just did really hot water and then put it in the dishwasher?

      • Cori says:

        I also had a problem with getting the molds clean after. I washed them once in the dishwasher and twice by hand, and they still have a white film on them. I’ll try once more with really hot water, unless someone else has any additional suggestions. I’m afraid to use them for food now.

        Also, did you use only Crayola crayons? I’m wondering if the film was from some of the off-brand crayons that we used. We had some random crayons that had accumulated from restaurant trips, and just threw those in there too. Thanks, Cori

  13. Ann says:

    What a GREAT idea! Upcycling and FUN at it’s very best!

  14. Great idea!

  15. These look SO good! Glad they turned out well for you! (P.S. you are nice.)

    • Kim! You are so awesome! Thrilled to have found your site!!

  16. Same to you, lady! Happy to have found a new craft friend. Sometimes the internets just make me feel all warm and fuzzy…

  17. Carol says:

    Great idea! Couple questions: will this work if you use cupcake liners and what’s the best way to remove melted wax from molds if you don’t use liners?

    • I would guess similar to a votive filled with melted wax- hot water?

      But maybe a spray with cooking spray will help them not to stick?

    • Ida says:

      I use hot water and scrubby and the was came off there is some color stain but that’s ok! Have agreat day!

  18. Char says:

    I LOVE THESE , they are so cool !! I have so many crayon scraps everywhere , this would be great to make them look less messy and more fun ! Thank you ! http://charnicola.blogspot.co.uk/

  19. Cielo says:

    Is it safe to use these molds for chocolates after melting crayons in it?

    • Well, you would want to clean them really well first.