Smoked Salmon Crostini

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smoked salmon crostini

I have had the craziest week. Pete and I were gone traveling for work for 5 days, which is always discombobulating. Plus I missed my little girls and Mason so much! I am so lucky and grateful that my parents come and stay with the children when we need them to. As much as I love to have the children with me as much as possible, even when traveling for work, there are certain times where it easier for everyone if they are at home.

Plus my parents are awesome. They take care of everything. Even though I am an adult- I still love my mom to come and take care of things. Everything looks so pretty when she is here. The garden is pruned, there are flower arrangements in the house, chicken is roasting in the oven. The laundary is done. Everything just feels cleaner. You know what I mean?

smoked salmon crostini

She had also whipped together a birthday party for three different family members at our house. I was able to help by throwing together this fast and incredibly flavorful and beautiful crostini appetizer.

smoked salmon crostini

I made it with smoked salmon, but have also made it with smoked white king salmon (pictured here) and also smoked trout (ah-mazing!) This is super simple and will have everyone smacking their lips!

smoked salmon crostini

While this was made as an appetizer for 8, you could also serve two of these smoked salmon crostini on top of a green salad with an accompanying bowl of hot soup.

Smoked Salmon Crostini, makes 8

-8 slices of baguette
-2 Tbs olive oil

-8 oz soft goat cheese
-8 oz smoked salmon
-2 green onions, thinly sliced (white and green parts)
-2 tsp olive oil
-1 tsp lemon juice
-Kosher salt
-1 cup arugula
-1 tsp olive oil
-Kosher salt

1) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

2) On a baking sheet, drizzle the baguette slices with the 2 Tbs olive oil.

smoked salmon crostini

3) Bake the crostini at 350 about 10 minutes or until golden and crispy. Set aside.

smoked salmon crostini

4) While the crostini is toasting, carefully flake the salmon with a fork into a medium sized bowl.

smoked salmon crostini

5) Add the thinly sliced green onions, as well as the oil and lemon juice. Taste the salmon and season with kosher salt.

smoked salmon crostini

6) Spread an ounce of soft and creamy goat cheese onto each crostini.

smoked salmon crostini

7) Evenly divide the smoked salmon mixture among the crostini.

smoked salmon crostini

8) In a small bowl, very gently toss the arugula with 1 tsp olive oil and a sprinkle of Kosher salt.

smoked salmon crostini

9) Evenly divide the arugula between the 8 crostini, piling the arugula on the top of the salmon.

smoked salmon crostini

10) Display on a platter and serve room temperature. Enjoy!

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  1. Maria says:

    Great for lunch or party time!

  2. marla says:

    Your folks are awesome to help out so much! Love the quick and delish crostini. Hopefully your work get away was very productive!

  3. Oh my goodness, I could eat this all day long. Smoked salmon is always a hit in our house – my kids go crazy for it. I love when my parents come to take care of the kids, too. Inevitably, she has planted new flowers and re-organized the pantry by the time we return.

    • totally Dara! I will be 60 and begging my mom to come over and fluff things up!

  4. Amanda says:

    Such a beautiful and elegant recipe!

  5. Lucy Lean says:

    Love the idea of using this type of smoked fish for an open sandwich – and you could swap out the goats cheese for regular cream cheese or something more fancy…

  6. Cassie says:

    I love the mound of arugula on top of these, the color contrast is awesome. Smoked salmon is a favorite of ours when we want a quick, but elegant, meal at home. These look amazing!

  7. susan says:

    you are blessed to have the mom that you have…no wonder you are who you are! these crostini’s could replace our standard bacon hash for breakfast. looks amazing!

  8. An easy, delicious and flavorful recipe. Love it!

  9. Katie says:

    Oh, I DO love smoked salmon….. Those weeks of travel can be a bit much, can’t they!

    • Indeed Katie! I am so happy to be at home again :)

  10. What a treat to have your parents come and stay with your little darlings! My mom would come and stay with our boys sometimes when we were away and it was wonderful for everyone – miss those days so much!!

  11. Heather that smoked salmon is beautiful! And these crostini are a great snack when company’s coming.

  12. Can’t wait to try this with salmon and trout! Sounds delicious. Great simple and tasty way to turn around a menu!