Three Day Juice Diet

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3 day juice diet

I am writing this post by popular demand.

I know that a “diet post” may feel way off base for me.

But it actually isn’t, and I will tell you why. Because things like cake and cheese are not off base for me. Cake and cheese and wine in very large amounts. Very, very large amounts. Oh, and bread too.

Basically, I had grown out of my skinny jeans, my regular jeans, and was bursting at the seams with my fat jeans. Like out of the two pairs, I could only wear one.

I will be honest- due to my affection for all things edible and drinkable, along with my chosen profession- this happens a couple times a year. I guess I have company, because I have had lots of emails lately and friends asking about shaking things up in time to get ready for Summer.

Lets be honest- I’m not fretting over sporting a bikini this summer- or probably ever again- but wearing shorts without humiliation would be cool.

And because I get myself into these chubby predicaments, and because I am a terribly impatient person by nature- I look into immediate (or at least fast) results.

I know that many of you will be ready to issue me a lecture on how yo-yoing is unhealthy and irresponsible. I know it. You are right.

But being 10 lbs heavy sucks too, and this is what I do about it. Three days of juicing, followed up by a healthy diet for 5-7 days. I am going to share it with you in case anyone else would like to wear something besides yoga pants this summer.

I used to occasionally order a juice cleanse on-line and they were awesome- but they are also really expensive. So when I got a juicer for Christmas, I concocted my own recipes, some of which mimick the juices I used to order, but all of them have my own spins.

3 day juice diet3 day juice diet3 day juice diet3 day juice diet

This cleanse is not easy- but it is always worth it. You are not so much hungry, as just in withdrawal from the sugar and other yummies that you are used to eating. Let’s just say I drink like 50 cups of peppermint tea and go to bed early during this time. You will most likely suffer a headache the first day as you dream about shoving an entire pizza down your throat.

I drink 6 juices a day, plus tons of water and herbal tea. I also continue to drink my coffee every morning, (but dairy free) because I am an addict. When you wake up on the 4th morning you will feel how incredibly worth it the cleanse was. In my experience, I have never lost less than 7 lbs, and as much as 12 (yes, I was bloated).

**Uh, obviously I am no Doctor. Obviously this is a self-made home remedy cleanse. Please consult a Dr. before you do something like this, or do your research.

These juices all add up to over a thousand calories a day- so there is no crazy starvation happening to your body, and you are getting gobs and gobs of nutritional benefits form the tons of fruit and vegetables involved in these juices.

**In conclusion- I always treat this as a RESET on my body. When you are done, you go directly to clean, fresh, whole foods. Salads, soups, fruit. I always try to wait a few days before adding back in protein or dairy. Obviously, going out and eating donuts the day after you are done is counter productive! I will follow this up with a week of VERY healthy recipes.

By the way- I cannot believe how many people have juicers they are not using. If you do not, post it on facebook or email your friends. Some friend or family member will loan you or maybe even give you one- I guarantee it!

DRINK 6 juices a day, spread out about every 2 hours. ( I blend the pineapple juice and the Cashew milkshake with ice to make them bulkier and more delicious!)

3 day juice diet

Green Juice, makes 1 juice: (You have this for morning, lunch and dinner)

Recipe: Green Juice (you will drink one of these for morning, lunch and dinner)


  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 3 pears (or apples)
  • 5 stalks kale
  • 3 large pieces romaine lettuce
  • 1 small lemon, skin and seeds removed


  1. Run through a juicer and chill till ready to drink

Preparation time: 15 minute(s)

Number of servings (yield): 1


3 day juice diet

Pineapple, Celery and Mint Slushy, makes 1 juice: (mid morning snack)

Recipe: Pineapple, Celery and Mint Slushy (mid morning snack)


  • ½ pineapple
  • ½ cup mint
  • 4 stalks celery


  1. Run through a juicer and chill until ready to drink.

Preparation time: 5 minute(s)

Number of servings (yield): 1


3 day juice diet

Pink Juice, makes 1 juice: (Afternoon Snack)

Recipe: Pink Juice


  • ½ cup fresh watermelon
  • ½ cup frozen raspberries
  • ½ cup frozen sour cherries
  • ¼ cup water


  1. Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth.

Preparation time: 2 minute(s)

Number of servings (yield): 1


3 day juice diet

Strawberry Cashew Milkshake, makes 1 juice (nightly “dessert”)

Recipe: Strawberry Cashew Milkshake (nightly dessert)


  • ½ cup cashews (or blanched almonds)
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tsp agave nectar
  • ½ tsp vanilla paste
  • pinch cinnamon
  • 3 strawberries
  • handful of ice cubes


  1. Soak the cashews in the water for about 30 minutes.
  2. Blend all ingredients until smooth.

Preparation time: 30 minute(s)

Cooking time: 2 minute(s)

Number of servings (yield): 1

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  1. Connie says:

    Bravo! The juicer comes out in the morning!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thank you, thank you, Heather Christo!!! My husband and I are starting this next week. When do you suggest drinking the last Strawberry Cashew Milkshake? Bye-bye stubborn, leftover baby lbs!

    • lol! I usually drink my juices like this: 8, 10, 12, 3, 5, 7pm. That last one really fills you up so that you can go to bed with your tummy full :)

  3. And I think I need to go invest in a juicer. These all look fantastic, Heather. That last 15 is going to come off me one way or another! (114 days ’til my wedding.)

  4. Anitra Sweet says:

    Wow, this is one of my favorite posts from you! Thank you for sharing these!

  5. Lisa says:

    Do you think I’d just be able to use my blender to make these?

    • the green juice and pineapple juice will probably be a mess. You could certainly try to, and then strain it.

      The pink juice and the milkshake are meant for the blender.

  6. goddessnene says:

    Heather I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Admittedly I’ve got more than 20 lbs to come off but I will start this tomorrow morning if hubby brings me the stuff, and Please don’t leave us hanging, but post those healthy recipes asap, hopefully this will work for me since diets didn’t and dieticians didn’ t either I would gain when I went to a dietician instead of lose!!! A question, how big is half a cucumber since here in Jerusalem our cucumbers are small, and if I can’t find kale, what do I substitute it with, and can I use canned pineapple, and if I can’t find frozen cherries, and sorry for all those questions, don’t want to cause you a headache but I’m really serious on wanting to try this. Oh and if I drink coffee in the morning it has to be black?

    • Nene! no problem!!

      I would use two or three of those little cucumbers. Substitute Kale with any really dark green, or even spinach? I would avoid canned pineapple. Use frozen or any other type of melon or fruit.

      nene- the coffee is supposed to be dairy free- but sometimes i sneak some 1/2 and 1/2 :)

  7. goddessnene says:

    Oh and another question! can you make the green juice x3 for the whole day at once or do you have to make it as you go?

    • yes! I mass make my juice for three days worth.

      • Michelle says:

        I’m so excited to try this! I’m getting married in 81 days and would love to drop a few pounds before then!!!! :). I have a couple questions…if you mass make the green juice do you just store it in a pitcher in te fridge? If so, how much is each serving? Also, if using frozen pineapple instead of fresh, how much should be used? Thanks!!!

  8. I need to do something like this. The juices look really refreshing.

  9. Heather says:

    I will be getting everything I need to start this in the morning. Now to find a juicer… Thanks for sharing.

  10. Momma says:

    The nutrients in freshly juiced fruits and vegetables start breaking down immediately. It is best to juice one meal at a time; storing it in the refrigerator for days pretty much destroys the nutritional value, and voids one of the biggest benefitss of juicing. If you have to leave the house for an event or work, you can make extra to take with you, but I certainly wouldn’t make more than you can drink that day.

    • thanks momma! I that juices were ok stored in airtight containers for 2-3 days- but I appreciate the info!!

  11. Kristin says:

    This sounds great! I have been wanting to get a Juicer – what brand do you have?

  12. Joan says:

    Hi Heather, just to clarity…the recipes given are for the 1 day. (Although you continue this for 3 days.) If so, do you make the green drink 3 times? (i.e. splitting the 1/2 cucumber in thirds etc.)

    Secondly, where do you find vanilla paste?

    Sorry if I’m slow here…still drinking my coffee. 😉

    Lastly, would love some healthy recipes (any tips) to follow up with. I too, would love some immediate gratification, so I’m in w/ the 3 day juicing.
    LOVE your blog and ideas!!!
    Thanks, have a great day.

    • You are great Joan!

      That recipe makes 1 serving of green juice. So I make it for the day (3x the recipe per day) if you are ambitious, juice before each meal for maximum nutrition (see comments below)
      I get vanilla paste at my grocery store. if you can’t find it, you could sub some fresh vanilla bean seeds or just some extract.

      Good Luck! Let me know if you do it!

  13. Marianne says:

    Do I need to buy a juicer or can I do all of the recipes in my Vitamix? They all look good to me!

    • I bet you could work it out in a vitamix with some added water (for the pineapple and the green juice) then just run it through a strainer.

  14. Heather, I love your honesty and great ambitions!! It is especially tricky to manage the calories when our jobs revolve around food!! Looks like you have a great handle on things with these pretty sips :)

  15. Good luck with your cleanse and thank you fro the great recipes so we can join along!

  16. susan says:

    you are fortunate – you only have 10! I have a few more than that and I am so serious right now. Good for your for taking the plunge, yet in a healftful way! Gorgeous juices, Heather!

  17. Wow-what a great way to restart your body and get back on the right track. Great mixture of ingredients!

  18. Beth S. says:

    I’ve been wanting to try one of these cleanses, but I really don’t want to buy a juicer. I had one before and I never used it, and I’m sure after I finished this I probably wouldn’t use it enough. I have a small kitchen and can’t justify the storage for something that will just sit there.

    So to my question, could I just use a blender? In fact, wouldn’t it be a little better even cause you’re getting more fiber from the fruit?

  19. Katherine Steck says:

    Do you know if we can have the milkshake daily? Can it be the snack before bed? Thanks!

    • yes! you drink all of these every day, and the green juice 3 x daily!

  20. goddessnene says:

    Thanks for your answers Heather, I plan to start in a couple days and I’ll let you know how it goes :)

  21. This is a great post! I am gaining a lot of weight now – working too much, sleeping too little, eating waaaay too much. I will definitely need something like this cleanse pretty soon…. oh well, at least I’ll be in good company :-). Thanks for the motivation!

    • Lol! Anyone in the food industry is always battling the balance, huh?! yes- at least this is a quick fix relatively :)

  22. Katherine Steck says:

    One more question, I’m studying in Spain (from Fl on exchange for my degree) right now and juicers are pretty expensive. What’s your thoughts on blending the ingredients really well. Thanks

  23. Esi says:

    I’ve been wanting to juice cleanse forever, but it is so expensive. Thanks for providing recipes that you used so I can try it on my own.

  24. Cecelia says:

    Thanks for this. I, too, am a bit impatient. I need to lose the last few pounds of baby weight and I need some instant (or at least quick) gratification. It always takes me so long. Plus, just yesterday I found out that someone I know has a juicer! Yay! I’m getting the ingredients tonight hopefully and the juicer pronto. Thank you!

  25. JenMarie says:

    Is that Green juice enough for breakfast lunch and dinner or is the recipe for each juice? That’d be like 9 pears a day. Although I think I’ve read that pectin is supposed to pull toxins out of your body and makes you feel full.

  26. Michelle says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these, Heather! I started today and I feel like these are so much more nutritious than the bottled “Hollywood Cleanse”…and more affordable! $80 for two people for 3 days. I’ve had all but the Strawberry Cashew Milkshake and they are delish! Thanks again. :)

  27. TeenageGal says:

    Hello Heather, I’m 14 and a little over weight…I was just wondering if I could do the pink juice for all 3 days…this is probably a ridiculous question but….Could I do the pink shake for ALL 3 days?? I’m picky :;)

    • You are so young- you should definitely ask your Dr. what they think about you doing something extreme like this.
      If all you drank was the pink juice, you wouldn’t be getting any of the necessary vitamins and minerals that you need from the vegetable juices. The green juice actually tastes great!

  28. Jenn says:

    do you make all your juices at once….even the ones in the blender like the pink juice and cashew milkshake? or only the juices are made in one mass and blend the others every single time?

  29. Pat says:

    Tried this for three days…felt great during and especially afterward. I didn’t like the strawberry shake, so I ate the strawberries and soaked cashews separate. I lost seven or more pounds and feel really good…did the digestive system good.

  30. Pat says:

    Oh, meant to say I lost several inches too! I feel like a new person and definitely have a mind to eat better.

  31. Pat says:

    Heathee I tried Dr. Ro (Dr. Oz show) green drink and liked hers too…1 cup coconut water, 2 handfuls spinach, 3 pineapple spears, 1/2 lemon (peeled), 1 small green apple, 1 tbsp. ginger (fresh), and 2-3 wheat grass ice cubes (juice fresh wheat grass & freeze)

  32. Party says:

    I finished day one yesterday (yay me – because it was a LOT harder than I expected!) but I was awake much of the night last night, which is completely unusual as I normally have no trouble sleeping! Not sure if it was hunger, the horrible headache or something that just overstimulated my system but I’m up and ready to start my day and I feel awful -tired, cranky and I still have the horrible headache. Any thoughts or words of ebcouragemenr

  33. Patty says:

    LOL. I wasn’t going to bother to re-post to fix my “encouragement” spelling error since I figured it was obvious what I meant. But I just noticed the auto correct changes my name from Patty to Party! So I had to re-post because of that. At least I still have my sense of humor!!!!

    • Patty- I am so sorry- Your body is detoxing. Sometimes it feels like the flu (fun huh!?)

      Drink a TON of water. Flavor it with strawberries or nectarines if that will make it easier! Today should be much better on the headache front. An dby tomorrow that stuff will have passed. If you feel that awful, maybe have a little wedge of avocado or a raw cucumber. But mostly this is the way it feels when your body ditches the sugar.

  34. Billie says:

    Ok Heather. I just finished writing out my grocery list for the diet. I’m going to do this starting tomorrow. Somehow, in the past month I’ve gained 7 pounds. I don’t believe it had anything to do with the baking (and sampling) I’ve been doing for co-workers or the bazillion cupcakes I ate around my birthday OR the pint of Ben and Jerry’s I ate because I was angry about a guy. But as women, I know we’ve all been there so I don’t count that one so much.

    I am feeling the exact same thing- tight fat jean, too much jelly in the jar. Actually jelly spilling over the top of my jeans jar! Thank you for the recipes and your post!

    • Billie!!! Good luck girl- you will feel and look like a million bucks when you are done- let me know how it goes :)

  35. Billie says:

    Hi Heather!

    I’m checking in after the 3 Day Juice. I lost 3.2 pounds! I’m so excited and so encouraged. Man, you weren’t kidding about feeling good after it. The good feeling kicked in for me Sunday afternoon (Day 2). I ACTUALLY CLEANED OUT MY KITCHEN CABINETS. This is noteworthy because I HATE cleaning. I was buzzing around my kitchen like a crazy person. I had so much energy. I couldn’t believe it. Usually on the weekends and when I come home from work, I’m so sluggish and I feel so blah. But yesterday (Day 3) after work I wanted to like, do stuff. When I’ve been waking up in the mornings, I feel like I’m in a zombie fog, but this morning I got right up. This is awesome. I’m now thinking about cycling it, like 3 days of juice, 7 days of clean food, then 3 days of juice again.

    Though I was hungry and wanted badly to chew something, I don’t think I struggled as much as those who currently “chew” all meals and snacks. I got a juicer (a Hurom, takes a little longer to juice but the taste and yield is great) in January, and I was used to replacing juice as a meal. It was definitely tough though like you mentioned. I didn’t get around to the strawberry cashew drink because I was just too full. I drank enough water and peppermint tea to float a Carnival cruise ship.

    The mid afternoon snack juice is sooooooo incredibly good. I couldn’t find sour cherries, so I used dried tart cherries and froze those? I think I’m going to drink that as my regular mid afternoon snack. I always get hungry for sweets when I’m at work between 3:30pm-5pm and I typically make bad eating decisions then.

    Two questions – the occasion when you lost 12 pounds, was that after the 3 day juice or after the 3 day juice + 7 days of clean eating?

    I’ll definitely be following your clean eating recommendation of salad, soups, and fruit. I’m going to check your site for good clean soups, but if you have any additional suggestions, I’m all ears.

    Thank you again. . .SO MUCH!!! I’m so proud of myself for sticking to this since I’m such a sweets fiend and my willpower meter is in the negative!

    • Billie- congratulations!! I always tend to think that this juice cleanse snaps your body out of it’s rut. Just keep up the clean eating! Just go for any soup that isn’t loaded with dairy or meat, and any of the veggie packed salads are a good choice!

  36. Dawn says:

    Hi Heather:
    I am about to start this juicing thing and I’m excited about it. Do you recommend 7 days juicing, 7 day eating clean food, and 7 days jucing, then go back to eating healthy? and what does the clean food consist of? Thanks Heather!!!!

    • Dawn- I have never accomplished more than 3 days of juicing- so your program is super ambitious! but power to you! When I say eating clean, I mean lots of fruits, vegetables, lean protein (i.e:no sugar and white starch!)

  37. Loren says:

    I’m very interested in starting the 3 days of juicing… I am a teacher and trying to figure out how to make it work at school. Do I have to get all 6 in everyday??? Any suggestions…

    • I certainly would. I know lots of people juice during the day and then eat a healthy meal- but if you are going for the full effect I would go for it. I put them in Mason jars and then put them in a cooler on ice or something so you can bring them to school?

  38. Kristin says:

    Sounds great but not realistic for someone who works 8-5 everyday

  39. Jami says:

    Is there a good substitute for the watermelon? VERY hard to find this time of year! Thanks, planning on starting tomorrow!

    • oh sure Jami! Any type of melon or citrus (grapefruit) or veggie with a high water content (cucumber). Plus a berry or pineapple would work well too

  40. jrojas says:

    Looks and sounds delicious! Will have to try soon! Been wearing yoga pants for the last 9 months! Must get rid of the baby wheight asap!

  41. callie says:

    Article in today’s Washington Post about the potential benefits of fasting, so you are on the right track!

  42. Janna says:

    I’m heading to Publix now to buy the ingredients! I recently had back surgery and have packed on the pounds due to inactivity and various medications, but I’m so excited to try these recipes and get back on track :) Thanks for posting this!

  43. Mary Alice says:

    What is vanilla paste?

    And what do you mean by “sour cherries”? Do you mean bing cherries with the pit in them? I assume you take the pit out?

    Thanks, I’m starting Sunday!! Turning 40 and want to loose 10lbs before my party. Then another 10 and then…. the work begins to keep it off!!!

    • Mary Alice- Vanilla Paste is just sold in the baking aisle next to the vanilla extract. It has the vanilla beans seeds in it. If you can’t find it- just substitute the vanilla extract in equal amounts.
      Sour Cherries are just the variety that I was able to find in our frozen fruit section. Any type of frozen cherry will be just fine, and luckily they always freeze the cherries without the pits. Good luck!

  44. Nicole says:

    I hate cucumber…anything I could sub in its place?

    • I don’t think you will really taste it? But otherwise you should just use another water heavy vegetable or fruit in it’s place

  45. Lidia says:

    I made my first juice today and had to use a blender because I don’t have a juicer. It made about 6 cups. I’m 5’1and103 lbs. I couldn’t finish the whole juice at breakfast so I split it into two. Is that ok? The snack juice I was able to drink all.

  46. denise says:

    Thanks for the advice…..going to start on Friday

  47. Christine says:

    I searched for so many juice diets and I need to thank you for being SO HELPFUL and encouraging. I’m 21 and have gained the HORRID freshman 5,000 in college and still haven’t worked it off. I’m starting the cleanse tomorrow and found a great work out regiment to follow once I’m detoxed! Jessica simpson’s daisy duke work out to be exact :) thank you so much for all of your info and encouraging me to start my new year off right! Xxo

  48. Christine says:

    Just a quick question … Since I’m a student I’m blending the juices the night before a day and they’re thick like applesauce…am I not blending them enough? I can’t afford a juicer right now! Should I add ice or water? Thanks :)

    • Christine- I would add water- otherwise you will have to drink it thick- but really you will get way more out of it since you are also ingesting all of the fiber!

  49. Jenny says:

    Heather- just started the cleanse this morning. Have felt full & everything has tasted great. However, I am experiencing really bad gas/bloating pain after drinking the green drink. What can I take or do to lessen the gas/bloating? I don’t want to stop, so looking forward to finishing the detox!

    • Oh my gosh Jenny! I have NO idea. Take a gas x! or call your Dr? Good Luck!!

  50. Jenny says:

    I finally found some good ginger tea to help with digestion, what a difference today! I’ll forsure make it through tomorrow :) Lost just over 2 lbs yesterday, looking forward to seeing the scale Thursday! Thanks so much, I feel great following your plan!

  51. Jennifer says:

    Do you drink the entire recipe at each ‘meal’?
    For example the green drink recipe-that is for one meal?

    • Yes- each recipe is one “meal” or “snack”

  52. Christian says:

    I am at the end of day two! I love this juice fast. The juice fills me up, I have tons of energy, I feel great.
    The strawberry almond dessert is a perfect ending to the day.
    I use my vita mixer so the juices are a bit thicker, which works for me. All are delicious. I did have bloating and gas in the evening of the first day, but woke up feeling great and ready for day two. No report on weight loss yet, but will let you know.

  53. Sara says:

    I’m really excited to try this! But I was wondering what a good sub for the pineapple would be!?

    • Any fruit or berries would be just fine. I like to use peaches!

  54. Sara says:

    Thanks! But i was having trouble looking for the mint so i bought mint extract is that okay? and i looked in the spices for vanilla paste and also could not find that what could i use?

    • I would skip the mint extract all together, Use vanilla extract in place of the paste.

  55. Sara says:

    could i use spanish instead of kale?

  56. Daniela says:

    Hi! This is great! Thank you for your recipes.. I will begin it soon. I just have one question: how often can I do this? (the 3 days of juicing plus the week of clean eating). Is there a “resting period” I should give my body before juicing again? Thank you!

  57. Holly says:

    So Heather, Can’t wait to try….just 1 question. The green juice (3 times daily) says makes 1juice. Does that mean that I need to make 9 of those for the 3 days? That comes to total of 27 pears! Is that right?

    • Holy- it is totally right. Sounds CRAZY- but that’s what it takes :)

  58. Kelly says:

    Hi hi! I’m so excited to try! What can I replace the cashews with? I’m allergic :(

  59. jessica says:

    I am very excited just juiced todays portion. How many oz per serving should I be taking?

    • I am embaressed to say that I just sort of divide my green juice in thirds! But if I had to guess it is probably in the neighborhood of 12 ounces?

  60. jessica says:

    Hi heather thanks for your response on day 2 today. feeling.great today. Yesterday was hard but today is better. will let u know how it goes.

    • can’t wait to hear the results Jessica!!!

  61. Holly says:

    So today was day 1. Don’t have a juicer so used my ninja blender. Green juice and pineapple juice too thick :(. Barely got them down. Only did 1 green., help! Afternoon snack awesome and can’t wait to try milkshake! Can I just eat the greens and cucs etc? Do they have to be juiced?

    • oh Holly! so sorry. I think you gotta find a juicer! Otherwise I guess just eat it- but that defeats the point of juicing (reducing bloat and giving system a rest. However, it sounds like a pretty healthy diet to me!

  62. Jessica says:

    Did great the first day, but found that it was way too much for me to get all down, so I did what I could. By the evening, I had a really hard time even thinking about the green drink, and this morning could only sip about 8 oz. of it while gagging 😉 I’m sure it’s just mental, but anybody else have this experience? I did lose 2.5 lbs the first day!

  63. Mike B says:

    Thanks for the ideas! The fruit ones are a big help. Advice for others: I find that the green ones in general are much more palatable if you add some small chilis or half a cayenne pepper. If you can handle the spice, it makes it much less earthy, and it should speed up your metabolism.

  64. Hue says:

    This is great. Today is day one for me and so far I am really enjoying it.
    Do you know how many calories each drink is?

    • monica says:

      Try FitDay.com to calculate.

      Out of curiosity, I calculated THE ENTIRE DAY’S calories and nutrition. This is what I got:

      Dietary Fiber

  65. Sandy says:

    Starting tomorrow…did the dr.oz 3 day a few weeks ago before vacation now I need one for after vacation! Looking forward to feel good

  66. cyn says:

    trying this this morning hope it works nothing has.

  67. Lita says:

    What would you recommend exchanging for the kale and the cucumbers? I am allergic to both.

  68. Heidi says:

    Do you use an actual juicer, or a BlendTec or Vitamix? I have a BlendTec, and am assuming that would work, just creating a thicker, more fibrous juice.


    • I use an actual juicer for the green drinks and a vitamix blender for the smoothies

  69. Hi Heather! Is there a follow up post to this? I think you have a reply here that says that but there is no link. Thank you! Going to try this tomorrow!

  70. Amy James says:

    Is there anything I could substitute for celery?? I’ve never been a big fan of the taste, but thought I would try to suck it up as I started day 1 today, and I just can’t get it down!! Thank you :) looking forward to hearing back from you and finishing the diet!!

  71. Amy James says:

    Thank you!! I’m on day 2 and already feeling great!! Can’t wait to see what day 4 feels like waking up!!

  72. Britania says:

    I finished the 3 days yesterday and was looking for the link to the 5-7 days of really healthy recipes to use for afterwards but the place where it looks like it was posted in the comments doesn’t work. Could you put the link up for those, please?

    • Hi Britania- Congratulations! Hope it went well. There is no link, but I would refer you to the soups and salads section of my recipe archives. I just do a lot of that and “clean eating” afterwards, ie: not much meat or dairy.

  73. Britania says:

    Oh, thanks for the reply! The cleanse went well. Personally, I didn’t love the pineapple juice and ended up skipping it after the first day. I would suggest to anyone about to do it to pick days they don’t have to be out much. I did mine Thursday, Friday, Saturday. So it made it a time that my husband would be working two of those days and it wouldn’t interrupt our eating out plans :) but date night Friday was me drinking juice watching him eat and my friends huge going away party Saturday night was hard to get through.
    I’m not overweight, just not totally happy with it. I was disappointed that I only lost one pound..but assume others would lose more as they’d be cutting out meat and I’m a vegetarian..but I am from The South and through this cleanse have really realized that carbs, sugar, and salt are my major weaknesses. I didn’t realize how much sodium I got each day until after the cleanse and I’m reading all these labels. To be honest, I indulge in those things nonstop all week and am a stay at home mother so kind of always on the go and tend to skip a few meals a day-like breakfast and lunch-but snack a lot.
    I am doing the healthy foods this week following the cleanse but this part is actually harder for me. I want desserts, queso, Tostitos Hint of Lime chips (which I usually eat a bunch of every night), pot pie..you name it! It’s hard to look at your yummy recipes on your site!
    Thanks for posting this cleanse. I have really enjoyed it, and it has been an eye opener! It also introduced me to you and your recipes…and I am a fan! Beautiful and delicious recipes.

  74. Asheeta says:

    hello, can it only be the drinking fruit juice like pineapple, cucumber, apple and drinking lots of water for the 3 days??

  75. Sherry says:

    Could you possibly make a grocery list of what you would need for the 3 days ?

  76. LynnH says:

    Hi Heather,

    Would love to do the cleanse but am having trouble printing the recipe. This happens with a number of recipes on your site. Any suggestions?

  77. Jason Lawson says:

    Can you provide nutritional information for these juices so that they can be added to MyFitnessPal for food diaries?


  78. Jason Lawson says:

    Also, how long can the juices be stored for? I am taking a 2-day trip in the next few weeks and would like to make a supply of juices and store then in ice (for the car ride) and the fridge in the hotel room.

    Thanks again!

    • I would not keep the juices for more than 3 days.

      • Jason Lawson says:


      • Makenzi Musso says:

        I was wondeing if you could drink 3 juices and maybe two or 3 healthy salads or snack between and still see weight loss??

  79. Lillian says:

    I can’t wait to try this I really need to lose 10 pnds

  80. ashsara says:

    this is great, in the cashew milkshake is there something else i can use instead of strawberries, also with the pink drink is there something i can replace the sour cherries with ? thank you

  81. Maria says:

    That sounds super healthy… you’re awesome!

  82. Christine says:

    Starting tomorrow. Have all ingredients. Thanks Heather. Your recipes are wonderful