Olympics Party

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Olympics Party

I had a blast over at New Day Northwest yesterday, where I was challenged to create an Olympics Themed Party! You can watch the segment HERE, which has even more ideas!

Olympics Party

Just in case you are in the mood for an Olympics opening ceremonies party for your friends and family- hopefully this will give you some fun inspiration!

Olympics Party

An Olympic Themed Dessert Buffet!

Olympics Party

Olympics Party

Candy! There were Rainbow Lollypops made from melted jolly ranchers. They were supposed to be in the colors of international flags, but seeing as how jolly ranchers come in a limited array of colors, it is admittedly a bit of a stretch! But the kids still had a great time doing it.

Rainbow Lollypops

Cookies! Olympic Rings Sugar Cookies made with biscuit cutters, royal icing, and grocery store food coloring and sprinkles.

Olympics Party

I also made these diver cookies for the rims of the milk glasses. I saw something similar and sketched a stencil and traced it with a paring knife.

Olympics Party

Donuts! You can make your own like http://www.heatherchristo.com/cooks/2010/07/10/doughnuts-with-brown-butter-vanilla-glaze/ or buy some at your favorite bakery. I whipped up a glaze of powdered sugar, corn syrup and food coloring, and dunked away to create these Olympic Ring hued donuts.

Olympics Party

Cupcakes! I made simple chocolate cupcakes adorned with Olympic Athlete tags, and then I also made Olympic Torch-cupcake-ice cream cones. They were an awesome hit with my kids.

Olympics Party Olympics Party Olympics Party Olympics Party

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  1. marla says:

    Now who would have thought a dessert table for the olympics!! You go girl ~ I want to be at your party.

    • I know it’s a little funny! As we watch world class athletes I will be eating cupcakes :) ironic!

  2. Amanda says:

    I am in awe. Gorgeous!!


  4. Heather, those diver cookies are adorable!

  5. Love the diver cookies! So clever and fun.

  6. susan says:

    wow – I am coming to your next party – and can I bring my kids?

  7. Rhoda says:

    Heather, what was the recipe for the Go for the Gold martini you made? It’s my son’s 30th birthday on opening day of the Olympics and I want to make these martinis for our Olympian party! Thanks!

    • I will post tomorrow Rhoda!! But go buy gold lustre dust!

  8. Lindsay says:

    Heather, where did you get this AMAZING cake stands?! I absolutely love them!!!

    • Thank you! they are a mix of Rosanna and Crate and Barrel!

  9. Rhoda says:

    Where do you get the gold lustre dust? And can you email the martini recipe? I am on my way south to Portland for our party in the morning (Friday) and will just have my iPhone with me. I will have to hunt down gold dust in PDX! Thanks so much!!

    • It is posted today!! I got my lustre dust for these at sur la table. They probably also have it at craft stores. Do they have Joanne’s? they usually have a random extensive baking section…