I realized that while I have the addresses for all of my family and my old friends, that I don’t have yours. And if a Christmas card is a nice way to let those that you care about know that you care about them, then of course I should be sending them to all of you too. So this is how I could do it. JOY. Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. I love you guys.

JOY, our christmas card

I also love Christmas cards because you get to see how big everyone’s kids are getting. Pia turned (5) in September and Coco turned (3) 10 days ago. OMG. They are really so funny (Coco) and serious (Pia) and creative and clever!! Don’t all moms think that about their little kiddies? Sometimes I try to rock coco like she is a little baby and she is horrified by me. “I’m big!” or “I’m huge!” follows everything she says.

JOY, our christmas card

In case you might be curious, In an unprecedented turn of events, I have already managed to send out my Christmas Cards. For the record, this has NEVER happened before. To make matters clear, I am typically so late to this, that I have had to send them out for New Years before.

JOY, our christmas card JOY, our christmas card JOY, our christmas card

But this year, on a cold and rarely clear day a few weeks ago, I got a koo-koo idea, and asked the girls who are pretty much always dressed as they are in the photo to bare with me (and the cold) and come outside for a bit…

I unrolled a huge swath of paper and forced my poor children to lay on the paper covered concrete.


I then barked: “DON”T MOVE!!!” and began to fast as a flash paint around them with some tempera paints. Guess what happened next? They both moved. All over the place and got paint in their hair, on their dresses. Pretty much everywhere.

JOY, our christmas card

I had wanted Mason to be in the picture too- but he didn’t fit. Even remotely. Plus, he would have been harder to get the paint off of.

Anyways- I thought in case some of you haven’t done your cards yet, that this idea could be helpful? IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!!!!!

And then I just emailed it into an online card company. 5 days later I had my cards. Not bad huh!?


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