I have not done a  “stuff” or an “I’m obsessed” post in ages and ages, but I have decided to bring it back in a condensed version. I’ll just share what I have been up to this week and things that I like enough that I would share with my good girlfriends. Ok with you?

Jeez, as if you don’t get enough of me blathering away during the week, I’m here to clog up your inbox on Saturday too.  Wink, wink.


– I am writing this on the airplane as I am flying home from a whirlwind trip to Fort Worth, Texas. I had the tremendous honor of popping into town and getting to speak at a Theta Founders Day Luncheon to a group of about 150 women about my family, my blog and my book and what inspires me. I was nervous. Like way more nervous than usual for something like this. I think it’s because about 2/3rds of them were young women who were students at TCU and I couldn’t believe that I could maybe have the tiniest inkling of an effect on them with my talk. (haha!! I’m probably delusional to think that- but I can hope that I made any tiny impact, right?)

And I know that I have said this before- but I am totally in love with Texas. Like I just CAN NOT get over how nice everyone is there. No one shakes hands, it’s just hugs all around! All of the women I met were so warm and inviting, and I just about felt like maybe I should move in with them and stay a while. They made the lemon zucchini cupcakes from my book and added a little sugared pansy on top. That made me smile. I wore some of my favorite shoes while I was there. I channeled my inner Minnie Mouse…

– So we are still processing the results of Pia’s Allergies. I first of all would like to thank the incredible amount of you who wrote comments or emails to me to tell me your stories and share your support. It meant SO much to me and to Pia. We have been hard at work in the kitchen the last week trying to figure out the best ways to feed her. I am also really excited to tell you that next week Pia is going to launch her very own blog (is that hilarious!!??) She has been begging for one for a year, and now that she can read and write (well, mostly) Pete and I got her one for Christmas. Pia has a lot to talk about-(trust me) but part of what she will focus on are kid friendly – allergy free recipes that she has helped me create and that she has approved as “delicious.” It is pretty funny, and I am looking forward to sharing the launch with you.

– On a much lighter and more shallow note, I have to share these skin care recommendations with you, because I have been dying to share them with someone! I know that cleansing oils have been around for forever, but I never ever understood how you could wash your face with oil and not have a hot greasy mess? Well, I had been hating my regular mild face wash, which just did not seem to take my makeup off without several washes (and seriously- I don’t wear that much!) but I also have really sensitive, really dry skin that is prone to redness so I didn’t want something super harsh. I stumbled around in sephora and then decided to try this cleansing oil that they were featuring. Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil. Hooked for Life. (Also, it is more expensive than I would usually pay for a face wash, but I have been using it for a month, and I am not even a quarter of the way through it- so it’s gonna last a while).

On that same bender at Sephora, I made an impulse buy after sampling this Glam Glow Thirsty Mud on my hand. Here is the thing. I think it is supposed to be a mask that you apply like cream and then wipe off or something? Whatever- I am just using it as my moisturizer and loooove it. It smells like honey and almonds and makes my skin baby soft. By the way, can you tell that I am that sucker that falls for the “featured products” at stores?

One more note on Skin care- since I officially turned 35 over Christmas, I am going to get serious about anti-aging. Or at least, my intentions are to get serious since I probably should have started a regimen about 5 years ago. I will let you know what I figure out and how it goes.

– I know I am always late to the party. Like always. But I read Gone Girl when I was in Mexico and that was one weird book. WTH is the ending about??? Thoughts?

–  Seattle is showing signs of Spring everywhere. Our snow drops have bloomed. If the crocus join the party than Spring will have officially arrived. In January. It is SO WEIRD. My moms daffodils already have buds and all of out bulbs have already started to sprout so we covered all of the garden beds with fertilizer and mulch this last week in hopes that if it does freeze, that nothing will die, and to make sure that our yard grows in after a rather overboard hack-job “trimming” this last fall. Is your yard prepping for Spring too, or are you still covered in a blanket of snow?

– Ok. Because I am a piggy, I have to share a couple recipes that had me drooling this week.

Chocolate Stout Maple Bars. I love Maple Bars. They are by far my favorite type of doughnut and these have Chocolate in them. And Beer. Yessss….. Thank you Megan

 Smoky Kale Caesar Salad. OMG.  Tracy makes my heart sing with this salad and I will be making huge old bowl of it for lunch tomorrow. I promise you that.

Pad Thai Nachos. I don’t know what is wrong with me, I can’t stop thinking about these. I love Pad Thai, I love Nachos, and I am going to trust Kevin that there is a very nice way to marry the two.

Slow Cooker Pozole Soup. I found this over on Tasty Kitchen and I am smitten. I am obsessed with Pozole and have never made it from scratch, but Billy’s version look simple and foolproof so it is probably a good place to start.

***Also, it is the last few hours to enter to win a copy of FEAST, one of my new favorite cookbooks!

Ok guys. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you Monday Morning !

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