Saturday Stuff 2

1. Seahawks Stuff. Not  a lot to say, except for GO HAWKS!! I can barely stand it I am so excited. People have lost their minds around here. People are getting Seahawks and “12th man” tattoos. That’s hard core. If you are ambivalent about which team wins, then at least maybe you will get excited about the snacks? (of which I have many) here.

2. Gosh, you guys kind of went bonkers for this Spicy Thai Curry Noodle Soup this week. Thank you, and I am glad so many of you actually made this and loved it like I did!

3. Um, Pia has posted her first couple blogs and if I do say so myself, she is the cutest. (You can find her over at ). I tried to type the words exactly as she said them, but it will really get fun when she feels like she can type them completely on her own. She has a lot of “stuff” that she wants to talk about, but the other part that we have been working on together is making recipes that are cane sugar, wheat, gluten, cow dairy, egg, peanut, garlic and soy free. If you have even more allergies than that- then you have my supreme sympathy. But hopefully anyone that searches for recipes like this will now know that you can find them in her site often and again here every Sunday. (look for one of our allergy free recipes here tomorrow morning.) The idea behind them is that they are family friendly and kid approved! I will talk more about it on Sunday.

4. I loved this post I read earlier this week.

5. No joke, I have chowed down on this Cinnamon Spice Popcorn THREE times this week. And I feel another batch or two coming on this weekend. It is a cinch to make and the recipe is with the picture.

6. Little Wilbur is getting bigger and thought you might want a peek at him. My mom adopted his mom “Missy” after she was done with this last litter, and now these two hang out a lot. She is going to stay with us next week and the girls are so excited. This picture was taken when my husband was out of town and I blatantly snuck them onto my bed to hang out with me. I posted that picture and about an hour later, I saw my husbands comment “wait… that our bed?”

Totally Busted.

7. Happy Chinese New Year! We are ushering in the year of the Horse, which is MY YEAR!! Hopefully there are some exciting things to come this year…

8. This certainly got me worked up yesterday. If you are a frequent traveler you should read this.

9. It is so easy to forget all about the Winter Olympics because of all the Super Bowl Insanity, but they start on Friday. If you are planning to celebrate the Opening Ceremonies, check this out!

OK, here is a sample of some drool worthy recipes from around the web this week:

10. Oreo Skillet Brownie. As if this wasn’t going to be good enough, Amanda then turned it into this mind blowing birthday cake. Wow.

11. Beer Fried Chicken from Jackie. I’m not really sure there is anything left to say.

12. Easy Thai Peanut Chicken Curry from Shaina. Can you tell I am obsessed with these kind of flavors lately? I think it’s the cold weather.

13. Cadillac Margarita Jello Shots. You would think I learned my lesson in Mexico a few weeks ago, but No. Naomi really knows how to tempt a girl…

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