1. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, or jinx us, but something profound is happening in our household this week. Coco is sleeping. Or, I should say, Coco has gone to sleep by herself (without making dad fall asleep with her) by herself for 2 nights in a row. Um, she is 4 and a half and her “falling asleep” routine had essentially taken over our life and robbed Pete and I of all alone time since he kept falling asleep at like 8 pm. We now have an elaborate reward schedule based on how many nights she does this. Please don’t judge me. We are desperate and it is working. We have noticed that she sleeps hard and much longer this way too. I told her if she keeps this up she will have such happy parents she won’t even believe it. Do all of your kids and grandkids go to bed easily? We have had the worst ever time in this house. I am sincerely hoping this is the beginning of the end of those.

2. Oil Pulling. I don’t know where I found this article this week- maybe pinterest? But I am totally fascinated. Has anyone done this? I am three days in, so I will update you on this next week when I have a little more to say on the matter. But it is weiiiiird. And I love weird.

3. I went to Ikea the other day to try and pick out cabinetry for my laundary room. (I’m trying to get organized!) I lost half a day of my life there, and still haven’t bought the cabinets. I have to go back this coming week and I fear I will never make it home. Ikea is kind of a black hole that is easy to get sucked into. Any stuff I have to buy when I am there? Are you all going to say the meatballs?

4. 37 people who failed so spectacularly they almost won. This is really funny- but also pretty inappropriate in spots, so be forewarned.

5. How often do you find yourself switching stuff up in your home? Like changing paint colors, or bedding or getting a new rug? I have that kind of itch to change some stuff, like a lot of stuff. Like everything! We haven’t done much in um, like 7 years, so I think it is time. When I was young my mom would change the paint in rooms like every year. She also rearranged the furniture monthly. (She still does this) My dad always said that if he came home in the dark, he would most likely trip and fall because he would never know where the furniture was going to be. She will even rearrange the furniture in hotel rooms when we go somewhere. She is probably dying to shuffle my house around! I think this house is so cute and refreshing. It reminds me of candy and I want to eat it.


Ok. I will stop rambling and get to the drool worthy recipes.

6. Sweet Corn Cake Eggs Benedict with Avocado Hollandaise Sauce. OH. EM. GEEEE. Do I wish that was on my breakfast plate or what!!?

7. Chocolate Peanut Butter Thin Mints. I just love peanut butter and chocolate too much.

8. Wild Mushroom Fettuccine. This is the most beautiful dish. Do you not just want to get a fork in there and slurp all that glorious pasta?

9. Blueberry Banana Banana Bread Cake with Brown Butter Glaze. I somehow in my mind decided this was a coffee cake (i.e., I could make this for breakfast) and was genuinely shocked when I cam back and realized it’s probably not meant for breakfast. But I don’t care. I suspect I will be eating it for breakfast anyways.

10. Molasses Stout Glazed Salmon with Herb IPA Mashed Potatoes. I mean, wow. I am so freaking hungry just thinking about this.

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