CloverLeaf Rolls

Cloverleaf Rolls

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Does anyone else just go gaaaa-gaaaaa for homemade rolls? I make them so rarely, that they really have become special and are one of those things that has come to represent the holidays to me.

Cloverleaf Rolls

Which is why these CloverLeaf Rolls were the perfect way to celebrate The Pioneer Woman’s New Book “A Year of Holidays.” It is an incredibly warm and heartfelt book that captures charming glimpses into the life and personal celebrations of everyone’s beloved first family of ranching and comfort food, the Drummonds!

cloverleaf rolls pic

It was hard to choose one recipe over the other, (as there were about a dozen that I was ready to run to the stove and cook right away) but I’m glad I chose this recipe for a couple reasons. Slightly crispy with butter on the outside and soooo soft and pillowy on the inside, they are completely amazing as is, or the perfect vehicle for more butter, jam or perhaps sopping up sauce or soup.

And while I could gush on an on about how these rolls are seriously perfect the way they are, I love the fact that the dough is incredibly versatile.

Cloverleaf Rolls

I took Ree’s recipe of dough and made three different types of rolls with one batch. The delicious and traditional holiday CloverLeaf Rolls which will definitely be gracing our Holiday table this year!


Then I made a “lazy” roll- (pictured above) which meant that I didn’t go to the trouble of rolling the dough into adorable little balls and making them into clovers. Instead I just plopped them on sheet pans. But where I got “fancy” is that I added crushed garlic to the melted butter and brushed them with that garlicky butter and just about had a coronary trying to shove those hot little rolls into my mouth the second they were done baking.

Cloverleaf Rolls

And then there was a sweet version, which I will share with you soon. The point is- the dough is great, feels very dependable and manageable for yeast dough (which can be fickle!) and there are a lot of options for how you use the dough. It will be a new staple in my house and I am grateful for having discovered it.

But that is how Ree’s Recipes tend to be. Reliable and delicious and comforting- just the way I like them!

Cloverleaf Rolls

I would love for you to share in the “Year of Holidays” enjoyment with me. I have THREE copies of this wonderful book to give away courtesy of Ree (Thank You!!) All you have to do is tell me what your favorite Christmas Cookie is and you are entered to win a copy!


The winners are:

*Comment #1497: Deborah,   Submitted on 2013/11/13 at 4:11 pm

“My all time favorite are cutout Christmas cookies with almond flavored royal icing.”


*Comment #173: Jana, Submitted on 2013/11/13 at 6:55 am

“Chocolate Chip shortbread cookies with one end dipped in chocolate. Yum”


*Comment #726: Linda Cates, Submitted on 2013/11/13 at 8:09 am

“Christmas sugar cookies and Peanut butter blossoms.”


Congratulations Ladies!! Please send me an email at to claim your prize!!




This is open to US residents only (sorry!) and the contest will close on Friday night, November 15th at 12AM PT. I will announce the winner here and on Facebook on Saturday morning. Good Luck!!

To make these CloverLeaf Rolls, this is what you do:
In a large pot, heat the milk, oil and sugar to a simmer. Then set aside to cool to luke warm.

When the milk mixture is luke warm, add 4 cups of flour and the yeast and stir well. Cover the pot with the lid and let sit somewhere warm for 1 hour.

Cloverleaf Rolls

Clover Rolls

When the dough has risen, stir in the last ½ cup of flour and the baking powder, baking soda and salt until well combined. Let sit another 30 minutes.

Cloverleaf Rolls

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
Melt the butter and drizzle a little in each cup of a muffin tin (this will make about 18 rolls). There will be a little butter left over, set it aside.

Cloverleaf Rolls

Pinch off little tablespoons of dough and roll them into balls.

Cloverleaf Rolls

Put three balls in each muffin tin. Cover the full muffin tins with a dishcloth and let rise about 30 minutes.

Cloverleaf Rolls

Bake the rolls at 400 for about 15 minutes, they will be golden brown on top, and tender and soft on the inside when you pull them apart. Brush the tops with the remaining butter and serve warm.

Cloverleaf Rolls


Recipe: Clover Leaf Rolls

*Below is a HALF recipe, and it makes 18 rolls. The FULL recipe makes 3 dozen of these cloverleaf rolls


  • 2 cups whole milk
  • ½ cup canola oil
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 4 1/2 cups AP flour
  • 1 package yeast
  • ¾ teaspoon baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 4 tablespoons butter


  1. In a large pot, heat the milk, oil and sugar to a simmer. Then set aside to cool to luke warm.
  2. When the milk mixture is luke warm, add 4 cups of flour and the yeast and stir well. Cover the pot with the lid and let sit somewhere warm for 1 hour.
  3. When the dough has risen, stir in the last ½ cup of flour and the baking powder, baking soda and salt until well combined. Let sit another 30 minutes.
  4. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
  5. Melt the butter and drizzle a little in each cup of a muffin tin (this will make about 18 rolls). There will be a little butter left over, set it aside.
  6. Pinch off little tablespoons of dough and roll them into balls. Put three balls in each muffin tin. Cover the full muffin tins with a dish cloth and let rise about 30 minutes.
  7. Bake the rolls at 400 for about 15 minutes, they will be golden brown on top, and tender and soft on the inside when you pull them apart. Brush the tops with the remaining butter and serve warm.

Preparation time: 2 hour(s)

Cooking time: 15 minute(s)

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  1. Pamela says:

    Spitz cookies made by my Mom. I make a dinner out of them almost during the holidays!!

    • Kris says:

      sugar cookies

      • Melinda Smith says:

        Simple Sesames, so rich and buttery!!

    • Terri says:

      I love gingerbread! Cookies and any variation madefrom gingerbread dough.

    • Bonnie Call says:

      They really are not a Christmas cookie…and of course you can make them any time…but I love Molasses Crinkles. SO good…they looked cracked on top, and you put sugar on the top…delicious!

    • Elisa says:

      Our family has so many great Christmas cookies it’s hard to pick just one. My grandmother’s Chess Pies or Almond Roca cookies are right at the top though.

    • Kristen says:

      Dutch Butter cookies! Yum!

    • Bow tie cookies, sprinkled with cinammon and confectionary sugar……its was my mom’s xmas tradition cookie for about 40 years and making them keeps my moms spirit alive during the holidays!!!

  2. Dana says:

    peanut butter balls!

    • I am the only one in my family that has my grandmother’s recipe for these homemade candied balls of delishousness!!!! lol
      They are a HUGE family HIT!!!
      Surprise to see someone else pick these. Most people don’t know what they are! They are missing out!!!!!! Lol

  3. ginger bread men!

  4. Allison Z. says:

    My great-aunt’s Sicilian fig cookies are Christmas on a plate!

    • Cathy says:

      is this a recipe you/she would share. I love anything fig and I’ll bet these are great.

  5. Macey Wolfe says:

    Snickerdoodle’s are definitely my favorite. I love Ree’s recipes too!

  6. Anna says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I loe gingerbread cookies

  7. Anu says:

    Gingerbread, for sure!

  8. Kathy says:

    I am determined to try to make homemade rolls for this Thanksgiving.

  9. Caroline says:


    • Donnetta says:

      Love love!

  10. Debby says:

    Hard to choose just one. Gingerbread.

  11. Jessie says:

    My favorite are the Santa face cookies my grandmother always made. My mom recenlty found copies of the cookie cutter my grandmother always used, so she and my sisters and I can carry on the tradition.

  12. collette says:

    It’s not actually a cookie- the one thing that is made EVERY year is peppermint topped fudge. P.S. I made those rolls last year for the holidays. I NEVER make homemade rolls, and they were so perfect!! No one in my extended family could believe I made homemade rolls!! From scratch!! Thanks again PW!

  13. Leslee says:

    Nanimo Bars have always been a favorite.

  14. Tieghan says:

    These rolls look awesome and anything from Ree’s book has got to be incredible! My favorite Christmas cookie is probably just good old sugar cookies that are in Christmas shapes!

  15. Bill says:

    These look delicious and easy to make, so will be on the menu in two weeks. I’ve been following Ree for years (figuratively), and have all her shows on DVR. Having this book would be rewarding.

  16. Corinne B. says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is a pecan cresent cookie.

  17. Joanna H. says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie….oh gosh, so many….ginger/molasses cookies. Yum!!

  18. Angela Greene says:

    Love this recipe! Will definitely make for the holidays and this week. Favorite cookie: Melomakarona (Greek cookie). Yum!!

  19. Gail says:

    Hungarian Nut Horns-YUM

  20. Jessica says:

    the spritz cookiees that my mom would make sure us each year as a kid

  21. Mary Filippini says:

    So thrilled that you have found the perfect roll to share with us. I have thought of rolls like these since I was a child helping my Nana bake. So sorry I never got the recipe from her, and now she has passed. Thanks for helping me to bring back some fond memories.
    My fav Christmas cookie recipe is the Italian Fig and Fudge Roll, which has been passed down through my husbands family .

    • Mary Filippini says:

      Why does my reply say:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      Have never replied I doing something incorrectly?

      • You are perfect Mary! no problem!

        • DEBORAH TIPTON says:

          My favorite is the Raspberry filled butter cookie I enjoyed when I lived in Germany! Not easy to make in warm humid Fl!

  22. Sara says:

    I love peppermint chocolate chip cookies!

  23. Tama says:

    I love iced cutout sugar cookies.

  24. Shelly says:

    I love Christmas sugar cookies!

  25. Cathy Dzaugis says:

    Honey sugar cookie

  26. Angel says:

    Sugar Cookie Cut Outs

  27. Lisbeth says:

    There are so many great Christmas cookies! It’s hard to choose, but I guess I’d say Angel cookies, made with dates and rolled in powder sugar.

  28. Kimberly says:

    Gingerbread cookies with lemon icing!

  29. Patsy Enkema says:

    My all time favorite Christmas Cookie is Ginger Creams. My mother adapted these from the original red cookie book from Betty Crocker. Sweet little puffy ginger cookies with a shiny white icing…..they are now my girls’ favorite holiday cookie as well AND my good friend asks me to make her a tin of these every Christmas! THE BEST! My mom’s Nanaimo Bars are a close second!

  30. Linda S. says:

    Chocolate covered cherry cookies – yum!

  31. Jacqui says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is gingerbread men!!

  32. Patty says:

    Molasses Crinkles are my favorite Christmas cookie. So good for dunking!

  33. Jym says:

    A Maltese anise cookie,

  34. Kim P says:

    Gingerbread men!

  35. Rusty H says:

    Russian Tea Cakes are my favorite cookies. Yumm..!!

  36. Rebecca P says:

    I love Martha Stewart’s Lemon Pistachio wreaths! I could eat a dozen all by myself.

  37. Monica says:

    One of my favorite Christmas cookies is shortbread.

  38. Sara M says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is plain old spritz. Seems like I eat dozens each year. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  39. Jessica says:

    The cookie that always means holidays to me are the thumbprint cookies or spritz. I didn’t even like the thumbprint cookies, I was just always amazed by them :) . My mom made them every year and they make me feel like she’s still here celebrating with us!

  40. Jade N says:

    I love gingerbread men (and women)! I can almost smell them baking right now.

  41. melissa says:

    Old fashion short bread cookies.

  42. Kim P. says:

    Russian Tea Cakes…they look like little snow balls and you can top them off with colored sugar or bling them out with those little silver dragees that you put on top of cupcakes to make them a little more festive!

  43. Heather says:

    My favorite Holiday cookie is a chocolate Andes mInt cookie!

  44. I have a weakness for those peanut butter cookies with a Hershey’s kiss smashed in the top!

  45. Brittany B says:

    My family makes these marshmallow topped cookies for the holidays and they are to die for. I always eat far far too many of them around the holidays.

  46. Ashley says:

    I love Russian tea cakes! They probably aren’t my favorite cookie, but there is something so nostalgic to me about having them at Christmas.

  47. Jan says:

    Granny’s Christmas Sugar Cookies, they melt in your mouth. :)

  48. my favorite Christmas cookie has to be sugar cutouts…it is the only time of year I make these types of cookies…plus the kids love decorating them! these rolls look so perfect!

  49. Julie J says:

    Thumb print cookies with jam.

  50. Sandy Headtke says:


  51. Jenn says:

    My great-grandmother’s sugar cookies are a must. No exceptions :)

  52. Danielle says:

    Thumbprint cookies with raspberry jam.

  53. Michele says:

    Molasses sugar cookies!

  54. Christina says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are candy cane cookies. My grandma and I used to make them every year. They are a combination of vanilla flavored sugar cookie dough and a peppermint sugar cookie dough. You make two batches and then role and shape them into candy canes! Still brings tears to my eyes when I make with my mom and one day my children!!

  55. amy doran says:

    I like to stay with something traditional…it is a tough decision between Hershey kiss cookies, snowballs, and pecan tassies.

  56. Laura says:

    Christmas sugar cookies!

  57. Sheila McGregor says:

    Warm gingersnap…Y.U.M.M.Y.

  58. Sarah says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie…hmmmm…that’s a lot of pressure to only pick one!! If I have to pick only one I would have to say a plain old frosted sugar cookie. It’s so fun to cut out different shapes & use creativity to decorate them!

  59. Jackie DelV says:

    My favorite cookie is by far the cookies my mom would bake – almond acorn cookies dipped in chocolate with sprinkles!

  60. Kimberly P. says:

    Russian Tea Cakes….they look like little snow balls and you can top them off with colored sugar or bling them out with those little silver dragees that you put on top of cupcakes to make them a little more festive!

  61. Donna Britton says:

    Thumbprint cookies rolled in chopped walnuts and decorated with tinted almond icing. Simply delicious!

  62. Natalie G. says:

    My favorite are Christmas sugar cookies!

  63. sheila says:

    peanut butter blossoms are great and i only make them at Christmas. definitely going to try these rolls for Thanksgiving!
    Thanks for recipe!

    • My favorite Christmas cookies are the ones we make for Santa. You know the cutout sugar cookies made with the kids (of ALL ages) with all different colored Royal icings and decorations. It’s a family tradition to get together and bake until our hearts content! Precious Memories have been made with each batch!!! Then later I make my Grandmother’s famous Peanut Butter Balls and multi chocolate dipped pretzels! We leave the SPECIAL cookies for Santa and the rest for the family to share!

  64. Jennie says:

    Chocolate crackles are my very favorite!!!

  65. Sally Tews says:

    crispy old fashioned sugar cookies with butter cream frosting.I want to try these rolls~but afraid of using yeast.

  66. Sharon says:

    Channukah here…..when my kids were small used to make sugar cookies in menorah, jewish star and holiday shapes. Now when they come home in a few weeks for a short visit I will have chocolate chip cookies in the freezer and make them dark chocolate cakes.

  67. Jeannie Murphy says:

    Angelica cookies are my all time favorite. I remember first learning to roll them into balls and working along side my mom as a very young child. Great memory.

  68. Judy says:

    I never met a cookie I did not like! Love them all.

  69. Meredith says:

    Sugar cookies and gingerbread men!!

  70. rupiedupie says:

    Mom’s pumpkin log with cream cheese frosting. ;)

  71. Tina says:

    Sigh, I love bread……like love it. Yummy!!!

    I would have to say my fave Christmas cookies are the classic sugar cookies with icing. I loved decorating those as a kid and always eating the red hots as eyes!

  72. Lindsay Decker says:

    My favorite cookies are bridge cookies that I’ve been making wih my family since a little girl. The recipe is Scandinavian and you have to use a special arched pan that has even passed down in the family.

  73. Julie J says:

    My mom is Pennsylvania Dutch and it wouldn’t be Christmas without her Sand Tarts. Not really sure it’s a Pennsylvania Dutch recipe, but we associate it as such and it’s a wonderful family tradition!

    • Cher says:

      We used to make those cookies every year too! A family tradition as well.

  74. Abigail D. says:

    My favorite cookies are the chocolate chip cookies! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  75. MELANIE V. says:

    sugar cookies with buttercream frosting!

  76. redstrands says:

    Cookie = Russian Tea Cakes

    What size pot did you use for this 1/2 recipe? (I’m trying to figure out if I have a large enough pot for a whole recipe or even further scaling up of the recipe as 18 just won’t cut it @ my house!!) Thanks.

  77. I love my sister’s recipe for Italian Lemon Ricotta Cookies. To die for!

  78. Woneeka says:

    My great aunt made my favorite cookie. We called them bourbon balls…little pieces of pecans, bourbon, rolled in powder sugar…yummy, best Christmas memory ever!

  79. These rolls look fabulous, I know I’d be inhaling them as quickly as they came out of the oven!

  80. Bill Klebeck says:


  81. Jessica D. says:

    I love chocolate chip cookies! They’re my absolute favorite cookie!

  82. Cindy B. says:

    I love Oatmeal Craisin dipped in White Chocolate!

  83. Lan D. says:

    Chocolate gingerbread! Mmmmm

  84. MaryB says:

    My favorite cookie at Christmas is sugar cookie cut outs (for making). For eating, I love a spicy, chewy ginger cookie!

  85. Sharon K says:

    Gingerbread men!! :)

  86. Yvette N. says:

    White Chocolate Craisin Shortbread

  87. Kim says:

    My favorite are shortbread cookies, my grandmother always made them, so they make me feel like a little girl in her kitchen :)

  88. Jeffrey says:

    I like frosted cutout cookies and not just for the taste alone. Making them brings my family together. I make the dough, roll it out and the kids get to use the cookie cutters. Decorating them is a blast also, we all get a nice sugar high from sampling the frosting and eating all the “broken” cookies. We probably end up eating more of the cookies while making them than we do in the days following!

  89. These look insane, girl! NEED.

    Fave Christmas cookie…?! So hard to pick just one. But, ok! Italian butter cookies.

  90. Amy says:

    Sugar cookies are my favorite cookie at the holidays!

  91. Joe says:

    my mom’s Italian pepper cookies – heaven is lucky right now

  92. Barb says:

    Forgotten Cookies – sugary baked meringues with chocolate chips and nuts baked inside.

  93. Heidi Richard says:

    Love chocolate candy kiss cookies! YUM

  94. Bekah Bartlett says:

    Plain old cookie-cutter sugar cookies, decorated with PLENTY of sprinkles…perfect for leaving out with a glass of milk for Santa :)

  95. Deborah says:

    My favorite cookie is simple shortbread. Do you think these rolls would freeze well so you could make ahead for Thanksgiving?

  96. Kimberly H says:

    I love molasses cookies! So good with ice cream for dessert or coffee for breakfast.

  97. Gingerbread cookies, of coarse! Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway – love, love, love everything Ree.

  98. Jodi Scharnhorst says:

    My grandma made the best Russian Tea Cakes (Snowballs)! I am not sure what made hers so much better than the rest, but there was nothing like arriving Christmas morning and knowing that she would have a cookie tray full of them. Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

  99. Roberta Ringstaff says:

    Chocolate Chip of course, the old standby, but so good.

  100. Lydia says:

    Sand tarts

  101. Susan G says:

    Gingerbread men and women are my favorite holiday cookies. I’ve always been afraid of yeast dough, but maybe this cookbook will give me the courage to try it!

  102. Terri says:

    My favorite is krumkakke. I live in the old Scandinavian community of Ballard in Seattle and grew up with the lilting sing-song granmor og papa talking while making these wonderful old country cookies.

  103. gingerbread for sure!

  104. Donna DeSanto says:

    My absolute world’s favorite holiday cookies Hungarian Butter cookies, tiny gems made by my paternal grandmother who passed away before I was born. The recipe has been handed down generation to generation and I’m proud to say that my father thought that I was the one person who made them anything like the way Nana Dee did. Perhaps I have a Baking Angel? I sure love to make them!

  105. Nan Hughes says:

    Glaceed fruits in red, green and gold colors chopped in small pieces in the rich dough.

    • Lola E. Dilocker says:

      My favorite Christmas cookie is double cookies filled with a cooked raisin filling

  106. teena hammond says:

    My family adores chocolate/peppermint pinwheel cookies.

  107. Betsy Forjone says:

    My Eggnog Thumbprints are the best Christmas cookie ever!

  108. Kamie says:

    I love homemade gingersnaps with fresh orange zest then when they are cooled drizzle them with white chocolate! Divine!

  109. Charmaine Humbert says:


  110. sally tvedt says:

    love homemade sugar cookies and would love one of Ree’s new cookbooks

  111. Mandy says:

    Sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies with kisses

  112. Cat M says:

    my all time fave Xmas cookie is SUGAR COOKIES w/ FROSTING!

  113. Vanessa Cruz says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is shortbread with jelly in the middle! Mmmm!

  114. Renee G says:

    Chocolate chip all the way

  115. Claire E says:

    My mom makes 4 different colors of cookie dough, and they each have their own shape in her cookie press.

  116. Sheila says:

    rum cake!

  117. Karen says:

    Nutella filled cookies

  118. Carol Crawford says:

    decorated sugar cookies

  119. Carol Jackson says:

    Love The Pioneer Woman shows….so down to earth and using what ones most likely has in pantry. Sugar cut out cookies are my favorite
    Christmas cookie.

  120. Connie says:

    Italian wedding cookies! My sister-in-law makes them for every Christmas get-together.

  121. rebecca hall says:

    Oatmeal Scotchies!

  122. Tina Paker says:

    Pecan Pie Cookies! YUM!

  123. Corrie_Alexa says:

    My mother inlaw makes these chewy molasses cookies at Christmas that are the BEST!!

  124. Kirstin says:

    I am the odd one out lol. I love peanut butter cookies!!! With the fork indents :)

  125. Janet Oliver says:

    My favorite cookie is:
    Shortbread (?) Cookies!
    They’re sooo good & easy to make!

  126. Clarissa Amos says:

    Chocolate Crinkles… I have loved them since I was a child and continued on the tradition of making them every year for my family. :)

  127. Paula P. says:

    My favorite Christmas Cookie is my Nonna’s Bocconotti cookies.. they are a nice little cookie with an almond filling that is a definite crowd pleaser.

  128. Amy M says:

    Cinnamon Bun cookies. They look amazing and are just the right amount of sweetness.

  129. June Pumphrey says:

    I love to make sugar cookies with the grandchildren.

  130. Christopher Sorel says:

    I have 3 snowballs, thumb prints and pecan tarts…have to be made from scratch

  131. Cindy M Downs says:

    My mini pecan tarts are my family’s favorite, but mine is monster cookies…

  132. lisa marsh says:

    peanut butter balls! Chocolate covered peanut butter balls. My alltime favorite!

  133. My Grandmother’s Kourabiedes! They always say Christmas to me!

  134. Sara Wiggins says:

    I LOVE sugar cookies and decorating with the frosting and other goodies! But the oatmeal butterscotch cookies are a close second.

  135. Keri Lewis says:

    Frosted Sugar Cookie!

  136. Wendy Leonard says:

    Sugar cookie cut outs!

  137. Janet J says:

    Cut-out cookies with a thick layer of homemade icing! My kids are older but it never fails, they still always want to participate in making cut-out cookies. It’s something I don’t think we ever grow out of.

  138. Alissa says:

    I love Carmelitas!

  139. Katie Daily-Bruckner says:

    Spritz cookies with cinnamon red hots in the middle. YUM! Time to get baking…

  140. Sara Miller says:

    Classic cut out sugar cookies that my mom makes :)

  141. Laurie says:

    oatmeal lace cookies

  142. Liz Chesebro says:

    Plain ol’ sugar cookies with frosting. They remind me of childhood. :)

  143. Becky says:


  144. Dawnmarie says:

    Pumpkin spice cookies.. YUM

  145. Lola E. Dilocker says:

    double sugar cookie filled with a cooked raisin filling

  146. Lola E. Dilocker says:

    double sugar cookie filled with a cooked raisin filling

  147. FLOR UMANA says:

    Christmas tree cookies my kids favorite!!!! i can see the green cookie with the candy sparkle on top.

  148. Maria Schmidt says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is the sour cream sugar cookies my Grandma used to make.

  149. Ellen Miller says:

    Every year, my sisters and I would go to my grandmother’s house and make these special sugar cookies. We would then roll them and use Christmas cookie cutters to make bells, Santas, trees, and stars. Then, we would sprinkle them with red and green sugar and bake them. We still go over and make them, even though we are all adults. I don’t think a cookie has ever tasted as amazing and delicious as those sugar cookies.

  150. Lisa Brace says:

    Not really a cookie, but butterscotch nut bars!!

  151. Sarah M says:

    I’m more of a cookie dough kinda girl…have a hard time getting the full amounts in the oven because I’m usually munching in the dough but my favorite is sugar by far!

  152. Carol W says:

    Chocolate Chip ~ YUMMY!

  153. Rachel Purcell says:

    My favorite cookie is Christmas cut-out cookies with frosting……yummy!! Hoping to win a cookbook!!! :) Can’t wait to try this roll recipe!

  154. Sarah M. says:

    Yum! My favorite christmas cookies are the ones that look like a candycane, with red dough and white dough intertwined. And a little bit of peppermint flavor.

  155. Kristin says:

    Lady locks! You can’t have Christmas without rolling out hundreds of little lady locks :)

  156. Teresa Koepke says:

    Pistachio Pudding Cookies!

  157. Jessica says:

    my mother’s dressing that she makes for Thanksgiving

  158. Cynthia says:

    Definitely Russian Tea Cakes. Just the smell of them coming out of the oven and then rolling them in powdered sugar brings back so many memories.

  159. Penny Staley says:


  160. My Momma’s Christmas cookies with homemade icing!

  161. facebook

  162. Katie Cohagen says:

    I love making Spritz cookies with my mom. This year I hope to have my 2 year old daughter help with the decorating. I think she would love it!

  163. Evita says:

    Snickerdoodles all the way!! Yum!!

  164. Susan says:

    Red velvet shortbread!

  165. Lisa shaver - neill says:

    I love the classics sugar cookies, and frosting them with my children.

  166. Beth Elmore says:

    Sugar cookies, which I like to use for my cookie tree

  167. Samantha Lee says:

    My favorite is homemade butter cookies that my grandma makes with sprinkles on top. She always makes them for Christmas and it’s my favorite to look forward to!

  168. Jane G says:

    I love to bake, but no one makes Christmas sugar cookies like my mother-in-law. They are THE best!

  169. Eden Scharer says:

    My moms sugar cookies! We make enough to give out to all the relatives and bring to share at every holiday event. This means an entire day of cookie making and is one of my favorite days of the year :)

  170. Laurie C says:

    My sister and I make a cookie we call the Christmas Cookie…simply because we only make them at Christmas!

    It’s a dark chocolate cookie with a peppermint frosting and a milk chocolate drizzle over the top. They’re decadent and ridiculously delicious!

  171. lisa says:

    Gingerbread men

  172. Amber Wyman says:

    Chocolate ginger cookies.

  173. Andre says:

    Ginger bread.

  174. Katherine says:

    I love those chocolate ones that are crackled at the top with powdered sugar. Thanks for the giveaway!

  175. Tammie Ward says:

    Molasses Sugar cookie! They taste and smell yummy!

  176. Trish B says:

    By far decorated sugar cookies. They are so versatile, cut into any shape and decorated with frosting and colored sugar.

  177. Katie says:

    Chocolate gooey butter cookies and sugar cookies with icing. So yummy!! :)

  178. jana says:

    Chocolate Chip shortbread cookies with one end dipped in chocolate.

  179. Neisha says:

    My Grammys ginger snaps and my moms drop sugar cookies are my favorites and now my in laws favorites as well!

  180. Virginia says:

    Love Snickerdoodles!

  181. Kim Ketusky says:

    My husband and I make Flitch every year. It is also called potato candy, and although it’s not technically a cookie, when you slice it, it looks kind of like a cookie! (Recipe here:
    I’m also fond of the old-fashioned iced sugar cookies!

  182. Kim Ketusky says:

    My husband and I make Flitch every year. It is also called potato candy, and although it’s not technically a cookie, when you slice it, it looks kind of like a cookie! (Recipe here:
    I’m also fond of the old-fashioned ice sugar cookies and pizelles.

  183. Misty Stratford says:

    Chocolate cake

  184. Sandy Reed says:

    Any that someone gives me or my daughter & I make together!

  185. Emily says:

    I love good old BUTTERY Sugar cookies! The ones that just melt in your mouth!

  186. Sueann says:

    Hard to choose just one! I love spritz cookies, tho!

  187. Jen Ciemiewicz says:

    Sugar cookies! Hands down!

  188. Michelle Cardosi says:

    Gingersnaps! Always reminds me of My Great Aunt Tad who always had hot tea and cookies when we visited. She also had white carpet which made me so nervous as a child!

  189. Ann Englehart says:

    My grandmother’s butter cookies cut into the shape of Santa’s boot and iced in red, white and black.

  190. Jill Lysy says:

    I love my best friend’s Eggnog Cookies.

  191. Ginger N says:

    Love your cloverleaf rolls! My favorite Christmas cookie tradition are cathedral windows my grandmother used to make – the ones with the colored marshmallows and coconut!

  192. Kristy Thomas says:

    I absolutely LOVE Snickerdoodle’s. Every Christmas I bake them and my family is addicted to them. They expect them every year and I am happy to satisfy their taste buds!

  193. Connie R. says:

    Homemade butter spritz cookies are the best! But if I make cookies I do gingerbread men for the grandkids. Thanks for the giveaway!

  194. Theresa W says:

    Any kind of cookie is a favorite with the grandkids….always have something in the cookie jar. The most favorite is chocolate chip!

  195. Jo Ann Rom says:

    My favorite cookie to bake is gingerbread boys. My Mom’s favorite.

  196. Maxine Leonard says:

    Sugar cookies

  197. Shawna says:

    As a “grown up” I felt it necessary to start a tradition. I’ve always baked the cut out sugar cookie recipe from the old Betty Crocker cookbook handed down to me from my late Grandma Helen. I bake several dozen ahead of time and after dinner on Christmas eve, everyone in the family decorates at least one cookie. Of course, I spend most of the next morning whiping dried on icing off of the table and vacuuming sprinkles off the floor but it’s worth it to have my family around my table.

  198. Misha says:

    It has to be my Moms sugar cookies. So good!

  199. Walter Davis says:

    Cowboy cookies – YUMOH!

  200. Yuki says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is white chocolate and macadamia nuts!

  201. Kristen King says:

    Frosted cut out sugar cookies!! Oh and peanut butter balls or buckeyes, but I don’t think those are a cookie!! :)

  202. Lynne says:

    My momma’s famous Oatmeal Cookies! They are the best and are the taste of Christmas to me. I would send them to my son when he was deployed to send him a little of “home” over there.

  203. Traci B. says:

    Cinnamon Stars – a German holiday cookie that my family has made for years…

  204. Mary says:

    My grandma’s no bake, chocolate, peanut butter, oatmeal yumminess!

  205. Carol Jackson says:

    Love the Pioneer Woman Show….Ree cooks with what is in the pantry and so do I … some days you just get creative and wing it. Cutout Sugar Cookies are my favorite Christmas Cookie. Yummm

  206. Ruth V says:

    My favorite holiday cookie is Snicker-doodles…to make them festive looking, I mix colored sugar with cinnamon…ummmmm good!

  207. Pam says:

    i love walnut balls. i have made them every year and donate to my church holiday fair. i can make them gluten free as well!

  208. oatmeal raisin are always a great comfort cookie for me

  209. Yvonne Holmes says:

    Russian tea ball

  210. Pam says:

    Soft sour cream sugar cookies

  211. Gail Brashinger says:

    My mom’s spritz cookies. It was a family tradition for all of us girls (4) would go to my mom’s house and make Christmas cookies. Miss those days. Enjoy watching Ree and her family interact. Memories in the making. Will have to try making the rolls for Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  212. Wendy says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is Kourabiedes, a Greek clove cookie. YUM!!!

  213. Cheryl Caetano says:

    Peanut Butter Balls

  214. Jan Davis says:

    My favorite is traditional Christmas cookies a dear friend makes! Delicious and so pretty!

  215. Tara H says:

    These rolls look amazing! My favorite Christmas cookie is homemade sugar cookies.

  216. My favorite Christmas cookies are Mexican Wedding cookies and Italian Rainbow cookies. It doesn’t feel like Christmas until they’re made :)

  217. Trisha M says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is a Chocolate Pinwheel cookie from an old German Cookbook that my grandmother used. It’s not real sweet but still my favorite.

  218. Alisa says:


  219. DEBBIE says:

    Gingerbread Cookies

  220. Nutly Fingers.
    Sort of a standard recipe with a family twist. Basically the old Mexican wedding cookies or similar. Rolled in confectioner’s sugar and messy. White dusting on every chest.

  221. Jessi Hilton says:

    I have a great recipe for Brown Sugar Cutout cookies. Seriously delicious ;)

  222. Nancy Bell says:

    fruit cake cookies

  223. susan head says:

    Love chocolate chocolate chip cookies all year

  224. Caitlyn says:

    Buckeyes are pretty awesome, but I’m not sure I could choose an absolute favorite.

  225. JoAnn K. says:

    Decorated sugar cookies – not only were they yummy to eat but we used to have so much fun making them!

  226. Robin says:

    My favorite peanut bars.

  227. I made up my own recipe last year. It’s a sugar cookie with dark chocolate and melted caramel swirled topped with sea salt. It was a huge hit in the cookie exchange. I also love chocolate covered cherry cookies. thanks. Merry Christmas!

  228. Amanda says:

    Snickerdoodles all the way!!!

  229. Beth Case says:

    My favorite Christmas treat is peanut butter balls, sometimes called “Buckeyes”. My grandmother, “Nanny”, made them every year. We just called them “Nanny Candy”.

    As for cookies, it has to be my mom’s molasses cookies! Nothing warms the body and soul like her warm molasses cookies!

  230. Kari says:

    Snickerdoodles!!!! Yummo!!

  231. Katie says:

    pecan shortbread cookies

  232. Ashley Anderson says:

    Butter cookies!

  233. Jillian says:

    I’m a traditionalist, I like a good ol sugar cookie!

  234. Tina Burgess says:

    I have a favorite Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie recipe, made with the teeny tiny morsel chips…soooooo yummy!

  235. Emily says:

    I love BUTTERY sugar cookies! The kind that just melt in your mouth.

  236. Donna says:

    Mini chocolate chip and oatmeal brownie drops!! YUM!

  237. My favorite is Shortbread, my family loves the Peanutbutter Kissie Cookies 8)

  238. Paige says:

    I think my favorite for Christmas time is snickerdoodle. But really, ANY cookie I have is my favorite cookie! ; )

  239. BritneyD says:

    Love so many of them, but gingerbread cookies with milk is always for sure a Christmas cookie!

  240. Spicy Chocolate Crackled Cookies

  241. Janiece Mack says:

    Italian Wedding Cookies are my favorite…. Melt in your mouth! Thanks for dough recipe!

  242. Paula B. says:

    My favorite Christmas Cookie? ANY! I cannot choose one!! hahaha

  243. Elizabeth says:

    Christmas Sugar Cookies!

  244. Kelly says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are Gingersnaps! Just the smell of them makes me think of Christmas…

  245. KJackson says:

    I love White Chocolate, Cranberry Cookies!!

  246. Kelly says:

    My favorite is Spritz cookies! Since the 70s!

  247. Nikki Booth says:

    I have a great recipe for Red Velvet Cookies with a cream cheese frosting. They are always a big hit!

  248. Sonia Turner says:

    Chocolate chip

  249. David Slagh says:

    suger cookies are my favs.

  250. Kathy says:

    Sugar cookies are my all time favorite!

  251. Allison N says:

    Cream cheese cutout cookies with edible paint icing. Perfect for decorating and oh so tasty!

  252. Nicole D says:

    My Mimi’s dishpan cookies.. oats, brown sugar, toasted coconut, pecans.. yum!

  253. Michelle Smith says:

    My favorite holiday cookie would have to be the meringue cookies my mom makes every year.

  254. Brandon Lane says:

    Soft, Sugar Coated Gingersnaps with heavy molasses.

  255. Teresa Jensen says:

    Well not really a cookie. Peppermint Fudge with sprinkles of sea salt on top.

    This recipe looks amazing, but most of Ree’s are.

    Thank You!

  256. Nancy says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is one we’ve made every year since I was a child: a traditional Italian cookie with a glaze and always sprinkles! That’s the best way I can describe it.

  257. Jamie Walls says:

    Snickerdoodle is our family favorite!!

  258. Shandell says:

    I’d have to say spritz cookies with a cookie press. My mom started the tradition of making them for Santa and now I’m continuing that with my kids.

  259. Barb Sinclair says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is cutouts with frosting & sprinkles.

  260. Lisa shaver - neill says:

    I love classic sugar cookies and frosting them with my children.

  261. Ann Wolny says:

    Moms Turkey and dressing..Yum

  262. Pamela Footen says:

    I love No bake cookies. And peanut butter cookies…

  263. Sarah says:

    Frosted sugar cookies with a lot of decorations on top!

  264. Kimberly Yue says:

    I love the almond melt-away cookies that are covered in confectioners sugar. I have no idea what their official name is, but my grandmother used to make them and I would devour them! Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  265. Amy says:

    sugar cookies with all the lovely colorful sugar icing!

  266. Aish says:

    The rolls looks deliciously golden and soft!
    I love Butter Pecan cookies! they are truly melt-in-the-mouth cookies… remind me of my school holidays.

  267. Katie S says:

    My grandma’s Hungarian kiflis. She taught me how to make them when I was a little kid and every Christmas I would go over to her house and we would make the dough, roll them out, and form them in her tiny kitchen and then bring them to Christmas dinner at my cousins. We made them for her memorial service when she passed away in 2009 and we still make them every Christmas and reminisce about making them with her.

  268. Joyce says:

    I love sour cream sugar cookies! So soft and chewy!

  269. Charla McCracken says:

    My favorite cookie is sugar cookies because we can cut them with cookie cutters and then decorate with icing.

  270. Jan says:

    I love the peanut butter cookies in a mini muffin cup with a peanut butter cup pressed into it. I forget what they’re called. :(

  271. Lisa says:

    Favorite cookie has to be sugar cookies that you cut into shapes using Holiday cookie cutters, then get the whole family to decorate them!

  272. Deanna Connor says:

    My favorite holiday cookies are almond snowball cookies. They have great texture and they are covered in powdered sugar, so yummy. And it just reminds me of Christmas time.

  273. Kay Miller says:

    That is easy – I actually have two favorites. Frosted Cutouts and Peanut Butter Blossoms. Ymmm. These rools look so good. I pinned them to Pinterest.

  274. Jan Davis says:

    Can you tell me why my “comment is awaiting moderation”? Please?

  275. Corrie Moore says:

    My moms cream cheese sugar cookies

  276. Lorie C says:


  277. Sarah Beth says:

    I love the traditional iced sugar cookies!

  278. Dana V says:

    Sugar cookies, decorated by my kids & grandkids

  279. Debbie S. says:

    Frosted Sugar Cookies & Gingerbread men. My dear friend Patty makes the best ones I have ever had!

  280. Katrina S says:

    Ok, I know this is not traditional as far as Christmas cookies… but I choose lemon bars! Yum.

  281. Bridget T. says:

    Favorite cookie are Hello Dolly bars.

  282. Renee says:

    Old fashioned sugar cookies from a recipe book that is probably older than I am!

  283. Megan C says:

    Mexican wedding cakes. Ummmmm!!

  284. Amber says:


  285. Kellie says:

    SOFT sugar cookies right out of the oven…edges slightly browned, not even FROSTED!
    ..mmmmmmm :)

  286. Beth Brown says:

    I have to agree with others that at Christmas, just a sugar cookie cut-out along with icing or sprinkles. I love making these with my kids and so part of the reason why they are my favorite!

  287. Rachel F. says:

    candy cane cookies and rolled sugar cookies!

  288. I love love love my mom’s sugar cutouts! With lots of frosting!

  289. Ruth Bundy says:

    I really love coconut macaroons that are dipped halfway in dark chocolate! YUMMERS!

  290. Valerie says:

    My favorite cookie ever is chocolate chip, so even though its not very festive, I definitely have to go with it because I will definitely be making them!! Yummo!

  291. Martha T. says:

    Black and White Cookies-chocolate with white chocolate chips. Yummy!!!!!

  292. Gina L says:

    I love oatmeal raisin cookies

  293. Gotta try these rolls!

  294. Sharon Maher says:

    Good old fashioned Oatmeal Raisin cookies. This are my favorite cookie anytime of the year.

  295. Lindee McCurley says:

    My favorite is Chocolate oatmeal cookies… not really a “Christmas” cookie but that’s when we make them!

  296. Jenny Patton says:

    My family loves my homemade chocolate chips cookies, handed down from my mom, which is just the recipe on the back of the nestle chocolate chip package! They only get made at Christmas time, and we love them and I always make a couple batches and share with friends. Nothing fancy, but special to us.

  297. Sugar cookies decorated in holiday shapes

  298. Christienne says:

    I love me some straight up Chocolate Chip cookies!!

    But the kids love to use the cookie cutters for some simple sugar cookes. Let the decorating begin!!

  299. Carrie says:

    Any cookie with chocolate. :)

  300. Shannon says:

    Bourbon Balls!!

  301. Amber Perona says:

    Sugar cookies with cute decorations!

  302. Sarah Page says:

    I love cherry thumbprint cookies.

  303. Jennifer says:

    I love to make pecan-coconut-dark chocolate chip cookies – one of the only ways my kids eat pecans and coconut!!

  304. Jean Lewis says:

    My family enjoys peanut butter cookies with a big Hershey’s Kiss on top!

  305. Joanne R. says:

    This is so hard!! I have more than one… but if I were to choose… I will definitely go with ginger cookies! I love when they are thin and crisp! My favorites for Christmas!

  306. Sarah says:

    Gingerbread cookies are my favorite!!!

  307. Erin cermak says:

    Chocolate crinkle cookies were my favorite as a kid. They are so much fun to make. Right now though I love Sandies By the Sea – pecan shortbread with a dollop of caramel and chocolate topped with sea salt. Soooo good and worth the effort!

  308. Christina says:

    My favorite are my grandmothers Italian wine cookies!!

  309. Gini Ohlson says:

    Christmas Shortbread…I am famous for it from a passed down recipe :-)

  310. michele says:

    I love cutout cookies with frosting

  311. patti B. says:

    good old sugar cookies. made w/my kids. they do all of the decorating. Santa eats a ton!!

  312. Shelbie says:


  313. carrie velasquez says:

    I love thumbprint cookies!….and rum balls!

  314. Marcy W. says:

    My sweet Grandma Mary’s Welch Cookies…it’s a shortbread cookie with black currants in them. I have fond memories of making these with her as a little girl, using a rolling pin and a glass to cut t he cookies out with.

  315. Glynne' says:

    Candy Cane Sugar Cookies!! :-)

  316. Leah says:

    Russian Tea Cakes – easy to make, and they look like pretty little snowballs!

  317. Ann Zimmerman says:

    About 25 years ago a friend of mine gave me a recipe for Buckeye Balls; I have been making them every year since then. I almost didn’t do it last year but changed my mind at the last minute. The smiles and enthusiasm on my grown kid’s faces when i brought them out made me realize they have become a special favorite memory for them, so I will continue to make them every year.

  318. Kelly Nagorka says:

    My favorite cookie is my great grandmother’s Sugar cookie. LIght, fluffy and crunchy sugar on the outside. It took me years to get her recipe right…Because it was written without measurements and a lot of the ingredients had to be substituted because the not longer exist :)

  319. Lisa Pigg says:

    Buckeye Cookies

  320. Jenna R. says:

    Little kolache cookies that my grandma use to make and now my dad makes them!

  321. Dee Sanders says:


  322. Emily says:

    sugar cookies!

  323. Julie K. says:

    Russian tea cakes are my favorite!

  324. Swedish Dreams
    Little balls of sweet goodness!!!

  325. Emily Merrill says:

    Peanut blossoms! Those things never make it more than a day at our house:)

  326. Paula L. says:

    It has become a family tradition for my son (who is now 29 yr old) to set aside a day during the Holidays to make my Mother’s Thumbprint Cookies. It is our favorites for many reasons!!

  327. Chocolate chip cookie base, but add chunks of whatever candy you have around the house! Peppermint bark is the best!

  328. Lauren says:

    Soft gingersnaps!

  329. Lauren says:

    I am such a traditionalist – my favorite holiday cookie has always been te gingerbread man. :0) With red candy button down vest and all!

  330. Christina says:

    My grandmother used to make Italian wine cookies and now my mother makes them.

  331. Terri Banks says:

    Decorated cut out sugar cookies

  332. Lana Roberson says:

    Fruit cake cookies are my favorite!

  333. Nancy Wright says:

    Shortbread cookies are a favorite. You know, it’s hard to pick one.

  334. Becky Munn says:

    Rum Balls! Our family and friends favorite too.

  335. Heather says:

    Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies..oh my!

  336. Sharon says:

    Sugar cookies for granddaughters to decorate!

  337. Yasmine says:

    Almond and chocolate oatmeal cookies. The smell in my kitchen is amazing.

  338. Shelly says:

    I love shortbread and sugar cookies! Oh and gingerbread :)

  339. Katie T says:

    Favorite Christmas cookie? Would have to be gingerbread! So spicy and sweet!

  340. Linda Johnston says:

    I guess I’m a bit boring but a gooey homemade chocolate chip cookie is my favorite for the Holiday season! Thanks for the chance to win the cookbook!

  341. Jennifer in NV says:

    Russian Tea Cakes!

  342. Sarah H says:

    My mom’s traditional frosted cut out cookies!

  343. Jamie Mack says:

    My favorite Xmas cookie is any that are made with my children’s help! We make a few different ones my son loves my pumpkin cookies.

  344. Heather says:

    My mom’s frosted almond cut-out cookies or Grandma’s kolache-any flavor!

  345. Jesse says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are Walnut Snowball Cookies!

  346. Dana Browning says:

    These look delicious! I think that we will have to try these very soon. I love trying new recipes. (My family doesn’t always so much!)

  347. Kimberly Buehler says:

    Sugar Cookies

  348. Sara says:

    I loved rolled chocolate cookies!!!

  349. Nancy S. says:

    My favorite is the classic Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie.

  350. katrina mccoy says:

    Vermont Maple Pecan Cookie

  351. Ruthann says:

    My Aunt Arlenes Crescent Cookies!

  352. Julie says:

    Italian wedding cookies!

  353. Laure M says:

    I love cut out sugar cookies that we make homemade!

  354. Good old fashioned sugar cookies, spritz cookies, no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies – not to many I don’t like.

  355. Amy says:

    My mom makes the best iced sugar cookies. Her recipe is my absolute favorite!

  356. Carie says:

    We (my daughters and I) have quite a wide selection of Christmas cookies we love.
    Its baking them together as a family, that makes them taste soo good! Merry Christmas***

  357. sandy Faircloth says:

    Sorry if this is a repost, internet went down when I sent. I won’t put everything I said before, but I make a squash casserole that is killer for the holidays.

  358. Tina Dillon says:

    Cream Wafers. They were made by My Paternal grandmother and Aunt. Then my my mother. now by me and my children. These cookies are a lot of work so when we make our thousands for cookies for the season we make these cookies together. My mother and i roll out the cookies. So my grandmother(92) Sugars and pricks the cookies before they go the oven. Then my children and husband help Frost the cookies. Always my favorite!!

  359. Katie Leary says:

    Chocolate Mint Cookies!

  360. Shanna Baker says:

    Snickerdoodles are my family’s all time favorite Christmas cookie in our house!

  361. Donna Thyer says:

    These are like my grandma’s bran rolls I am anxious to try to make them

  362. JoAnna Holmes says:

    Pumpkin cookies with brown butter icing….Happy Holidays to you!

  363. Warm Gingerbread cookies with cold glass of milk.

  364. Kendal Barriere says:

    raspberry thumbprint almond cookies!!!

  365. Erika says:

    Fruitcake cookies made using my Nana’s recipe!

  366. Camella McGregor says:

    Peanut utter balls and sugar cookies.

  367. Sarah S says:

    Santa Surprises! They have a miniature snickers in the middle of a peanut butter cookie, chocolate drizzled on the top and sprinkled with powdered sugar! It’s always a big hit! :)

  368. Sarah S says:

    Santa Surprises! They have a miniature snickers in the middle of a peanut butter cookie, chocolate drizzled on the top and sprinkled with powdered sugar! It’s always a big hit! :)

  369. Jackie says:

    Soft ginger molasses :)

  370. Amanda says:

    I love Amish sugar cookies. So fluffy and light. But I love them for every holiday, just change the cookie cutter!

  371. Lizzie says:

    I love traditional sugar cookies for Christmas covered with a glaze. Yum!

  372. Carol Metzgar says:


  373. Maryann Adams says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is Mint Chocolate Chip!

  374. Jackie REID says:

    My favorite Christmas and all time favorite cookie the original Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie. Yum!!!!

  375. Cindy says:

    Snowflake shaped sugar cookies, iced with a light blue minty royal frosting and sanding sugar and white nonpareils.

  376. Karen Branum says:

    Picking your favorite cookie would be like picking your favorite child! I make Kolache cookies filled with almond paste, apricot and prune fillings – delicious!!!

  377. Deb says:

    Sugar Cutouts are my all time Favorite

  378. Heather Wallner says:

    My favorite is and will always be the traditional home made sugar cookies frosted and decorated by the kiddos in the family. Those are the best :)

  379. Cindy S says:

    TOLL House Cookies with extra nuts.
    and Derby pie

  380. Amy says:

    Love basic cut out sugar cookies!

  381. Kailey Gaytan says:

    My all time favorite Christmas cookie is my mothers butter cookies! They bring back great childhood memories!

  382. Pearl says:

    My soft buttermilk cutout cookies. Or is it chocolate whoopie pies…..I can’t decide!

  383. Jennifer says:

    I would have to Snickerdoodles are my family’s all time favorite Christmas cookie to make & eat if course!

  384. Jennifer Fountain says:

    Chocolate Chip Forgotten Cookies; the best cookies ever! I only make them at Christmas time because they are so special.

  385. jen says:

    I love pecan fingers, so simple, but do good!

  386. Ann says:

    Iced sugar cookies are the best.

  387. Kate Sparks says:

    I like basic sugar cookies and then I bling them up with icing, sprinkles, nuts…

  388. joyce lawrence says:

    Love all cookies. Peanut butter is a favorite.

  389. Carol Fraley says:

    Pumpkin cookies!!!

  390. Yasmine says:

    Almond and oatmeal chocolate chips cookies. The smell in my kitchen is amazing on Christmas morning.

  391. Dana D. says:

    I think I will have to go with the iced sugar cookies.

  392. Karrie says:

    double drizzle pecan cookies. YUM!

  393. leisha says:

    Frosted sugar cookies! I still use the same cookie cutters that I used as a kid:)

  394. Justin S says:

    Snickerdoodle cookies have always been my favorite!

  395. marycath17 says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is actually the sugar cut-outs that I make with the kids. So fun to see how they decorate the shapes!

  396. Carri says:

    My mama’s melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies!

  397. Kathy says:

    Walnut crescents.

  398. christienne says:

    Sugar cookies! The kids love to decorate them!!

  399. My absolute favorite are a tie between my peanut butter cookies with a Hershey kiss on top or my oatmeal cherry chocolate chip cookies I make.

  400. Andrea Salant says:

    Traditional sugar cookies with homemade icing !

  401. Judi Brinegar says:

    My mom’s rolled out sugar cookies – I still use her cookie cutters from the 1950s

  402. Carey Lee says:

    My grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe that makes 6 different types of X-mas cookies.

  403. Sarah says:

    Peanut Butter with Kisses

  404. Jackie Hanson says:

    Sugar crisps. It is an old family recipe that my 96 year old great grandmother, mother in law and sister in law get together and make every year.

  405. Terry Gruny says:

    Cranberry Coconut – I just discovered this little gem.

  406. My moms surger cookies, she made trees, stars,and bells they were made with lots of love, sure do miss her.

  407. RhodaZ says:

    Love me some date pinwheel cookies!

  408. Laura S. says:

    Sour cream sugar cookies with homemade frosting! Yum!

  409. Mandi W. says:

    My favorite Holiday cookie is the chocolate crinkle cookie my family has made for eons! Yummy!

  410. Celeste says:

    I love ooey gooey not baked all the way chewy chocolate chip cookies. YUM!

  411. Cheryl says:

    Sand Tarts

  412. Vicki says:

    Soft cutout Christmas cookies!!! Yummy, Yummy!!!

  413. Deborah says:

    I love the traditional Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie! They have been my favorite Christmas cookie forever!

  414. Amy Schultz says:

    Chocolate mint meltaways and soft gingersnaps are my fave! They both just melt in your mouth! Thanks for sharing and beautiful photos!

  415. cindy n says:

    Molasses crinkles…my german great grandmother made these when i was a little girl…after she passed away i found her recipe…so simple but so good and brings back great holiday memories!!!

  416. Carol S says:

    My mom makes 9 different cookies, about 500 cookies total. My favorite has to be the Tea Time Tassie.

  417. Linda says:

    It is a toss-up. I love the spritz cookies, but I live in New Mexico and biscochitos are pretty hard to beat.

  418. Rachel says:

    anything chocolate. rum balls,
    snicker doodles….

  419. Kerry Tonning says:

    Gingerbread cookies. The smell of them baking always reminds me of Christmas!

  420. Kylee Palmer says:

    I love just plain ole’ Sugar Cookies with decorations!!!

  421. Katya says:

    I absolutely love snickerdoodles. Want one right now too!!

  422. Melissa says:

    M&M cookies!

  423. Amy S says:

    Good old fashioned sugar cookies :)

  424. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE making gingerbread cookies, perfect way to bring everyone together big and small

  425. april S says:

    I have my own sugar cookie recipe that requires no refrigeration…delicious!!

  426. Teri Wetter says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie receipe, pecan logs, I got from our local “Register” newspaper. The cookie dough is rolled, baked, ends dipped in chocolate then rolled in nuts.

  427. Donna says:

    My mom’s sugar cookies — frosted!! Divine.

  428. Amy Paige says:

    Chocolate Crinkles and Molasses Cookies

  429. Margaret C. says:

    My fave is an alternative. It is a wrap that is made with cream and feta cheese, green onion tops and dried cranberries sliced into pin wheels. At our Xmas eve service, it is the first bare plate.

  430. Rachel says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie are the decorated sugar cookies!

  431. barbi says:

    cream cheese press cookies (spritz cookies).

  432. martii says:

    almond crescents- they will forever remind me of my grandmother.

  433. Connie Orms says:

    Sugar Cookies are my favorite. It’s not Christmas till you have red and green sugar cookies. Save some for Santa too, of course!

  434. Leesa says:

    Anything with peppermint!

  435. Sharon David says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie would be my mom’s baklava. Although not traditional, in our Lebanese-American family, it is a must.

  436. Anne W. says:

    Mrs. Malina’s Christmas Cherries! The best cookies I’ve ever eaten.

  437. Barbara B. says:

    Angel food candy and divinity – both which aren’t easy to make but they are my husband’s favorite, so I make them every year.

  438. Iced anise cookies that melt in your mouth are my favorite.

  439. Britta Smithers says:

    White Chocolate Covered Oreos!!! Made by my sister of course!!

  440. Kate Stafford says:


  441. jenny kelly says:

    Pin wheel cookies. My dad and I always eat them in the shape of the pin wheel.

  442. Laurie says:

    Gingerbread men!!!!

  443. Christy Sharp says:

    Love plain Chocolate chip

  444. Jody in California says:

    I absolutely LOVE Gingersnaps, I make them all year long, not just at Christmas…

  445. Dawn Martinez says:

    I love baking peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for the family. I’ve been making them for 25 years and they love them. Thank you Ree for all the yummy recipes. Our family loves all the recipes.:)

  446. Courtney says:

    My fav is Russian Tea Cakes. My aunt made them every year…. Now I make them oooooooh I can’t wait!!

  447. kathy says:

    my favorite cookie is oatmeal raisins and walnuts…and a tie with canadian shortbread yum

  448. Jenny says:

    Gee whiz, I love a lot of them, but I would say Russian tea cakes.

  449. Marissa says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are sugar cookies with icing on top :)

  450. Lisa says:

    Sugar cookies cut in shapes and frosted with my kids!

  451. Jenny McK says:

    Thumbprints with nuts and jam!

  452. Rose Bowdish Lewis says:

    Spritz cookies always remind me of Christmas also sugar cookies and the coconut chocolate chip bar cookies. Actually they’re so many it hard to just choose one.

  453. Pat Powers says:

    I love the Christmas Brittle and anything with peanut butter in them!!

  454. Alicia Clinton says:

    Favorite Holiday Cookie, that is so hard, I go to a Christmas Cookie Exchange every years and gain new recipes all the time. I like the Grinch cookies cause they are mint and chocolate, but last year I made iced sugar cookies combining two recipes, and got my boys both involved, hope we can keep this a tradition. Thanks for the opportunity to win a book from Ree, y’all are both amazing!

  455. Julie Mills says:

    A good hearty oatmeal is my favorite to make during the holidays. Some times I mix it up and add chocolate chips. Cant be too healthy, right? :)

  456. Donna H. says:

    Peanut butter blossoms. :)

  457. Lesley Brooks says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is Coconut Macaroons. They are divine!

  458. Rainy Garner says:

    It isn’t a cookie but it is good!! Peppermint bark!!!!!

  459. Paula Embree says:


  460. Allison says:

    Chocolate peppermint stick cookies!!

  461. Donna P says:

    Gingersnaps with pumpkin dip! Yummy! I would love to give Ree’s book to my daughter! It would be her FIRST cookbook! Fun! Fun!

  462. Maggie Bloom says:

    Good ol’ fashioned chocolate chip…mmm melty chocolate and soft, sweet dough! I loved making them, eating them, and leaving them out for Santa.

  463. Tamara Carbaugh says:

    Peanut Butter.

  464. Loey says:

    Snikerdoodles and nuthorns

  465. sarah smith says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie would have to be those lovely little butter cookies stamped into different shapes and some are even dipped in chocolate!

  466. Debra Matias says:

    Russian Tea Cakes. My Mom made them every Christmas. Just gotta have them!

  467. Deanna says:

    Choc, fudge & peanut brittle…all homemade from scratch.
    Love watching PW shows on Sat. & really would like to have this cookbook. Thanks for the

  468. Sue says:

    Anything my mom bakes…it always reminds me of my childhood.

  469. Cassandra McCollum says:

    Date pinwheel cookies are a childhood favorite. They are a labor of love so we don’t make them every year, and they are worth the wait though.

  470. Janna johnson says:

    Love this recipe!!!! I love dressing!!!!!!

  471. Trulie C says:

    I love decorating (and eating!) frosted sugar cookies!

  472. Chrity says:

    I have a butter cookie recipe that I use as a frosted sugar cookie. It’s to die for.

  473. I love chewy sugar cookies!

  474. elizabeth says:

    HERSHEY’S KISSES Peanut Butter Blossoms

  475. Joanne E. says:

    I love cut out frosted sugar cookies, they remind me of my family. We always decorated them and the whole table would be full of them, waiting for the icing to set. We could not wait to eat them.

  476. Sue says:

    I adore Chocolate Crinkles!

  477. Stacey Burruss says:

    My favorite Christmas Cookie is definitely soft sugar cookies with buttercream icing and sprinkles on top. :)

  478. Crystal says:

    My favorite cookies at Christmas are Peanut Butter Blossoms. My boyfriend’s mom makes a huge batch of them and I just can’t get enough!

  479. Kyrstin says:

    The sugar cookies with icing on them are just perfect!

  480. Patricia in OH says:

    Fruitcake cookies are my favorite!

    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  481. Gary Narberes says:

    My parents have baked many wonderful cookies for Christmas and I’d have to say my favorite is the Russian Tea Cookies.
    The cookie is so light and flaky and the frosting in the center is divine!
    Thank you for sharing the Clover Leaf Roll recipe and also for the chance to win one of Ree’s Cookbooks!!

  482. Pamela Richardson says:

    We love sugar cookies… in all shapes and sizes!

  483. Robin B says:

    Molasses cookies!

  484. Michelle says:

    I love gingerbread cookies!

  485. Tammy says:

    peanut butter roll makes my holidays complete

  486. Aimee says:

    Favorite cookie is white chocolate cherry shortbread cookie, my dad has asked me to make them every Christmas for the last 5 years, it was his favorite cookie too.

  487. Stacie Raridon says:

    Any sugar cookie my kids have made!!

  488. Mindy says:

    pumpkin spiced snickerdoodle!

  489. Ashley says:

    For Xmas each year my children and I bake the traditional chocolate chip, and they are so delicious…especially when we bake them together!! I love u ree!! By far my favorite chef!!! Thank u for all u bake/cook :)

  490. Kim F says:

    Peppermint snowballs!

  491. Michelle B. says:

    My Grandma Young’s sugar cookies!

  492. Barbra H says:

    I love russian tea cakes!

  493. Jamie C says:

    I love gingersnaps!

  494. Vicki says:

    I gotta love Snickerdoodles – but this year I’m updating that to Salted Caramel Snickerdoodles!! AND I really NEED that book!! :)

  495. Cathy =) says:

    love peanut butter with choc. kisses on top… =)

  496. Barbara R says:

    I love making (and eating) my Italian tri-color cookies.

  497. Rosa says:

    Definitely a sugar cookie with icing

  498. Krista says:

    I love old fashioned butter cookies to make with chirstmas cookie cutters – so many memories!

  499. Lovie says:

    Candy Cane cookies. Red and White dough twirled together and shaped to look canes. Yum!!

  500. Jill D. says:

    Spritz cookies make it to every holiday for my family!!

  501. Wendy James says:

    My mom always made sand tarts when I was growing up. I liked them then, but of course, chocolate chip was my favorite as a kid. Now that I am all grown up and my mom is gone, I make her sand tarts every year. They are my absolute favorite to eat, and it brings back a lot of special memories when I bake them.

  502. TeriGrace Nielsen says:

    Thanks for the chance to win one of Ree’s cookbooks! I LOVE Cowboy Cookies! But I always put butterscotch chips in with the chocolate chips…. Yummy!

  503. Nancy KIARNISKI says:

    Snicker Doodles

  504. Kristy Rivera says:

    I love white chocolate cranberry cookies! YUMMM

  505. Stephanie L. says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is good old fashioned Sugar Cookies that my kids have decorated and covered in an insane amount of sprinkles.

  506. Carol says:

    Kruschiki Cookies

  507. Kristine Allison says:

    Warm chewy chocolate chip :)

  508. Gooey Chocolate Mocha Cookies.

  509. Amanda says:

    Sugar cookies flavored with anise or almond (instead of vanilla).

  510. Nancy says:

    My favorite is sugar cookies.

  511. Ellen says:

    I will have to say your Lofthouse cookies are my favorite cookies for any holiday!

  512. Melissa says:

    I love pizzelles, even after a big dinner you can eat a few with coffee as a perfect ending!

  513. Mimi says:

    I have made a delicious chocolate cookie with mint icing for years!

  514. Melissa C says:

    Sugar cookies are my all time fave!!!

  515. Caroline Hawkins says:

    Sugar cookies, the good recipe, you know, with cream of tartar? Frosted by my kiddos of course. Yum!

  516. Dawn Wise says:

    Two years ago, I developed a lemon custard cookie that became an instant new favorite. Our old time favorite is the gingerbread men recipe from my husbands grandmother.

  517. Jacque Herron says:

    Difficult to choose just one…I would have to say Thumbprint Cookies with Apricot Jam.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  518. MargieK says:


  519. Erin says:

    Ginger-snaps dipped in royal icing and sprinkled with candied ginger! Yum!

  520. Tracy G says:

    I love date and nut filled pinwheels. My mom made them every year for Christmas.

  521. Melissa says:

    Spritz cookies!

  522. Russian Tea Cakes made with real butter! Yum!

  523. lori m says:

    I love making spritz cookies each year

  524. Jan Chase says:

    Our family favorite is a delicious peanut butter cookie with a candy kiss pressed on top. I have made these with my children since they could sit at the table and help. Friends & family have labeled them our “signature cookie”. :-)

  525. SandraH says:

    I love thumbprint jam cookies with raspberry jam!

  526. Jessica says:

    my fave christmas cookie are the sugar cookies with icing (just because decorating them is super fun), but i also like anything with chocolate and nuts! baking for the holidays is the best.

  527. Beverly Griffin says:

    Homemade Cinnabon’s I make them for Thanksgiving and xmas my children love them they fight over who is going to get the last one.

  528. Debbie Gordon says:

    Cookie called snowballs. Lots of butter with a piece of pineapple or maraschino cherry in center and rolled in powdered sugar. Awesome!!

  529. Stacey I says:

    Traditional sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies for me :)

  530. Meredith says:

    we make a chocolate and candied ginger cookie that I love!

  531. Jamie Jackson says:

    My favorite is sugar cookies, decorated for Christmas!

  532. Mike Patrone says:

    I love sugar cookies

  533. Allison Bowler says:

    Orange Juice Cookies

  534. Beth Purvee says:

    I LOVE the little shortbread cookies! You can add pecans and roll them in powdered sugar or make jelly thumbprints or anything you want with shortbread cookies!

  535. Teresa Ward says:

    I adore peanut butter cookies, we always put more pb than the recipe calls for since we are peanut butter addicts.

  536. Nicki says:

    At Christmas or any other time of year, my favorite cookies are “No-Bake Cookies”.

  537. Carrie says:

    Good ol’ chocolate chip

  538. Penni says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are the ones that I make with my kids to leave for Santa. Whether they are pre-made store bought or homemade and messy, they are the BEST. They decorate then with sprinkles and candies. Even at 15 and 11, they still love making them and I love watching them. It’s a memory I hope we ALL will always remember!

  539. Rhonda I says:

    I love Chocolate/Heath Bar Chip Cookies. Chocolate Chip are great, but when you add the Heath Bar Chips – it is out of this world.

  540. Kelli Ende says:


  541. Mary Kisamore says:

    Sugar cookies because you can decorate them so many ways. :)

  542. Karen Light says:

    Snickerdoodles just scream Christmas!

  543. Linda says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are snickerdoodles. I made dozen after dozen last year and they kept dissapearing before I could give for gifts. This year I will have to hide them or at least a few for gift giving. I just love The Pioneer Woman. I watch the show every week. I would love a copy of Ree’s new book.

  544. Marilyn Lesniak says:

    My favorite is pfernusseuse(sp?)

  545. Lora Monsees says:

    Chocolate chip cookies; a classic, but my favorite!

  546. ANN DICKINSON says:

    I have never met a cookie I didn’t like, so at Christmas i am in cookie heaven!!!

  547. Dawnp says:

    Old Fashion Chocolate Chip, Reminds me of days spent w my Grandmother making them

  548. Heather Crawford says:


  549. Susan Boorse says:

    Enter for cookbook giveaway.

  550. Jen C. says:

    My favorites are Peanut Butter Blossoms!

  551. Edith says:

    My mom makes these awesome date nut cookies. She used to make them every year for my Grandpa but after he passed away she hasn’t made them as often. Thank you for the reminder! I’m going to bug her for them this year. :)

  552. I loved what ever type of cookie my baby daughter wanted to bake for Santa’s plate! Usually cut out sugar cookies with icing Everywhere! Awesome memories!

    • Lisa says:

      I loved what ever type of cookie my baby daughter wanted to bake for Santa’s plate! Usually cut out sugar cookies with icing Everywhere! Awesome memories!

    • Lisa says:

      She was distracted as she wrote her comment..sorry

  553. Elizabeth Irby says:

    Grinch cookies I made for the first time last year! They are green with Andes mints in them. Deeelish!!

  554. Caryn E says:

    Sugar cookies.

  555. You can’t beat an old fashioned decorated sugar cookie for the holidays!

  556. Michelle says:


  557. peter m says:

    my favorite cookie is chocolate snow balls

  558. Marcia Snapp says:

    I love cut-out sugar cookies! They have been a family tradition for many years.

  559. Margaret Cox says:

    I’d love to win Ree’s cookbook!!

  560. Stephanie S says:

    I love sugar cookies with frosting!

  561. Lorrye says:

    My grandmother used to make these cookies out of candied cherries. They where my favorite! Also her sugar cookies where the absolute BEST!! I miss them so much!

  562. Tiffany Epsp says:

    My 30-day brandied fruit cake!

  563. Carly says:

    Chocolate peppermint cookies.

  564. Chocolate covered cherry thumbprint cookies. I made them a few years back for gifts and wanted to eat them all!

  565. Eva Canitano says:

    Peanut butter cookies with the chocolate kiss are a requirement each year!

  566. Venita says:

    We make lefse every year! A family traditional favorite!

  567. Molly says:

    A delicious chocolate cookie with a melted Andes mint “frosted” on top. They’re great any time of year, but with green sprinkles on top they are quite festive!

  568. Our family’s Christmas cut-out cookie recipe. Love these!

  569. Jen Hopkins says:

    Buttery sugar cookies (with loads of frosting) :)

  570. Debbie Mitchell says:

    The best Christmas cookies are the traditional sugar cookies with butter and cream cheese frosting. Cut-out of course, but NO sprinkles.

  571. Ginger snaps with pumpkin dip!

  572. Katrina Johns says:

    My family recently discovered White Chocolate Snickerdoodle Pudding cookies – and they have become a staple for Christmas!

  573. Diana Jensen says:

    My mom makes these amazing date filled cookies during the holidays. The dough is an oatmeal roll out cookie then stuffed with date goodness!!!!

  574. Pat O. says:

    Frosted Sugar Cookies

  575. Barbara Williams says:

    Scotch Fancies or Swedish Tea Cakes!!!!!

  576. Linda Shuhi says:

    Oh, I would love to win Ree’s cookbook !!!

  577. Debra says:

    I make a sugar cookie, that is different from what most think of as a sugar cookie. It’s thicker and more like a flat little cake then frosted. It’s so good:)

  578. Reynolds says:

    My grandmother made simple sugar cookies but once cut out into a Christmas tree shape it became best cookie ever.

  579. Kathy says:

    Thank you for sharing this roll recipe. It takes me right back to my Grandmother’s house. There were always fresh made rolls on the table. My favorite cookie is a snicker-doodle. Can not get enough of them.

  580. Andrea A says:

    I have to make sugar cookies every year for Christmas. My family loves them and they are a great treat to give away to the neighbors!!!

  581. Astghik G says:

    I love baking holiday sugar cookies using the Christmas cut outs.

  582. Leanne Clare says:

    Dream Bars – or Mexican Wedding Cakes….hard to decide!

  583. Alison H says:


  584. Shellie says:

    Simple sugar cookies .

  585. Barbara Williams says:

    Scotch Fancies or Swedish Tea Cakes

  586. Liz says:

    I don’t have a favorite cookie. However, my dad loved gumdrop and anise cookies. They were difficult to make as the dough would be really stiff to stir at the end. It was worth it in the end to see his smile as he ate them. He only wanted them at Christmastime. I miss making them as he passed away several years ago.

  587. Shannan Crider says:

    My grandfather was a baker and he always made cookies at Christmas. Lots of cookies. My favorite, and that of all the kids were the Log cookies. All of his recipes are in pounds and ounces because he made such large quantities. He had an old fashioned bakers scale he used! Memories :)

  588. Debra Edwards says:

    Snickerdoodles please! Thank you!

  589. lisa says:

    Love me some warm snickerdoodles!

  590. Kristen Gay says:

    My favorite Chrismas cookie is sugar cookies decorated with frosting.

  591. Colleen says:

    I love gingerbread people and my mother used to make Split Seconds at Christmas, basically a sweet dough that you shape into two logs, indent the top with a spoon and fill with jam or jelly then bake and slice like biscotti. So good.

  592. Carl says:

    Sugar cookies!!

  593. Germaine says:

    Ginger snaps!

  594. Bobbye says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is my mom’s pecan chocolate chip cookies. I can’t get through the holidays without them.

  595. Reba says:

    I have the best recipe for melt in your mouth sugar cookies. The recipe has been in my family since the 1920′s. They are to die for and are my favorite thing to make for others at the holidays!

  596. Melissa Powell says:

    My mother’s (and grandmother’s) old fashioned sugar cookies rolled thin and cut out. They were never very fancy but they were made from my mother’s hands and how I would give anything to have them again.

  597. Beth Bilous says:

    Almond Crescent cookies

  598. Janet Friend says:

    Like your site. Would like to enter for the cook book give away mentioned on Facebook by The Pioneer Woman. Our family likes iced cut out sugar cookies for the holidays.

  599. nancy swartz says:

    Can’t wait to try these dinner rolls.. that look yummy

  600. Therese Sandhage says:

    My favorite holiday cookie is my favorite cookie: Chocolate Chip.

  601. donna behringer says:

    sugar cookies we can decorate them as we wish and it’s great for the little ones to help

  602. Marcela says:

    Sugar cookies… yuuum!

  603. mj says:

    Cut out Christmas cookies with icing!

  604. Nicole says:

    Nothing like Grandma’s recipe for authentic Italian Biscotti!

  605. Danielle says:

    For Thanksgiving, my grandma always roasted an acorn squash with lots of butter and sugar just for me! As far as Xmas goes.. I really enjoy making roll out sugar cookies and decorating them.

  606. Brittany says:

    I love my Granny’s sugar cookies with orange glaze icing.

  607. Millie says:

    My favorite are definitely Spritz cookies. Love the homemade icing and the sprinkles. I love making these with my kids. Icing and sprinkles everywhere and SO. MUCH. FUN!

  608. Junie says:

    Chocolate No Bakes

  609. Glenda Martin says:

    I love the sugar cookies we cut out in shapes of angels and snowflakes and my grandchildren help me decorate!!

  610. Tammy Thurber says:

    I love candy cane shaped sugar cookies, reminds me of my grandmother.

  611. L'Nae says:

    this is tough…Christmas sugar cookies!

  612. Martha says:

    I love Molasses Sugar Cookies but I could probably name a few more.

  613. Amy Embree says:

    A southern favorite…Moravian Molasses Cookies

  614. Therese Sandhage says:

    My favorite cookie is my favorite holiday cookie: Chocolate Chip.

  615. Jessica says:

    Santa cookies, as my kids call them because we always leave them out for Santa – chocolate kiss peanut butter cookies!

  616. Manda K. says:

    White chocolate chip with craisins. Yum!

  617. Kristina says:

    I will definitely be making these rolls!
    My Christmas cookie of choice is the peanut butter one with the Hershey’s kiss smushed into the top.

  618. Debbie Camacho says:

    My great grandmother made amazing sugar cookies every Christmas–they’re super thin, crisp and flavored with nutmeg. It’s just not Christmas without “Mom Mom’s Sugar Cookies”.

  619. Ingrid says:

    I love GingerBread Men Cookies.

  620. Deborah Welch says:

    I love Orange Slice Cookies that my aunt Glynda made when I was a child. Mine are not as good as hers, of course, but still pretty good!

  621. Linda Hayes says:

    Homemade bread and pies!

  622. Therese Sandhage says:

    Sorry about the 2 posts. I thought the first one didn’t take.

  623. Emily B says:

    Christmas sugar cookies and gingerbread!!

  624. SandyN says:

    Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies!

  625. Jessica says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are peanut butter blossoms

  626. Andrea B says:

    pecan sandies

  627. J Benoit says:

    Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are my favorite.

  628. Michelle R says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is a snickerdoodle! :)

  629. linda says:

    i love chocolate chip with toffee chips! thanks for the giveaway!

  630. Kristina says:

    The peanut butter cookies with the Hershey kiss on top!

    • Kristina says:

      Woops. I didn’t mean to leave a second comment. The first time told me there was an error.

  631. Mindy Sue says:

    I love my great-grandmother’s sugar cookies with frosting.

  632. Sharon L. says:

    Love big fat sugar cookies! But Spritz runs a very close second.

  633. Tanya Ezell says:

    Sugar Cookies!! YUM!!

  634. Shawna says:

    Cookies are my weakness! Sugar (with colored sugar or icing), thumbprints, ginger, peanut butter… but the homemade thumbprints are my fave, and they are pretty to boot. :)

  635. Karen says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is a butter cookie with a bit of raspberry preserves on top. I have had the recipe for more than 30 years and got it from a dear friend.

  636. April says:

    I love Italian Christmas cookies with icing!

  637. Kimberley says:

    Love Christmas cookies! :) My favorite are the Peanut Butter Blossoms- pb cookie with chocolate kiss or pb cup! YUM! Love the hoildays! :)

  638. Jeanine Jensen says:

    My favorite holiday cookie is peanut butter cookies with a hershey kiss on top. Sometimes I sprinkle red and green sparkles on top to be festive.

  639. Kaye L says:

    Mexican Wedding Cookies are always a big hit at my house! (i only make them during the holidays!)

  640. Kristin says:

    Homemade sugar cookies and fudge!

  641. Diana S says:

    Buckeyes! The peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate, I worked with a woman from Ohio who introduced me to these little gems!

  642. Karen says:

    I love so many it is a toss up between snickerdoodles and peanut butter kiss cookies. But enjoy making sugar cookies with the kids decorating them, that is Christmas!

  643. RICHARD DAHL says:

    our favorite cookie are the thumb prints.

  644. Twila Cormack says:


  645. Cheryl Mattos says:

    Snicker doodles!

  646. Phoebe says:

    My favorite is a date pinwheels- nobody else makes them, but everyone loves them!

  647. Patricia says:

    My favorite holiday cookie is a homemade pizzelle. Cannot eat just one!

  648. Emily Thomas says:

    Oatmeal Raisin w/chocolate chips

  649. Mamie VL says:

    Turtle cookies!

  650. Aida says:

    I love making sugar cookies shaped in snowflakes and gingerbread men.

  651. Nancy Minchew says:

    Sugar Cookies!

  652. Lauren says:

    I love shortbread cookies at Christmas. It reminds me of my great grandmother.

  653. Melissa Major says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is a toss up between gingerbread cookies and mint chocolate chip cookies (recipe on the back of the Andes chocolate mint bits bag). YUM!

  654. Hot cocoa cookies! Love the chocolate, the marshmallow, and the melt in your mouth goodness!

  655. Susan G. says:

    I love Russian tea cakes…with and without nuts!

  656. Karlyn says:

    Good old fashioned sugar cookies with icing. Makes my mouth water just thinking about them.

  657. Kay Roberts says:

    Plain ole sugar cookies!

  658. RICHARD DAHL says:

    our favorite cookie is the nut balls.

  659. Meghan Drey says:

    Love basic sugar cookies, no icing! I’m a plain and simple kind of girl!

  660. Stephanie Morency says:

    I love iced sugar cookies and coconut macaroons!

  661. Kasey Boggs says:

    Frosted sugar cookies!

  662. Oh my, so so many to pick from…iced gingerbread and iced sugar would have to be my faves. Thanks to you and Ree, this is a great giveaway! :)

  663. Loralyn Dyson says:

    I like cut out sugar cookies with icing. But I really miss the gingerbread my grandmother made. I’ve tried to make it like she did but just can’t quite get it right.

  664. Maureen says:

    peanut butter balls!

  665. Emily Thomas says:

    Oatmeal Raisin w/chocolate chips

  666. It is our traditional Hungarian Crescents (Kiflik) filled with a variety of jams and nuts This recipe has been passed down for four generations so far.

  667. Kipp says:

    Oh so many to choose from….but one of my favorite memories is my Mother baking Russian Tea Cookies!

  668. Barbara Jackson says:

    A concoction I make with a rich chocolate cookie batter, pistchios, bing cherries and chocolate chunks…. “Pistacherries”!

  669. Marsha McPhail says:

    I love making sugar cookies for the grandkids.

  670. MrsD says:

    My fave is the apricot tassie aka thumbprint cookie. Sadly I have lost my recipe for it this year! I can’t wait to try these biscuits!

  671. Drea Lyon says:

    Norwegian rolled krumkake cookies (similar to pizzelles) made with cardamom!

  672. Kathy Davis says:


  673. Serenity Starbright Dilsworth says:

    Hazelnut Thumb Print cookies

  674. Cynthia Martin says:

    Sugar Cookies

  675. Sarah Ware says:

    Krusczyki (it can be spelled a variety of ways. Pronounced krus-sticky) is a Polish cookie my late grandmother and now parents make every Christmas. It’s a lightly fried sweet dough dusted with powdered sugar. Delicious warmed up and dunked in hot chocolate!

  676. Carol says:

    Sugar cookies. Our area is famous for their thin sugar cookies.

  677. My favorite Christmas “cookies” are caramel crunch bars. Part of it is the delicious taste, and the other part is the nostalgia of having eaten them every year at Christmas time :)

  678. Dennyse G says:

    Russian tea cookies

  679. Marisa says:

    Butterballs, or what we called butterballs. I’ve also seen them called Mexican wedding cookies. Just butter, nuts, powdered sugar, vanilla!

  680. Jenny McK says:

    Love thumbprint cookies with nuts and jam!

    • Jenny McK says:

      I’ve gotten “Your comment is awaiting moderation” twice.” My first posting disappeared so did it again. What am I doing wrong?

  681. Jennifer Green says:

    Mexican Wedding Cookies

  682. Claire Warren says:

    Chewy, sugary, spicy ginger snaps. drool.

  683. Melinda says:

    My Mom has always made the most wonderful cookie with pecans, raisins and spices called Russian Rocks. It’s just not Christmas without them!

  684. Carla says:

    Simple sugar cookies lightly sprinkled with decorations on top

  685. Destiny Masters says:

    Wedding cookies. NOT the ones with anise. The ones with nuts. YUM!!

  686. Diane says:

    Oatmeal, white choc, craisin!!!!

  687. edith mascia says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is Mexican Wedding cakes. I can’t wait to try these rolls.

  688. Spritz and our horses LOVE them too!

  689. Brenda Williams says:

    I guess I like the spritz cookies the best.

  690. Mel says:

    It’s tough, since there are not many cookies I don’t like. But I have to say cream wafers are at the top of my list.

  691. Kathy Fair says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is decorated sugar cookies. They are a bit time consuming, but worth it when displayed.

  692. Kara Engleking says:

    Christmas cut-out cookies!! Fun for the kids and so good to eat!

  693. Tiffany Moody says:

    My in-laws have ancestry from Norway. Every Christmas we make a traditional Norwegian cookie called a Fattigmanbuckle. I look forward to these cookies every year!

  694. Maria Campbell says:

    I can’t wait to try the Cloverleaf Rolls

  695. Robynn's Ravings says:

    Thank you for posting this recipe! I had not seen it before. I have Ree’s other two cookbooks and would love to have the Christmas one!

    My favorite Christmas cookie is still the simplest of cookies – peanut butter baked super crisp. I know it’s not a traditional but it pairs SOOOO beautifully with herbal teas served with a stick of cinnamon and is just perfect for those cozy family nights we all long for at Christmas but never get enough of. Thank you for the opportunity. :)

  696. Tammy says:

    Snickerdoodle is my favorite one

  697. Liz says:

    Don’t have a favorite. Prefer to eat turkey, stuffing, potatoes and sides. No room for cookies.

  698. Lynda Smith says:

    I love the old Fashioned Oatmeal cookies that my lunch room supervisor at my elementary school made to go with our milk breaks in grammar school. They were and are delicious as I got the recipe from her daughter some years back and make them for myself.

  699. Sarah says:

    Ginger snaps! But they have to be chewy and not crispy!

  700. Michelle Landtroop says:

    Sugar cookies with butter cream frosting. I have an annual tradition with my kids and nieces every year they all come to my house for a sleep over and we bake cookies and decorate them for Christmas.

  701. Marilyn Jones says:

    Christmas Tree-shaped Cheese straws!

  702. Becky in AZ says:

    I love Russian tea cookies!

  703. A_Shearer says:

    My grandmas chocolate chip cookies or home made caramel!!
    BTW, what’s your “sweet” version?

  704. Jamie S says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are rosettes. I used to love watching my mom dip the mold into the batter and then into the bubbling oil, amazed when it turned crispy. I’d always get to sprinkle them with powered sugar. =) My mom passed away a couple of years ago so I think I might need to make some rosettes with my kids this Christmas.

    PS – Thanks for the giveaway and the memory. Those rolls look delicious!

  705. Racheal says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is a Spritz cookie! :)

  706. I do lot’s of baking during the holidays and give to friends and family.

  707. Linda Cates says:

    Christmas sugar cookies and Peanut butter blossoms.

  708. Debbie says:

    Really soft moist sugar cookies!

  709. Marge Bowman says:

    My favorite are the butter cookies I make in my grandma’s cookie press. The best!!!

  710. Jenn Sanchez says:

    My all time favorite are iced sugar cookies decorated by my kiddos….which means extra icing! :-)

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  711. Sandy P says:

    I LOVE the spicy cheddar cheese cookies!

  712. tenny says:

    sugar cookies are my favorite, with cream cheese frosting ,i love fresh rolls and clover leaf are my favorite i am going to make these for thanksgiving too

  713. Britiney says:

    Frosted sugar cookies! Thanks for a chance to win!

  714. Evelyn says:

    Gingerbread men!! Love them:))

  715. Kerrigan O'Connell says:

    One? Just one? I don’t think my sugar addiction would allow me to name only one! :) Sugar cookies, shortbread half dipped in chocolate, “candy cane” cookies, divinity…those are a few of my favorite things!

  716. Mary says:

    Sugar cookies!

  717. Kathy Jo says:

    My absolute favorite cookie of all time is a soft, warm snickerdoodle! Something about the simplicity of the dough, the crisp crunch of the sugar on the outside & a little hint of cinnamon in a warm, chewy, comforting cookie… Mmm… They get me EVERY TIME! :)

  718. Sharon M says:

    Love Pinwheel Date cookies!

  719. Cid says:

    So hard to choose a favorite… but probable the Hungarian Crescents I grew up with. Similar to a Mexican wedding cookie… soooooo yummy!

  720. Cherry, Pistachio, White Chocolate Cookies. :) ) A favorite in my house.

  721. Mindy Spencer says:

    My favorite has always been chocolate chip cookies. As a kid I got to sample what we were leaving for Santa. As an adult, let’s just say I get a larger share. :)

  722. Judy G says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are pizzelles(?) They are so delicate and can be made in many flavors.

  723. Jennifer Bryant says:

    Oh my goodness! Just one? Ok. I can do this. There’s always t the standby, chocolate chip. Can’t ever go wrong with it. Then there’s gingerbread men, my son’s favorite. Of course, Danish wedding cookies…no I think my favorite is a simple sugar cookies topped with my husband’s grandmother’s cream cheese icing. To! That’s it! Oh my, now I’m off to make some!

  724. Nikki Berg says:

    Crispy coconut peanut butter fingers! Takes me back to my childhood and sneaking a handful while grandma wasnt looking! :)

  725. Lisa M says:


  726. Meghan Long says:

    My favorite are the peanut butter ones with a Hershey kiss pressed into them. Yum!

  727. Candace Hamm says:

    I love old fashioned decorated sugar cookies.

  728. Jamie Hein says:

    Oatmeal cookies!

  729. Jennifer Bryant says:

    So sorry about all the mistakes in my comment. Auto correct strikes again!

  730. Ashton says:


  731. sherri abel says:

    Run ball cookies

  732. Helen Schroeder says:

    My favorite has got to be Spritz cookies! They aren’t overly sweet, so they fake you into thinking it’s ok to eat a lot of them!

  733. Tamara H. says:

    Good old decorated sugar cookies are my favorite!

  734. Stacey Frazier says:

    My mom’s Ginger Snap’s just short of being crispy are the best holiday cookies ever.

  735. tana says:

    I love Mexican chocolate cookies with a hint of cinnamon and a dash of cayenne. Sounds weird, but they’re so good!

  736. Pam H. says:

    my great aunt’s frosted cutout cookies with sprinkles or my great grandma’s molasses cookies

  737. bebe says:

    Love shortbread cookies!

  738. Debra in Alabama says:

    Sugar Cookies

  739. Lisa Crabtree says:

    My favorite is cut-out sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting. My daughter makes these each Christmas. Delicious!!

  740. sherri abel says:

    Rum ball cookies

  741. Ginny says:

    I love Date Pinwheel Cookies for the holidays!

  742. Cindy Iversen says:

    Krumkake and German Twists. Not only are they delicious, but it really helps to have more than one person, so it’s a real family event. Plus, they are part of our family heritage.

  743. Katrina says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie are Mexican wedding cookies! Melt in your mouth goodness.

  744. Neena says:

    Mexican Wedding Cookies!

  745. Kellie Wilson says:

    Saltine Cracker Cookies!!

  746. Ann says:

    Cranberry Bliss Bars .. gluten free, of course!

  747. Terese Erny says:

    We love to make Sugar Cookies each year – decorating them is the best!

  748. Patti Howard says:

    My mother would make pizzelles and the house would smell so wonderful with the anise flavoring!

  749. Dene Kyrish says:

    Old fashioned molasses cookies that my Mom and grandmother made

  750. Marsha Saenz-Jones says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is a sugar cookie with a hint of nutmeg, topped with vanilla buttercream frosting.

  751. Lisa H says:

    Butter cookies with sprinkles

  752. Melissa says:

    Maple sugar cookies! We cut them out in the shape of a holly leaf, paint them in egg wash (colored green) and draw “veins” in the leaf with a toothpick. They’re so pretty!

  753. Sabrina Smith says:

    My sister in-law’s sugar cookies. They’re thin and the perfect amount of thin frosting…the combination is dangerous, so delicious and “light” you can eat 100!

  754. Amy Witek says:

    Fancy decorated gingerbread cookies.

  755. Sue Armstrong says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are the sugar cookies that are decorated.

  756. Jamie says:

    I love chewy gingersnap cookies!

  757. Jane says:

    Sudar cookies

  758. Kim D says:

    Spritz or these almond powdered sugar ones that we call Swedish Heirloom Cookies (look like mexican wedding cookies, but are sooooo much better!)! I can’t wait for Christmas!

  759. Kim G says:

    my sister’s recipe for Oatmeal Raisin – the best!!!

  760. I love these cookies from Six Sister’s Stuff that is chocolate with andes mints on top.

  761. Natasha J says:

    Chocolate chip cookies with Heath bar pieces, pecans, and coconut. Soooo yummy!

  762. Nela says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie would either be sugar cookies or something chocolate. :)

  763. Kate Franken says:

    The Spritz Cookies from my Grandma’s recipe that still uses an old cookie press!

  764. Emily H says:

    Peanut Blossoms!

  765. Cheryl Rode says:

    Decorated sugar cookies!!

  766. Leah Miller says:

    My favorite holiday cookies…hmmm. They would definitely have to be the plain sugar cookies that my Mom and I would make and decorate! We called it our “Cookie Palooza!” Those cookies held tons of memories and even thinking of them I get sentimental! Our cookies were always full of laughs, hours of stories, a fun mess, but most of all, a mother and daughter spending time together!

  767. Dawn Ritchie says:

    Um… all of them? Seriously, I’m a big fan of anything “cookie”.

  768. Denise says:

    Peppernuts! A great family tradition!

  769. Heathe B says:

    Hmmm, my moms rum balls, hands down!

  770. Heather Ogden says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is my moms homemade sugar cookies. Everytime Christmas or Easter comes around my husband and friends look forward to the sweet smell and taste of these cookies. And now that I’ve kids, I can’t wait to have them help me make cookies and decorate them.

  771. Ovoilette Holt says:

    I would have to say chocolate chunk cookies! Yummy right from the oven with a big glass of cold milk! Thanks for the roll recipe. I do Miss Ree’s cinnamon rolls every Christmas for the neighbors now! :-)

  772. Monica Koch says:

    Chocolate Drop Cookies with Walnuts

  773. Sue Morrill says:

    We love Pecan Crescent cookies rolled in powdered sugar… they just melt in your mouth.

  774. Pris says:

    Cheese cookies

  775. Jaclyn Anderson says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is cut out sugar cookies!

  776. Dene Kyrish says:

    old fashioned molasses cookies like my Mom and Grandmother used to make

    • Spritz cookies with colored sprinkles!

  777. Tiffany says:

    I love pumpkin bars during the holidays! The perfect amount of pumpkin with delicious cream cheese icing. They are amazing!!

  778. Patti Howard says:

    My favorite are pizzelles. My mother would make them at Christmas and the whole house would smell like anise.

  779. Jenny Rohrer says:

    Spritz!! They are a family tradition :) Every year on Christmas Eve we make them with our kids and them deliver them to our neighbors and friends.

  780. johna hall says:

    peanutbutter balls, breakfast frenchtoast

  781. Elaine McLane says:

    Chocolate chip

  782. Cher says:

    My favorite cookies are these delicious crescent cookies my grandmother made every year. Then my mother made them, and now I do. They are heavenly, with a little crunch, and sweetness. Every time I make them, I think of my grandmother. I still have her original handwritten recipe.

  783. Kathy Webb says:

    I love gingerbread cookies!!

  784. rachel says:

    Russian tea cakes – without the nuts!!

  785. Gail S. Hamm says:

    Sour Cream Rollout Cookies

  786. Debbie Patterson says:

    Love Ree’s recipe and would love to have a copy of her new cookbook!! Nutty fingers are my family’s choice for Christmas cookies.

  787. Karri Miles says:

    My favorite Christmas treat is not a cookie, but home made York Peppermint Patties!!

  788. Robyn Walshaw says:

    Candy cane cookies!

  789. Kristie Close says:

    plain old sugar cookies are my favorite.

  790. JosieK says:

    I have a new Chocolate Chunk Cookie that I make that includes melted cooled butter, 1 egg + 1 egg yolk, and chopped up dark chocolate bars….I’ll never make chocolate chip cookies again..these are to die for and all my neighbors are getting them for Christmas!

  791. Sandy P says:

    Sugar cookies with butter cream frosting! yum!

  792. Katy Lange says:

    Anything my mom makes. :)

    Especially her peppermint candy cane cookies.

  793. Robin Hanson says:

    Just one – can’t be done. I have so many favorites that I have to bake each year. Spritz, peanut blossoms, cashew cookies with brown butter frosting, peanut butter cup cookies, Ritz cracker cookies, pecan snowballs, the list goes on!!!!

  794. Lee Ann Higginbotham says:

    Russian wedding cookies

  795. JenGa says:

    Making gingerbread and sugar cookies with my nieces are the best part of the holidays!

  796. Jerissa Clifton says:

    My favorite cookie is an adaptation of a Martha Stewart recipe…toffee and peanut cookie….instead of peanuts I use pecans.

  797. Donna Bush says:

    Just plain sugar cookies cut out like Christmas trees.

  798. Michelle says:

    Almond crescents and peanut butter balls :)

  799. Hilary says:

    It would be a tough decision between snickerdoodle and gingerbread! I love them both.

  800. Renee Byrd says:

    Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies! Yummy, rich chocolate cookie with a maraschino cherry in the middle and chocolate ganache to cover ~ As Ree would say ~ Scrumptious!

  801. Sue N. says:

    Spritz cookies are my favorite.

  802. Thisbe Schramm says:

    Cut out sugar cookies! Fun & yummy!

  803. Denise Pollard says:

    My favorite is anise cookies also Italian fig cookies.

  804. Mandy Seitter says:

    Spritz Cookies are my absolute favorite!!!!!!

  805. Pam in AZ says:

    Gingerbread cookies, YUM!

  806. Donna H says:

    I make about 12 different Christmas cookies so picking one is difficult, but…….one of my faves is the Coconut Macaroon dipped in chocolate! Yum….can’t wait to make them in a few weeks!

  807. My favorite holiday cookie is Anise cutouts. I remember sitting at the kitchen table with my Mom & Brother decorating all the cutouts…eating them as fast as we decorated them. Happy Times!

  808. Emily Barklage says:

    I don’t do Christmas, but my fave cookies are chocolate chip minus the chocolate chips!

  809. Connie says:

    I love the candy cane cookies my Mom makes. a butter dough braided to look like candycanes….with crushed peppermint candy on top.

  810. Patricia says:

    We love sugar cookies and frosting them fun festive colors.

  811. Amy Bebler says:

    My 96 yo Grandma’s Pizzelle cookies! They bring me back to my childhood and are now a favorite I share with my family.

  812. Laurel Palermo says:

    I still love big soft sugar cookies during the holidays!!

  813. Mary says:

    How do I enter the giveaway for Ree’s cookbook?

  814. Shawna Salo says:

    Russian teacups!

  815. Absolute favorite christmas cookie is my Great Aunt Lois’s PA Dutch sand tarts with a garnish of hickory nut on top!

  816. Kat says:

    Love homemade Spritz cookies (and the dough!)

  817. Jessica says:

    My favorite cookies are kolachies! Mmmm!

  818. Cheryl Wade says:

    Molasses-Ginger Cookies!

  819. Carolyn Cox says:

    Angel Thumbprints has to be one of my favorites! Happy Baking!

  820. Dustye Brixey says:

    My son in laws Brown Butter Sea Salt Cookies.

  821. Tommie says:

    bourbon balls

  822. Lindsey Brown says:

    Gingerbread cookies with powdered sugar! Divine!

  823. Sandi says:

    For the Jewish holidays I always make sugar cookies in different shapes – menorah, dreidel, etc. and let the kids decorate them. We love it!

  824. Carolyn Wathen says:

    Fruitcake cookies. My mom makes me some every Christmas. Love them.

  825. Pat Phillips says:

    My all time favorite Christmas cookies are the old fashioned cut out sugar cookies decorated with colored sugars and sprinkles. YUM!

  826. Irene says:

    Sugar cookie dough formed into candy cane shapes

  827. Amber Durham says:

    Old fashioned soft sugar cookies with icing. :)

  828. Kathryn says:

    Favorite holiday cookie is clearly my mom’s (and now my sister’s!) nut cups!

  829. Nicole B. says:

    White chocolate + macadamia nut + cranberries. Right now though, I’m craving a chocolate crinkle cookie, extra chocolate-y!

    Nicole B.

  830. Kathleen Fabian says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is the cream cheese and lemon sugar cooky…the lemon gives a bite to the dough and the cream cheese adds another dimension of pure heaven!!!!!

  831. Mandy E. says:

    I love scotch shortbread cookies cut out into all sorts of fun christmas shapes. Then dip in chocolate and dressed them up with different toppings. Sprinkles, crushed pretzels, even crushed candy canes!

  832. Kasey says:

    Ginger snickerdoodles!

  833. April says:

    Gingersnaps :)

  834. Wedding tea cakes are my favorite Cookie’s during the holidays. Just Love them …..

  835. Jenny says:

    Your homemade rolls look dreamy!

    My fav holiday cookies are almond bars – bars count as cookies, right?

  836. Lori Pelkie says:

    I love to make Snickerdoodles during the holidays. (my husband and 3 kids love to eat them too!)

  837. Pat says:

    Molasses crinkles and dip them in coffee. Yum

  838. Julie Badger says:

    Snickerdoodles! Reminds me of my Mom.

  839. Melanie Freeman says:

    Lace Cookies and Cowboy Cookies!

  840. Cherie Heilig says:

    Mexican Wedding Cakes!! Oh so flaky good!!

  841. sugar cookies!

  842. Jenna Snell says:

    Spritz cookies! It’s remarkable how many of these I can throw back!

  843. Dotti A says:

    Pumpkin chocolate chip

  844. Heather B. says:

    Gingerbread men

  845. Robbie Burket says:

    My mom’s delicious peanut butter cookies! YUMMY!

  846. Nancy says:

    Thin sugar cookies! Thanks.

  847. Krystal A says:

    Lemon Sugar

  848. LAUREL GIFFORD says:

    Pecan Tassies

  849. Kristin says:

    Honestly I love the simple sugar cookie cutouts that everyone makes, because they remind me of my grandma and how we used to make them every year when we would go to their house for Christmas. I make them now with my kids and they always bring back great memories.

  850. Lueda Green says:

    Every year at Christmas, my 93 yr old grandma makes this wonderful cheese spread!! It is the only time of year she makes it! IT IS THE BEST!!!

  851. Amanda says:

    Pumpkin chocolate chip!

  852. Melanee Simpson says:

    Balish (Slovenian Kolache)

  853. Nancy W. says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are the shortbread cookies that come in a tin. Love!

  854. My favorite Christmas cookies are the ones we make for Santa. You know the cutout sugar cookies made with the kids (of ALL ages) with all different colored Royal icings and decorations. It’s a family tradition to get together and bake until our hearts content! Precious Memories have been made with each batch!!! Then later I make my Grandmother’s famous Peanut Butter Balls and multi chocolate dipped pretzels! We leave the SPECIAL cookies for Santa and the rest for the family to share!

  855. Kristin says:

    My favorite is Kentucky derby pie. Yumm. Like a chocolate chip cookie in a pie crust.

  856. Cindi Warner says:

    My best friend makes the best shortbread cookies each Christmas. They are my favorite! (So’s she for that matter)! If I win, I’ll probably give the book to her.

  857. Cassandra says:

    Sugar cookies!! Primarily so my siblings and I can make a mess decorating them :)

  858. Virginia V Williams says:

    I bake so many things during the Holidays, but I have to say that my favorite to eat are Jam Kolaches! YUM-O!

  859. Rose Mary Smalley says:

    Favorite cookie would have to be my mother’s soft, luscious, vanilla drop cookies..not fancy..but perfect in every way, just like she was. I will have to make then now with her watching from her heavenly seat………God Bless all the mother’s out there. Happy Holidays!!

  860. Mark P says:

    My Mom’s Pecan Butter Balls! YUM!

  861. Amanda says:

    I love a good iced sugar cookie and/or ANYTHING chocolate :)
    I put this cookbook on my Christmas wish list and hardly wait!!

  862. Whoops! Accidentally left my favorite cookie as a reply! My apologies! ;)

  863. Lisa H says:

    Coconut macaroons are my favorite!

  864. Amy Dare says:

    frosted sugar cookies decorated by the kids

  865. Magic Cookie Bars! No doubt! :)

  866. Alex S. says:

    Gingerbread cookies are my favorite Christmas cookie!

  867. Wanda Lyons says:

    Sugar cookies…made from a recipe that was my brother’s favorite…he has gone to Heaven but I make these cookies every Christmas in his honor!

  868. Jennifer Thompson says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is right now is Peanut Butter Blossoms. They’re my favorite because they’re super easy for my kiddos to help make & that means fantastic holiday memories for years to come! I would love to win Ree’s Cookbook too! Thanks for putting on the giveaway :)

  869. Judy Cross says:

    Chocolate Chunk Cookies

  870. Jennay says:

    Gingerbread cookies!!

  871. Theresa Weaver says:

    Love the sugar cookies decorated so festively.

  872. Kelly O'Quinn says:

    Mexican wedding cookies!!!

  873. I love making sugar cookies with my daughters but one recipe I cherish is one from my grandmother for Cherry Chip Cookies.

  874. MARY VAN HORN says:


  875. Dawn Heath says:

    I love iced sugar cookies. :)

  876. Andrea says:

    Eggnog cookies!

  877. Harriet C. says:

    Christmas decorated sugar cookies are an annual project with my granddaughters.

  878. Barbara White says:

    My favorite cookies are Sand Tarts. They are rolled cookies and a family tradition in our house. Simple sugar cookie that is rolled, then brushed with egg & decorated with sanding sugar or a simple almond slice. Various shaped cookie cutters are used and is not Christmas without Sand Tarts!

  879. Cecelia Carothers says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie recipe is definitely my mother’s Cocoons but no one can make them like she did. My favorite recipe that I make is Rosemary Butter Cookies.

  880. Amy M says:

    Love making spritz butter cookies with my daughters :)

  881. Dee Thompson says:

    I have a recipe for an Apricot Brandy pound cake that is soooo yummy. That cake says Christmas, to me.

  882. Melissa B says:

    Snowball Cookies!

  883. Irina says:

    My favorite dessert to make around Christmas time is sugar cookies. A bit traditional, but I really love decorating them with my mom. And now, since I’ve moved away and don’t get to see her all the time, the memory of us decorating cookies is the best.

  884. Harriet C. says:

    Christmas decorated sugar cookies which are an annual project with my grand daughters! Great fun!

  885. Anna says:

    Coconut macaroons. Delish! I dip the bottoms in chocolate.

  886. Stefanie says:

    Sugar cookie cutouts!

  887. Kathy says:

    I love cranberry nut rugalach

  888. Faye says:

    I love peanut butter cookies!!

  889. Patricia says:

    A chocolate sour cream cookie with chocolate icing that my mother used to make. (From the very first Betty Crocker cookbook.)

  890. Becki F says:

    My Grandmother’s Mexican Wedding Cake cookies, yum

  891. michelle P says:

    mom’s press cookies!

  892. Beth LaShure says:

    My favorite is candy cane cookies, I used to make them with my grandma when I was a kid. I always enjoyed rolling out the red & white dough & then braiding it

  893. Cindy Mobley says:

    Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroon

  894. Brittany Desmarais says:

    Definitely Anissette cookies with red & green sprinkles on top! The perfect Christmas touch! :)

  895. Katie says:

    gingerbread, with M&M’s for the buttons!

  896. Nelly Perdew says:


  897. Jennifer Faulkner says:

    Sugar cookies with cream cheese icing!

  898. Patty Storms says:

  899. Michelle H says:

    Chocolate chip meringue cookies

  900. Nelly Perdew says:


  901. Stacey Money says:

    oreo truffles! cake balls! oh my!

  902. Ralph Johnson says:

    Dinner rolls

  903. linda sch says:

    peanut blossoms. i only make these at christmastime

  904. Kellie says:

    frosted sugar cookies!

  905. Dawn Kaestner says:

    Frosted sugar cookies!

  906. Debbie Priebe says:

    Gingerbread cookies are my favorite. They taste awesome and make the house smell wonderful.

  907. gretchen reichenberg lucas says:

    I love chocolate pecan pie bars!!!

  908. Kathleen says:

    Gingerbread cookies. I usually only make and eat them around the holidays.

  909. Celia says:

    Frosted sugar cookies for me.

  910. Teresa Steklac says:

    Acorn cookies – a shortbread cookie in the shape of an acorn, with the top dipped in chocolate, then rolled in nuts. Mmmm, they’re heavenly!

  911. MaryBl says:

    Mexican Wedding cookies (although my mom always called them something else)

  912. Jennifer Szabadi says:

    Hungarian Kifli! Yumm! Sweet & tangy pastry dough filled with decadent sugary pecan or walnut filling rolled into a crescent. DELICIOUS!!!

  913. stacey k says:

    sugar cookies

  914. Sandra Anderson says:

    My grandmother’s refrigerator pecan cookies.

  915. Josie Trivitt says:

    Thumbprint Cookies

    1 cup butter, softened
    3/4 cup sugar
    2 large eggs, separated
    1 teaspoon almond extract 2 cups all-purpose flour
    1/4 teaspoon salt
    1 1/4 cups finely chopped pecans
    1/4 cup strawberry jam
    1. Beat butter at medium speed with an electric mixer until creamy; gradually add sugar, beating well. Add egg yolks and almond extract, beating until blended.
    2. Combine flour and salt; add to butter mixture, beating at low speed until blended. Cover and chill dough 1 hour.
    3. Shape dough into 1-inch balls. Lightly beat egg whites. Dip each dough ball in egg white; roll in pecans. Place 2 inches apart on ungreased baking sheets. Press thumb in each dough ball to make an indentation.
    4. Bake at 350° for 15 minutes. Cool 1 minute on baking sheets, and remove to wire racks to cool completely. Press centers again with thumb while cookies are still warm; fill center of each cookie with home-made jam.

  916. Renee says:


  917. Kanyapak A. says:

    My favorite are short bread cookies!

  918. Tammie Roller says:

    Love any chocolate chip mint cookie!!

  919. Micki Kaye says:

    Please help me know what to put here.

    • Micki Kaye says:

      Cowboy cookies are my new favorite, but I love the sound of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip!!

  920. Brenda Woods says:

    My grandmothers old fashion sugar cookies.

  921. Meredith says:

    Chewy molasses cookies!

  922. Tracey D. says:

    pinwheel cookies

  923. Sandra G. says:

    My favorite cookie during the holidays? Russian Tea Cakes!!! mmmm…. buttery pecan goodness rolled in powdered sugar!!!!

  924. Pam Garrett says:

    My daughter and I make goodie boxes every Christmas and we always include Peppermint Bars. They are festive and delicious and everyone looks for them in their Christmas goodie box. Thank you.

  925. Michelle says:

    Jam thumbprint cookies! We make jam all summer long and then use our favorites to make our Christmas cookies!! It’s a family favorite!

  926. Colleen G says:

    I have a three way tie – almond crescents, Mexican Wedding Cakes and these amazing Rum Balls a friend’s husband makes.

  927. Julie Hale says:

    My favorite is my great-grandmother’s Sand Tarts. It was a family tradition for everyone to make them together. And they are delicious!!

  928. Carol G says:

    Peanut butter balls! They are so good when they are COLD.

  929. Candy Kratzer Wenzel says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is a Snickerdoodle. But I leave out the raisins and put in chocolate chips instead. Nobody likes raisins in m house.

  930. Priscilla says:

    Sugar cookie cutouts with icing!

  931. Becky says:

    Sugar cookie cutouts with royal icing to decorate. Very tedious but fun and so good with coffe or milk.

  932. Cindy Gore says:

    I love Tupperware Sugar cookies they are cut and wrapped in icing. My aunt makes them and are the best!

  933. Kathy S. says:

    Pillsbury sugar cookies decorated with homemade icing!

  934. My favorite cookies to make are thumbprint cookies with either apricot or strawberry preserves. You can’t just eat one!

  935. Diane Crane says:

    In our family Christmas starts in October with baking and chocolate making. So we had a large sampling of chocolate and cookies to take to friends and family over the holidays. I as a kid I loved making the short bread peppermint candy canes. One hlf red the other white and twisted together in the shape of a candy cane. Now I must saw thought I am partial to homemade turtles. mmm!! Love Christmas!!!!!

  936. Stacey Moore says:

    Love just a plain sugar cookie with festive sprinkles — oh and the “no bake” cookies that they served in the school cafeteria!

  937. sharon fitzgerald says:

    spritz cookies with almond flavoring – I make red and green ones and my son and nephews LOVE them. :)

  938. Katharine N says:

    I make a delicious oatmeal cookie with dried cranberries or pommegranites and white chocolate chips. Sooooo good!!! Really want Rees new cookbook.

  939. leslie says:

    I love cranberry pie!

  940. Ariel says:

    Molasses! All the way.

  941. Oatmeal Chripies

  942. Dee Coon says:

    My Mom’s Russian Tea Cakes yummy!!!! I can’t wait to have them for Christmas!!! They are one of the things that you look forward to during the Holiday Season!!

  943. michelle says:

    we always make what my mom calls “rocks”
    homemade sugar cookies with walnuts and candied orange slices cut into small pieces in them. So special so delicious!

  944. Dianne says:

    I love shortbread cookies with almond flavoring! A childhood memory!

  945. Stacey Burke says:

    I love all cookies!!!! My absolute favorite are good old Toll House Chocolate Chip though :)

  946. Rachel Soeken says:

    Chocolate chip! But I really just want to eat the dough! :)

  947. Barbara Ritter says:

    I love Italian Christmas cookies. They are simple to make and taste great!

  948. Karen Flesner says:

    Kringlers are butter, flour and cream formed in the shape of a figure eight or pretzel and melt in your mouth. Danish or Swedish origin I believe.

  949. Debbie P says:

    Good old fashioned sugar cookies are my favorite!

  950. Tracy Barnes says:

    My mom, sister, & I get together every year to make dozens of oatmeal/coconut/toffee cookies. They’re delicious! But the time we spend togethet making them is why they’re my favorite

  951. JoAnne says:

    Snowball cookies!

  952. Myrna Goff says:

    Snowball Cookies.. They have taken the place of sugar cookies in my heart because they are so easy to make and represent the winter season of Christmas…

  953. Dee Coon says:

    My Mom’s Russian Tea Cakes yummy!!!! They are one of the things that you look forward to during the Holiday Season!!

  954. lomagirl says:

    Hard to choose. Mince tartlets or Danish thins, I guess.

  955. Sally Tews says:

    Another Favorite of my family is peanut butter with a chocolate kiss hidden inside.Yummo.

  956. Bexter says:

    I haven’t had rosettes in years, so I’d love those this year.

  957. I have four ultimate favourite holiday/christmas cookies:
    Italian ricotta celebration cookies , pfefferneusse, and

  958. Jacky Hudson Boyd says:

    I’m trying to find where to register for Ree’s Christmas cook book.

  959. Kirsten says:

    My faves are my Nanny’s English shortbread. So simple and nostalgic.

  960. Betsy Brennan says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is one that my Italian grandmother would make: Pizzelle with anise!

  961. Shelly Gertge says:

    Frosted Sugar Cookies- they just scream childhood memories and also taste delicious!

  962. Kayla Roman says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are peppermint candy cane cookies!

  963. Ann Phillips Thompson says:

    Bourbon Balls!

  964. Cortnie says:

    Sugar cookies with my kiddos!

  965. Katie says:

    My Grandma used to always make these little snowball cookies, those were my favorites! I have the recipe but mine just never come out the same :(

  966. carolyn says:

    Love Christmas sugar cookies!

  967. Love love love the Pioneer Woman!!! I love making her food for my boyfriend and he is a happy man.

  968. Jaclyn says:

    I love butter cookies. Like sugar cookies, but more shortbread-y. We cut them out with cookie cutters and paint the finished product with powdered sugar icing in numerous different colors. One of my favorite holiday traditions!

  969. Lisa Richardson says:

    Mmmm, Russian teacakes!

  970. Alisha says:

    Orange chocolate chip cookies

  971. Laure says:

    My mother in laws candy cane sugar cookies. I LOVE them!!

  972. Holly Jo says:


  973. Amy B says:

    Cut out sugar cookies :)

  974. rebecca bass says:

    My mom, sisters, and now nieces and I make our Santa cookies. :) <3 its a sugar cookie.. the dough has to refrigerate over night.. then we roll it and use our Santa cookie cutter. Cook and then ice and decorate to look like santa. Each cookie probably takes a min or so to decorate. Our friendsnt want to eat them when give them to them because they're soo cute.

  975. Carol McQuade says:

    I love making sugar cookies with colorful sanding sugar. I make them for holidays all year but Halloween and Christmas are the best.

  976. Kirsten L says:

    I love thumbprint cookies filled with apricot jam! They always remind me of the holidays!

  977. Sweet Tea says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is a refrigerated pecan cookie. My mother baked these every year and so do I. Just don’t know why they are saved for Christmas.

  978. Chrissy Kittle says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie would have to be Gingerbread cut outs. I would have said “men” but my boys love gingerbread cookies and they love cutting out different shapes and decorating them.

  979. Cindy Williams says:

    My favorite Christams cookie is the decorated sugar cookie…fun to make and eat. :)

  980. julia kennedy says:

    I love the sugar cut out cookies. I use my grandmother’s recipe which makes a crisp, buttery, almond cookie. I decorate with a cream cheese frosting, they are wonderful!

  981. Carrie H says:

    I look forward to Jan Hagel cookies. No one else makes them as far as I know. My mom made these EVERY Christmas and it makes me think of her and the family times we had when I was little…each year I make them…sure miss her!

  982. Bryanna says:

    Pecan Jam Thumbprint Cookies!!

  983. Robin G says:

    I still love butter cookies in the shapes of Christmas Tress, wreaths and bells with icing and sprinkles!

  984. I have made a cookie since my children were little called Monster Cookies. They are my very favorite at Christmas and are great to make a head of time and freeze. We give a lot away for Christmas cookie plates. The recipe makes 10 dozen.

  985. Jen L says:

    Pecan Tassies and Kolache

  986. Jaclynn K says:

    Thumbprint cookies…..I love getting recipes from Ree could really use the cook book….Merry Christmas….

  987. Shelby says:

    The butter cookies my family makes every year and decorates!

  988. Tina R Navarro says:

    Decorated flower shaped sugar cookies!

  989. Jannie Bryant says:

    I love decorated sugar cookies.

  990. Jenn S says:

    Decorated sugar cookies are my fave!!

  991. Tina says:

    My Mother use to make cloverleaf rolls that were so good. I would request them on my birthday. Brings back a lot of memories. I’m going to have to try these!

  992. PamO in WYO says:

    Favorite cookies would be chocolate crinkles and eggnog sugar cookies!

  993. Brenda Garvin says:

    I love molasses cookies.

  994. Bob OHara says:

    Anything my Mom and my Aunt Nadine used to make; God rest their souls. When I lived 800 miles away my Mom would mail me a care package just before Christmas with cookies, candy, etc.

  995. Stephanie Lewho says:

    I’d have to say gingerbread cookies are my favorite. With a good cup of coffee, they make the best Christmas breakfast!

  996. Becky says:

    I love iced cut out sugar cookies!

  997. Audra says:


  998. Brenda Bernethy says:

    My favorite cookies – ANYTIME – are Snickerdoodles!!

  999. LORI KRIEGER says:

    My own recipe of snickerdoodles. I used to make them and take them along with other things I made and bought and gave them to the local homeless school kindergarten children every year. Until I became disabled and could not afford to do it any more.

  1000. Heather Wells says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is home made gingerbread! Yum!

  1001. Marsha Miles says:

    My daughter Dawn Gough’s Christmas cookies are my favorite because she keeps generations of family recipes alive. She is a busy, working, single mom and devotes a whole weekend baking cookies with family and friends. We treasure great cookbooks. I would give her the book. And I love your blog and FB. Merry Christmas.

  1002. Valerie says:

    Festive bars. They aren’t really a cookie but it’s something I make every year for Christmas. I can’t wait to make them!

  1003. Cynthia says:

    I love sugar cookies!

  1004. colleen says:

    Peanut blossoms! They’re the bomb.

  1005. Jill says:

    Buttery cut outs with frosting or sprinkles. My mom had an awesome recipe that was called star cookies. Unfortunately I only have a part of the recipe, which was from a magazine. They were a pain to make as the dough was crumbly, but very yummy.

  1006. Anne says:

    Russian Tea Cookies made by my German grandmother .

  1007. Cassy Hunter says:

    I make a large sugar cookie with chopped dried fruit inside, then after baked they are dipped 1/2 in White Chocolate. Really decadant. However, the dough is so good I rarely get it all baked into cookies before my kids start eating it!

  1008. Lynelle Mayer says:

    The cookie we call Chocolate Krinkles are my favorite. I love how the cracking powered sugar looks like snow melting over rich dark soil.

  1009. Cindy Corey says:

    Italian Anise cookies!! My Grandma made them, I miss her…

  1010. There are no cookies I dislike. The main thing is being together with friends and family and sharing good times and memories of the past.

  1011. SUE COPE says:


  1012. Barb Ray says:

    Kolacky (Polish) cookeis

  1013. Julie O'Keefe says:

    These rolls sound wonderful — will definitely be trying them!!
    My favorite cookie is peanut blossoms.

  1014. Betsy Read says:

    Favorite Christmas Cookies – Sugar Cookies cut out in the shapes of Christmas trees. Yummy.

  1015. Kristi Jones says:

    Yuummmm…. pecan sandie-type things with crushed peppermints.

  1016. Sandra Perkins says:

    Frosted sugar cookies in fun Christmas shapes

  1017. Karron Stone says:

    My Aunt Betty’s Sugar Cookies … they are a family holiday tradition!

  1018. Alice Neal says:

    Peanut butter cookies made in mini muffin tins with mini Reese’s cups added when they come out of the oven!

  1019. Tammy says:

    Cut out sugars! Then we all frost & decorate them together. Great fun family activity!

  1020. Valerie S says:

    I love making and eating gingerbread people and houses with my kids.

  1021. Mitzi Norton says:

    My favorite still from a little girl on have to be the big thick soft sugar cookies that we used to roll out and decorate. Yumm. STill my favorite after all these years.

  1022. My favorite recipe is sugar cookies. Every year the family gets together and makes them. Lost of fun amidst the flour tossed and icing on the faces.

  1023. Melanie says:

    My favorite would have to be the classic shortbread!

  1024. Cheryl Hassell says:

    the rolls look absolutely yummy! I really want that cookbook so I can continue making such yummy Ree Drummond food.

  1025. S Whitney says:

    decorated sugar cut out cookies are definitely my favorite…..just like my momma used to make

  1026. katie says:

    an old family recipe called butter balls!

  1027. Amy J says:

    Pecan Sandies are a Christmas staple in our house! I’m a sucker for the powder sugar on top. Yum!

  1028. Gretchen Gosche says:

    Candy Cane Cookies

  1029. Mildred Kirby says:

    Snickerdoodles.They were my Moms favorite and I would make them just for her. Now that she has passed away I will STILL make them…just for her

  1030. Mackenzie H says:

    My favorite cookie is peanut butter cup cookies! Just a sugar cookie baked in a ball inside mini muffin tins with a reeces cup placed in it when they come out of the oven!

  1031. Danielle says:

    My favorite holiday cookies are Mint Surprises. They are sugar cookie dough wrapped and sealed around Andes mints, then you drizzle melted Andes mints after baking!

  1032. Lana Brown says:

    Fruitcake cookies!

  1033. Lisa Brown says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are my mom’s sand tarts! No one can make those yummies like my mom!
    Love to take a few and create some diy packaging with my paper crafting supplies for a sweet gift!

  1034. Vicki Leith says:

    I don’t have just one favorite! I have so many memories of making Christmas cookies over the years! It just doesn’t seem like Christmas without making a TON of cookies! My TWO favorites are Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Balls and Russian Teacake (aka Russian Wedding Cookies). Love, Love, Love!
    Ree’s new cookbook is on my Christmas Wish List! :-)

  1035. Erika Riffle says:

    My favorite cookies are sugar cookie cutouts! My kids love to decorate them!! Making memories!! <3

  1036. Linda Hunt says:

    My all time favorite is chocolate chips.

  1037. Aubrielle Holt says:

    Peppermint oatmeal cookies.

  1038. Barbara Smith says:

    Gingerbread anything, men, women whatever cutters I happen to have on hand or turn the kids/grands loose with a butter knife and let them create their own and watch them decorate. Now that’s a good time.

  1039. LaRue says:

    Any with a ginger flavor

  1040. Kathy Hinzman says:

    My favorite cookie is snickerdoodles! Me and my cousins use to make them together when we were kids…great memories!

  1041. Michelle Milliken says:

    Ginger snaps are the best! Love them.

  1042. Anne Lowe says:

    Sugar cookies….simple and colorful

  1043. Terri Hampton says:

    Mmmm. These rolls look divine. And perfect for the Thanksgiving table! I love my gingerbread cookies, and a 7 layer bar!! If I have to narrow it down! And I love,love love Pioneer Woman!

  1044. Annette H says:

    My favorite cookie is one my grandmother used to make. She always called them “Jimmy cookies” as they had sprinkles around the edges. (For some reason we always called sprinkles “jimmies”.) :)

  1045. Rachel H says:

    My favorite is a toss up between a double chocolate chip cookie with peppermint morsels or the classic sugar cookie with icing and sprinkles…mmmmm

  1046. Susan Rundle says:

    Love Nut Tassies (like miniature pecan pies)

  1047. Terri Hampton says:

    Not sure how to enter the contest? Would love Ree’s book in time for the Holidays. Can’t really afford new books right now though.

  1048. Lori Lynch says:

    Basic sugar cookies with frosting.

  1049. Jenny says:

    Definitely sugar cookies! We’ve all ready made some this year and called them Halloween cookies!! :)

  1050. Renee Byrd says:

    I love ALL cookies…it must be said…but, sugar cookies with colored sprinkles have to top the list at Christmas!

  1051. Heidie Miller says:

    It is not Christmas without Date Pinwheel cookies, yum!

  1052. Julie Walker says:

    It’s really hard to pin down a favorite cookie as I bake several kinds during the season, but Chocolate Chip Oatmeal would have to be my favorite at Christmas.

  1053. Pam McGhee says:

    My grandmother always made the traditional Springerle cookies that are stamped with traditional German cookie stamps. Now I carry on that Christmas tradition for my family.

  1054. PJ says:

    My Mother in law’s COWBOY COOKIES! They are soooo good!

    • PJ says:

      COWBOY COOKIES! They are full of delicious ingredients!!

  1055. Michelle F says:

    M&M cookies!

  1056. Luz says:

    Ooh hard to choose, but I do enjoy gingerbread cookies for the holidays!

  1057. trez says:

    ones I invented: chocolate chip bottom with rolos in the middle layer and brownies on top with fudge and butterscotch chips drizzled over the top. Always a hit at gatherings. But I have never met a Christmas cookie I didn’t like! :)

  1058. Ray F says:


  1059. Kelly K. says:

    I love hello-dollys!!

  1060. Emily Steele says:

    Becky’s Secret Sugar Cookies…. The best version I’ve had. The secret is to not over-bake them.

  1061. Cassandra A says:

    My favorite cookies for Christmas time is my Momma’s sugar cookies! Every-time I smell them baking it brings back every Christmas growing up :)

  1062. Melanie Macon says:

    Very simple and super yummy no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies.

  1063. Jody Jackson says:

    Italian cookies! Yum!!!

  1064. Lillian says:

    Sugar cookies cut into Christmas shapes with sprinkles! Simple but yummy :)

  1065. Tina says:

    Ooooh these rolls sounds great with stew!

  1066. Jane Smith says:

    Cinnamon crisps cut in the shape of stars.

  1067. Tara Huntsman says:

    Iced Sugar cookies!

  1068. Tisha says:

    Applesauce Cookies, this recipe has been in the family for 4 generations now. These are the most addicting cookies I have ever ate.

  1069. Kimberly Smith says:

    My favorite cookie is my grandmother’s walnut cresents. They melt in your mouth.

  1070. It’s not really a cookie but my family and friends love “Oreo Truffles” but if I have to pick a cookie, it would definitely be a “Peanut Butter Kiss”.

  1071. Colleen Heuser says:

    Mine is a no bake…it’s melted white chocolate with rice krispies, cheerios and peanuts mixed together. YUM!!

  1072. Lisa Lubera says:

    Chocolate chip with pecans.

  1073. Krystle Haas says:

    my favorite holiday cookie is the Raspberry Thumbprint cookies! My sister always makes them and they are to die for.

  1074. Eden Isaac says:

    My favorite are soft ginger cookies. I could eat an entire batch myself. They are made with fresh ginger & powdered ginger (and for extra ginger-y-ness, throw in some candied ginger. But I rarely have that on hand & they are still incredible without it). They are so so soft & just perfectly chewy. My mouth is watering just thinking about these.
    Luckily for me it is Holiday season… I may just go bake a batch right now. ;)

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  1075. linda sass says:

    moms no bake cookies and a cup of coffee

  1076. Can’t wait to try these rolls. They look so yummy!

  1077. gabriella says:

    yum!!! (:

  1078. Cindy B. says:

    My favoritec are chocolate covered toffee squares!

  1079. Tanya Subialdea says:

    I am a cookie FIEND, so I have many that I love, but my faves have always been the sugar cut-out cookies with icing! And this year, I’m DETERMINED to master making them myself! =)

  1080. Gina Rampy says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is Gingerbread Men because my grandmother used to make them for us every year. I miss her so much.

  1081. Jenny B. says:

    It’s a toss up…Chocolate Krinkles or Frosted Sugar Cookies made from my Grandmother’s recipe. Yum!

  1082. kendra says:

    gingerbread cookies!

  1083. Vanessa Rae says:

    Just give me a chocolate chip with milk and we’ll call it Christmas!

  1084. Amy Cooper says:

    Oh to choose just one favorite Christmas cookie….hmmmm
    I can’t do just one…..Mexican wedding cookies and sugar cookies with frosting! MMMM!

  1085. Rebecca Arceneaux says:

    Martha Washington Balls

  1086. I love candy cane cookies & could probably set a record for most eaten in a single sitting! those & shortbread cookies are soooo addictive, no one can eat just 1!!!! :)

  1087. Denise Burns says:

    I love spritz cookies the best. Although I’ve never met a cookie I didn’t like… My family always made spritz cookies at Christmas and so the tradition continues. Thanks for the roll recipe! Going to try it this weekend and in preparation the for Thanksgiving meal. Have a great day!

  1088. Sarah Church says:

    Nothing more wonderful than nice warm holiday treats with some hot chocolate!

  1089. Carolyn says:

    Frosted Ginger Cookies. The best part is not eating these, it’s watching my husband and daughter frost and decorate them. It IS always a great memory.

  1090. Nadege Marengo says:

    Sugar cookies and then all the different decorating.. that is what I love most, beside eating them with my daughter! :-)
    Thank you

  1091. Jody Loterbauer says:

    Would have to be the traditional sugar cookie with homeade frosting

  1092. Priscilla Linton says:

    I’m not sure these are Christmas cookies, but I make them every Christmas and that’s Hello Dollies. Love ‘em.

  1093. Brenda Doyle says:


  1094. Caryl says:

    Shortbread and sugar cookies. I love them both equally. Too hard to choose. :)

  1095. Jo Sears says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are the sugar cookies cut out with Christmas cookie cutters in shapes like stars, Christmas trees, Santas, angels and such. Then all decorated with icing and sprinkles. So pretty and wonderful to eat.

  1096. Jeannette says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is Sand tarts!

  1097. Lori Andor says:

    Russian Tea Cakes :)

  1098. michele nicastro says:

    i love love love cream cheese cookies, my fav!

  1099. Deidre Suiter says:

    My sister and I make the Christmas wreaths with marshmallows and cornflakes every year as our tradition

  1100. Lindsey V. says:

    My favorite cookie is the Lofthouse cookie. I like the store-bought variety, but I have a recipe that makes EXTREMELY good homemade Lofthouse-style cookies. So good.

    Thank you for the post and giveaway! I’d love the chance to win Ree’s new cookbook, so fingers crossed. :-)

  1101. Venie A says:

    My Aunt Kay’s thumbprint cookies…. brings back lots of wonderful memories

  1102. Karen Sowders says:

    I love snickerdoodles and thumbprint with chocolate kisses.

  1103. Marsha says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is my grandma’s Golden Squares. Easy peasy and sooo very yummy!

  1104. Janell Smith says:

    sour cream sugar cookies w/icing

  1105. Trish says:

    Chocolate chips

  1106. Shaina M says:

    My favorite holiday cookies are Molasses Sugar Cookies made with the darkest molasses you can find.

  1107. Annabel says:

    Peanut Butter Balls made by my momma :-)

  1108. Caitlin Scott says:

    Lemon Crinkles are my favorite cookies!

  1109. Megan says:

    Peppermint chocolate!

  1110. Dora Jane says:

    I love my version of Mexican Wedding Cookies and everyone loves receiving them at Christmas! Will definitely be making these rolls at Thanksgiving. Thank you for the recipe.

  1111. Donna Baumgartner says:

    Brown butter sugar cookies. Simple, but so good!

  1112. Veronica says:

    Ginger cookies

  1113. Elizabeth Rasanen says:

    Krumkakke is my favourite.

  1114. Stacy Pierson says:

    Old fashioned, decorated sugar cookies like we made when I was a kid

  1115. Donna Baumgartner says:

    Brown butter sugar cookie. So simple, but so good!

  1116. Wendy Lohr says:

    My grandma’s chocolate chip walnut meringues. I have a hard time getting them to turn out since I moved to the south (humidity :P )

  1117. paula says:

    I love spritz, but I make an awesome caramel corn cookie.

  1118. kathy says:

    Speculaas or cream cheese sugar cookies

  1119. Becky Pierce says:

    Like others I love the sugar cookies I made with my daughter when she was little. We still make them every year! But my favorite cookie would be the Mexican Wedding Cookies my Mom and older sister taught me to make. They are delicious! When my daughter was 3 years old, she decided that Santa must get tired of eating cookies all night, so she left him a plate with sausage balls and chocolate covered pretzels with a glass of boiled custard (we called it Santa milk from then on). Needless to say Santa was very, very good that year. From then on she would leave nothing else but that combo for Santa!

  1120. Flora H. says:

    Christmas cookies like pizelles and thumb print cookies.

  1121. Beth H says:

    Grndma’s gumdrop cookies!

  1122. Annie B says:

    I can’t choose just one! :) Sally Ann’s, Oreo Truffles, Frosted Cut-Outs, Toffee, Fudge. YUM!!

  1123. Julie Hall says:

    I love gingerbread

  1124. Debra Mason says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is the Date Roll cookie; not only does it taste delicious it is beautiful and it is a very good keeper cookie.

  1125. Anne Gifford says:

    Orange balls

  1126. rachel sheff says:

    gluten free almond chocolate macaroons

  1127. Wilda says:

    Shortbread with dried cherries.

  1128. Liz Schilhab says:

    Reeses Peanut Butter Cookies

  1129. Rhonda says:

    Would love to win! Thanks!

  1130. Janeen S. says:

    Most definitely, Snowballs. Followed by Ultimate Chippers :) !!!!

  1131. Kristin Simons says:

    Once someone at my work made these sugar cookies with some kind of chewy clearish candy in the middle and they were super good, but I didn’t ask for the recipe and only had them once. :(

  1132. Sarah says:

    My favorite christmas cookies are Sparkling Eggnog Sugar Cookies, I got the recipe from Canadian Living magazine. I brought them to so many parties last year and they were a huge hit.

  1133. Linda Taylor says:

    My favorite cookies are cut sugar cookies decorated with royal icing.

  1134. Lois A says:

    Fruit drops, with lots of fruit and nuts. Yun!

  1135. Lois A says:

    Fruit drop cookies. Lots of fruit and nuts. Yum!

  1136. Christine says:

    Sugar Cookies

  1137. Ginger says:

    Molasses Sugar Cookies. Family Tradition!

  1138. Penny says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is called “Grandma Little’s peanut butter cookie.” It’s made with peanut butter, chocolate baking mix and oatmeal. Its a no bake cookie. Luv em!!

  1139. lyn says:

    My favorite christmas cookies are sugar cookies, yum.

  1140. Michelle M. says:

    Those rolls look delish!

    My fav cookies are Iced tea cakes!

  1141. Lois A says:

    Fruit drop cookies with lots of fruit and nuts. Yum!

  1142. Kim B says:

    My favorite cookie at Christmas is Christmas cutout cookies.
    I would love to win this since we are not able to be in Chicago tonight for the book signing and my 8 year old grand daughter is heartbroken! OH I hope I win!!

  1143. Rhonda says:

    Sugar cookies

  1144. sandy says:

    Homemade Gingerbread!

  1145. Tenaj says:

    Maple cookies!

  1146. Wendy says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is the pecan wedding ball cookies.

  1147. Sam says:

    Gingerbread for sure!

  1148. Karen Gerrity says:

    Powder sugar dusted nutballs are my favorite! They melt in your mouth!

  1149. My mothers carrot cookies.

  1150. Sharon McLeod-Everette says:

    My Mom’s sugar cookies and Russian Tea Cakes! We always looked forward to the annual baking – and eating! – event.

  1151. Sarah H says:

    Definitely Spritz cookies! So yummy and buttery!

  1152. Charlotte Palmer says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is called Skillet Cookies. The ingredients are all cooked together in a skillet. Then you scoop out a small amount and roll it in coconut. They are so delicious!

  1153. Kathleen Kuczkuda says:

    Tri colored Italian cookies without the sprinkles.

  1154. Jeri Williams says:

    Shortbread cookies and no bake cookies!!

  1155. Valerie Christopher says:

    I’m excited to get into the kitchen with my three little boys (5,3 and 16 months.) I want them to have happy memories and a love for cooking!!!

  1156. Sandy King says:

    I love all kinds of cookies lol! But I think sugar cookies because you can do so much with them!

  1157. eric says:

    I’ve always been a sucker for ginger creams.

  1158. Sande Young says:

    Hi! Thank you for the yummy roll recipe! I love to bake and make cookies & candy to give to friends & family during the holidays. My favorite is Christmas Lizzies. Even people that don’t like fruit cake love these (I just don’t tell them the secret ingredient is bourbon!

  1159. Sherry Bailey says:

    My Mom used to make a cookie called walnut suprise. A basic cookie recipe with a chocolate wafer inside and topped with a walnut

  1160. Debby Babbidge says:

    My Mom makes the best hermits! But for the holidays I would say Spritz cookies are the best!
    Love Ree’s recipes, the cloverleaf rolls look awesome!
    Thanks for sharing!

  1161. Sylvia Buonanni says:


  1162. Sherry Bailey says:

    Bread is my weakness. Will have to make these

  1163. Sue says:

    Crispy Crystalized ginger cookies. So delicious and spicy!

  1164. Karen B says:

    cranberry chocolate chip pecan..YUMMY

  1165. Juanita says:

    cut out Christmas symbols on sugar cookies

  1166. Clarissa Amos says:

    Chocolate crinkles..My mom made them every year for Christmas and I have continued that tradition :) They are a hit every year :)

  1167. EdyB says:

    My fathers spritz cookies……melt in you mouth goodness!!

  1168. Emmy says:

    My favorite cookie is tea cakes, almost scone like, not too sweet, which my grandmother made. I think it is a southern thing and maybe not frequently made now.

  1169. Michelle Martin says:

    Candy cane sugar cookies!!!

  1170. deb casey says:

    Gingerbread cookies.

  1171. Suzanne says:

    Cut out sugar cookies with frosting.

  1172. Jessica Thompson says:

    My favorite is Oatmeal Chocolate Chip my grandmothers recipe. I Would love to try these rolls and can’t wait to make them. Very interested in the book as well!! Thanks!

  1173. Liz M. says:


  1174. Katy P. says:

    My grandma’s chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, now made by my mother. They have the perfect combination of all the Christmas spices – cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves…

  1175. Amy Martin says:

    Cranberry Oatmeal cookies.

  1176. Ashley says:

    Hmmm…favorite cookie is probably just old fashioned sugar cookies

  1177. Heather Perry says:

    Jelly rolls!!! Hands down! Recipe passed down from my Grandma but they never taste as good as hers!

  1178. Peggy Dudek says:

    Every year I always make…..iced thumbprints for me…..cutout sugar cookies for hubby…….sandtarts in memory of grandma

  1179. stacy o. says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie would he our homemade sugar cookie cutouts. My family gets together 2nd Sat of Dec. And bakes all day. Newborn to 90 have been the ages. The kids decorate them. We cannot give any of these cookies away…you see….the grandkids lick the spoons, redip, decorate, redip, lick spoon, take a bite . ENJOYED ONLY BY OUR FAMILY. FAMILY TRADITIONS I LOVE THEM.

  1180. Vicki says:

    I love traditional sugar cookies with icing. Mostly, I like the icing. :)

  1181. lisa chapman says:

    my mommas roll out sugar cookie recipe and butter cookies!

  1182. Ellen Wilkins says:

    Christmas fingers…small, delicious buttery shortbready cookie, about the size of 2/3 of your pinky, then one end dipped in chocolate, then toasted almonds. YUM!

  1183. Dorothy Rindal says:

    I love spritz.

  1184. Christine says:

    Peanut butter cookies with Hershey Kisses! Wouldn’t be Christmas without them!!

  1185. Sharona says:

    I’m entering for my daughter who lives in Brooklyn now…. She needs it.

    We make chocolate chip candy cane cookies at Christmas. Yummy!

  1186. Chestine says:

    My favorite cookie for Christmas or any other time is Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies! Delicious when warm, with a glass of ice cold milk!

  1187. Sandy says:

    Ginger Snap and Sugar from Mrs Hanes!

  1188. Melissa H says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are an almond-butter cookie that a dear friend of mine from Germany taught me to make! :)

  1189. Anne Hurley says:

    The Food Network

  1190. My favorite Christmas cookies are…Gingerbread and my Grandma’s special shortbread cookies!

  1191. Thelma says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is sugar cookies with colored sugar.

  1192. Miriam says:

    Christmas sour cream cutouts are my favorite!!

  1193. Mandy Dawn says:

    Hard to chose one but love the sugar cookies!!Thanks so much!!

  1194. Theresa W says:

    I love making banana nut and choc chip cookies for christmas. We always make extra to give away as gifts!

  1195. Dreama Lutz says:

    I love Peanut Butter Kiss cookies! It just doesn’t seem like the holidays until my “baby” has helped me make some. My baby is now 22. Sigh.

  1196. Megan C says:

    Chocolate chip for my family, but for me, I always like to try something new. It does usually involve peanut butter!

  1197. Kathleen Comer says:

    Almond Butter cookie cutouts, iced and decorated. Have been a family favorite of ours for 35 years now.

  1198. Sandy says:

    Mine are pecan cookies with a shortbread crust, kind of like a little pie.

  1199. Sugar cookie sandwiches. I love icing. Its my weakness. Lol

  1200. Sunny rush says:

    Raspberry thumbprint shortbread cookies are my favorite.

  1201. jean weidner says:

    My favorite Christmas is cut out butter cookies. Just love butter. Some of the cut outs I frost and some I just use egg wash and sprinkles or nuts. Best with frosting.

  1202. Linda Weber says:

    Oh my, Swedish Sugar Cookies run a close race with Pecan Sandies!

  1203. Hannah Powell says:

    Peanut butter blossoms with the chocolate star middle!

  1204. Mary Weise says:

    Oh man, I love Christmas cookies. We have so many that we make each year as a family! One of my new favorites though is chocolate gingerbread, they’re always a surprising new thing for some folks, and always a crowd pleaser. And of course, the classic snicker doodles :)

  1205. Cindy says:

    My grams homade rice pudding.
    So good.

  1206. Candace W says:

    Peanut blossom cookies, accompanied by hot chocolate or coffee is the best holiday treat!

  1207. Debbie Putman says:

    I loved decorating sugar cookies with my kids and now get to enjoy decorating them with my grand-kids.

  1208. M.D. Wheeler says:

    Sugar Cookies always as a tradition with children and grandchildren. Precious memories!

  1209. Deb Klosterman-Klose says:

    I love frosted cashew cookies. They are so moist and have large chunks of cashews….NUMMM

  1210. Marcia Keim says:

    Sugar cookie cut outs, which I make and decorate with my granddaughters

  1211. Caffrine says:

    Shortbread cookies dipped in cinnamon and sugar.

  1212. Tami G. says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are decorated sugar cookies made by my grandchildren…they have so much fun preparing a cookie special for each family member.

  1213. Cara Lorenz says:

    Lemon Tea Cakes… or any kind of lemon cookie!

  1214. Sandra says:

    Decorated sugar cookies!

  1215. Emily King says:

    My favorite cookies from Christmas are called candy cane cookies. They are shortbread based and you dye half the dough red, then twist a red piece and a white piece to shape it into a candy cane. Sprinkle with crushed peppermint candy pieces. Yum!

  1216. Beth Newburn says:

    Aggression cookies-really good-MMs,Oatmeal,Peanutbutter,and Choc. chips-Yummy!

  1217. Debbie says:

    My favorite is Italian Struffoli, even though it’s not a true cookie lol

  1218. Kelli O says:

    Gingerbread cookies are my favorite.

  1219. Joy Troncoso says:

    I have to say the thumb print cookies with the middle filled with preserves. I know its simple but you cant go wrong if people like different flavors.

  1220. mexican tea cookies. we put a zing into them by placing a peanut M&M inside each one when rolling into balls, then bake, and roll in powdered sugar after. we cant keep them in the house as soo good.
    2nd is old fashioned sugar cookies, as who cant resist the fun of decorating them!! we make DOZENS!!

  1221. Homemade rolled & cut out sugar cookies after all of my children & grand children paint them with our special icing :)

  1222. laurie kokochak says:

    By far my favorite Christmas cookie has to be my homemade Snicker doodles! :) I have to make quite a few batches during the holiday season because they disappear so fast… :)

  1223. Mariah says:

    I look forward to Christmas sugar cookies every year.

  1224. mom@lthfarm says:

    THANKS for the roll recipe – yummy! And, my favorite Christmas cookie is Russian Tea Cakes! My family loves em’, and they’re super simple to make! :)

  1225. April B says:

    Gingerbread cookies have always been my favorite!

  1226. Kasi says:

    Home made chocolate cream pie!

  1227. My favorite is the rolled out sugar cookie recipe that has been passed down from my maternal grandmother, to my mother, to her four daughters (I am 2nd out of 4) and now onto the great-grand-daughters. We generally do not share the recipe as it has a secret ingredient, but I have been known to give to those special friends who love the cookies too! So many memories making those sugar cookies!

  1228. M.E. Stone says:

    Frosted Sugar Cookies….Yum!

  1229. Kathy Ambrosi says:

    I love my mom’s Kiefleys. She’s been making them for years! The family is actually upset because she’s saying her health isn’t good enough to make them this year. Maybe a few of us will go over and make them with her supervision!

  1230. Claudia Foster says:

    Meringue cookies

  1231. Karen Keller says:

    My grandmothers crisco cut-out cookies. So delicious!!

  1232. Jean Watson says:

    My favorite cookie at Christmas is the Moravian Cookies. They are a tradition around my area.
    They are made with ginger and molasses and are rolled very thin and baked till crisp. You can make them in all shapes and give to your friends at Christmas. I will be happy to share the recipe.

  1233. Date Pinwheels :)

  1234. Cyndy says:

    Mexican Wedding Ring cookies . . . also known as Russian Teacakes. I love the taste of the pecans with the powdered sugar. Nothing better with hot cocoa waiting for Santa to get here!

  1235. Wanda H. says:

    I have a Santa’s whiskers cookie recipe that I love!

  1236. My favorite Christmas cookie is … Mounds Bars. YUM.


    ps. My first comment didn’t show up, so I am trying again. :)

  1237. Peggy says:

    All of the above! :) Or just Sugar Cookies…

  1238. Elizabeth says:

    Cutout sugar cookies

  1239. Bea Long says:

    I love to make my own bread always, my very favorite are the Kouign Amann Rolls. Well worth the effort and not that hard to make!